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 "But, the Elder Council!" Aube completely lost his composure when he heard those words. If he could, Aube would have really liked to open up his cousin's brain to see what was inside!

'Does he not understand that things will go out of control if he turns me down? Once the Elder Council brings up this matter, he will only have two choices. One would be to hand over the Gilded Rose and become a puppet of the Elder Council, while the other would be to oppose the Merlin Family and become the enemy of this major force of Okland.'

Aube Merlin simply couldn't understand. 'How could this seemingly smart person fail to make the wise decision?'

Aube's voice was a bit rough, and his eyes were slightly red. "Do you not know what the consequences would be?" He simply couldn't accept this outcome.

How could this be...

This was impossible.

'Didn't I already consider all possible outcomes? He has no way out of this besides cooperating with me... Why would he make such a choice?'

"I know..." Lin Yun was about to answer when footsteps could be heard outside.

Soon, William and Ross arrived, badly battered.

The two had pale faces and were panting, as if they had fought against a few hundred magic beasts. They were supporting each other as they entered the room, but they both froze when they saw Aube.

"Aube, why are you here?" Ross and Aube were two of the three great geniuses of the younger generation, and the competition between them had reached its peak. Their relationship was even worse than Ross and William's, so Ross' tone wasn't very polite.

"Haha, Ross, long time no see." Aube had calmed down a bit. He couldn't help freezing when he saw the two of them entering, but he quickly recovered and even showed a polite smile.

"You aren't welcome here."

"Your character still hasn't changed after such a long time, Ross. Haha, I came to discuss a business deal with Cousin Mafa today, that's all. But you are perfectly on time, you should help me advise our younger cousin..."

"Cousin Ross, help me see Cousin Aube out..." Since William and Ross had arrived, Lin Yun naturally wouldn't be interested in keeping Aube company. He only gave an apologetic smile before turning his focus back to the Elemental Tide.

"Hear that, Aube?" A sneer appeared on Ross' face as he took a step forward, putting himself between Aube and Lin Yun.

"Hey, Cousin Mafa, listen to me..." Aube started worrying.

But Lin Yun had already buried his head in his papers and continued his work as before. As for what Aube was now saying, he simply didn't care.

"Why are you still here, Aube? Do you need me to send you out personally?" Ross had an icy expression. He felt even more unrestrained as the fluctuations of the Endless Spring also spread out, making it look as if he was ready to attack anytime.

In fact, Ross might very well attack if Aube didn't leave.

As far as Ross was concerned, every minute Aube spent there would be minutes keeping Ross away from the completed Elemental Tide. Ross wouldn't be polite if he could use force to kick Aube out.

"Okay, okay, I'll leave immediately..." Aube wasn't an idiot. He could see that with Ross' current attitude, the deal couldn't be discussed any further today. Aube raised both hands, showing that he wasn't planning on having a fight. He slowly retreated towards the door while trying one last line. "But, Cousin Mafa, don't think that Ross can help you. The truth is that Ross doesn't have any allies in the Elder Council. Accepting my investment is your only choice if you don't want to be eaten by those geezers. Only I can help you, if you let me become a shareholder of the Gilded Rose. "

After saying this, Aube left the room.

"Aube wants to invest in the Gilded Rose?" William had a strange expression. 'How come I didn't know that Aube was wealthy enough to think of investing in the Gilded Rose...'

"3,000,000 golds for a 40% share..."

"He is crazy!" William almost burst out in laughter. Let alone 3,000,000 golds, the current Gilded Rose wouldn't care about 30,000,000 golds. Moreover, a 40% share? This was such a crazy thought.

"Haha..." Lin Yun chuckled.

The thirteen formulas were already complete with only the optimization of the Meditation Law Set left, and this wasn't very complicated for Lin Yun. It was only another two hours before he finally put down that quill and gave the thick stack of papers to Ross.

"This is the complete Elemental Tide, study it carefully."

"Yes, yes, yes..." Ross held the stack of paper with both hands, his legs shaking.

He looked at Lin Yun with an extremely complicated expression.

He had obtained the first section of the Elemental Tide ten years ago and had relied on this badly damaged Meditation Law Set to keep advancing at a crazy speed. Not only did he become a 5th Rank High Mage before turning 30, but he also had the strongest Magic Conducting Rune of the Merlin Family, the Endless Spring. Ever since then, Ross knew that the Elemental Tide was the magic path he had to walk on.

It was just that the badly damaged Elemental Tide eventually started showing its weak point... Ross didn't make a single step forward after becoming a 5th Rank High Mage. He had considered every method he could think of to keep progressing on his magic path. He kept taking risks as he went through one plane after another. Ross spent a lot of energy to find only a vague clue, not to mention that this vague clue was in the hands of his biggest rival, Stan Watson, making him truly despair.

It was at that time that Ross felt that all his achievements would forever stop at being a 5th Rank High Mage.

But he truly hadn't expected that this younger cousin that he had planned on robbing would truly change his life.

Now that Ross was holding the complete Elemental Tide, he felt as if his eyes were on fire.

"Cousin William..." Lin Yun ignored Ross after handing him the papers. He instead called William over and said, "During that time, you meticulously studied the Crimson Heart and got a deep understanding of it. You already reached the level of those High Mages of the old Crimson Tower. If you had studied the Crimson Heart earlier, your Magic Conducting Rune should have been the Blazing Forge. Unfortunately, you learnt the Crimson Heart too late for that.

"Ah?" William had felt envious when he saw Ross getting the complete Elemental Tide, and he was at a loss after hearing these words from his younger cousin...

"Thus..." Lin Yun thought for a bit before taking out a stack of paper from his pocket. "I prepared the Lava Heart for you. This is the strongest Meditation Law Set of the Crimson Tower, and it has thirteen formulas. Moreover, the Lava Heart is very different from the Crimson Heart, it is very tyrannical. If you study it properly, you should be able to destroy your original Magic Conducting Runes, and from the wreckage, you should be able to rebuild the strongest fire Magic Conducting Runes, the Blazing Forge..."

"That amazing?" William's expression suddenly changed; that feeling of loss disappeared from his face and was replaced by a speechless pleasant surprise.

"The only condition is that you need to endure the pain that this Meditation Law Set would bring..."

"Of course, no problem!" William was fully focused, pondering over the meaning of Lin Yun's words.

"Haha..." Lin Yun shook his head. He didn't tell William that the pain he was talking about was the most genuine pain, pain that would make him wish he could just die.

After both of them got their Meditation Law Sets, they impatiently wanted to check them, so they only lingered for a short moment before quickly excusing themselves and going back to their rooms.

Lin Yun didn't remain idle after they left.

Lin Yun took out the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

It had already been finished, and the mana fluctuations of a True Spirit Magic Tool instantly flooded the whole room. The disk made of Latour Gold Essence was about the size of a palm. The Star Gem and the Elemental Amber occupied a semicircle each while surrounded by densely packed runes and arrays. It would take Lin Yun but a thought for these runes and arrays to activate and burst forth with enormous power.

'Worthy of Latour Gold Essence...' Even with his insight, Lin Yun couldn't help secretly admiring the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel made of Latour Gold Essence. It could already be described as shocking purely based on its capacity. After all, the runes he had carved on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel all came from the Book of Death. Another magic material wouldn't have been to support such a frightening power, let alone the Star Gem and Elemental Amber embedded within.

The Elemental Amber would have been fine...

But the Star Gem contained World Power. How could ordinary materials function while bearing the weight of World Power?

'Let's see what Enderfa has to say...' After testing the might of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, Lin Yun began revolving his Magic Array, waking up Enderfa, who had been sleeping in that 10th Magic Array.