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 "I'm going to find Patriarch Ofran!" William stood up fiercely.

Patriarch Ofran had given many generous conditions to make Lin Yun return to the family. William had participated in the whole process as the bridge between the two of them, and even he felt envious when he heard some of the conditions.

But the conditions that Ofran had agreed to had gradually started to change ever since Lin Yun arrived at the Family. Such as the matter of entering the Ancestral Land. William was still feeling sour about it. He had originally agreed, but when they arrived, he insisted on some contributions to the Family first. Fortunately, it was Lin Yun... Had it been someone else, they would have ended up dead while trying to assassinate Stan Watson, or probably just given up.

Ever since then, William had been quite dissatisfied by the Family. But because Lin Yun didn't say anything, William endured it.

But it wasn't long before they now heard this news.

This was a bit excessive.

William wanted to go and ask Patriarch Ofran what had happened to all the conditions he had agreed on.

"Haha, this matter definitely has nothing to do with Patriarch Ofran..." Ross shook his head, "Don't you know Patriarch Ofran's style? He is always flexible. With his character, he would definitely use a gentler method if he coveted the Gilded Rose, such as using feelings. He would persuade Cousin Mafa to collaborate with the Family. With the power of the current Gilded Rose, they could increase the level of alchemy of the Merlin Family if they had a close partnership...

"The ones who want to annex the Gilded Rose are those ignorant and narrow-minded elders. I dare say that those geezers might not even know that the Gilded Rose is a behemoth controlling the eastern alchemy market, they simply don't understand that taking over the Gilded Rose would be biting off more than they can chew..."

"Then Patriarch Ofran is just looking on?"

"He doesn't really have much choice. The Merlin Family's Elder Council has great authority. You might not know, but the Elder Council as a whole is above the Patriarch. And in the past hundred years, those ancestors spared no efforts to support the Elder Council. Patriarch Ofran is actually in a very awkward situation..."


"It's okay, William..." Lin Yun shook his head and stopped the unconvinced William from arguing further.

The greed of the Elder Council hadn't come as a surprise to Lin Yun.

When he spent millions in the Black Horn Auction, Lin Yun had already thought that this huge sum might make some people envious.

The reaction of the Elder Council was quite normal.

However, Lin Yun hadn't thought that this would actually involve the Ancestral Land.

But it still didn't matter.

He had already undergone the bloodline ceremony in the Ancestral Land and fused his ten Magic Arrays into one. The identity of being a Merlin was no longer important to him. If these elders were foolish enough to try to take the Gilded Rose from him, then they could only blame their own poor luck.

Lin Yun no longer bothered with this matter and picked up the Meditation Law Set Ross had brought and started reading.

The first section of the Elemental Tide wasn't that complicated. It could even be described as quite shallow in Lin Yun's eyes. Lin Yun spent half an hour recalling the first section of the Elemental Tide. After making sure that nothing was missing, Lin Yun thought for a short moment before taking out a sheet of paper.

The room was extremely quiet, and for a while, only the sound of the quill streaking across the paper could be heard.

At this time, both William and Ross tacitly held their breaths. They remained there, motionless, not daring to let out a single sound. The two only watched as Lin Yun wrote, as that blank page was filled to the brim with characters.

An hour later, Lin Yun completed the 2nd section of the Elemental Tide that he had inferred.

"Phew..." Lin Yun let out a long sigh. He moved his hand around a bit as it was a bit sore from all the writing, before preparing to write the 3rd section of the Elemental Tide.

To Lin Yun, the 2nd section of the Elemental Tide was only the beginning, and finishing off would be the real challenge. The 3rd section was the core of the whole Elemental Tide.

Lin Yun put down his quill and picked up a cup of water to soothe his parched throat.

"Cousin Mafa, how... how is it?" Ross only dared to talk now, but his voice was hoarse and scary.

The Elemental Tide Meditation Law Set would affect the future of Ross' journey down the path of magic. He would have boundless prospects if it was successfully completed. Let alone easily reaching the Archmage realm, he might even be able to reach Heaven Rank in the future. But it would be the end if it couldn't be repaired, as 5th Rank High Mage would be his limit. Taking even one more step would be extremely difficult.

This was far too important.

Lin Yun had just finished the 2nd section of the Elemental Tide, and after ten minutes he said, "I need more time..."

"Really?" Ross had worked hard for ten years by using the 1st Section of the Elemental Tide. He had been through countless planes looking for clues. Ross thought he had run out of luck many times, especially when the map fell into Stan Watson's hands. At that time, he truly despaired.

In fact, Ross never expected for this to be so dramatic. He had already lost hope to ever get the complete Elemental Tide, when it suddenly seemed to be so close to him that he could touch it by extending his hand.

When Ross heard his unfathomable cousin say that he needed some time, Ross' first reaction was disbelief.

It felt just like walking on the street and finding a gold coin.

"Hmm." Lin Yun nodded as he assessed the time. "If you have something to deal with, take care of it first. You should come back at night..."

"No, no, no, I'll stay here, I'll stay here..." How could Ross leave? He was so close!

All his other matters would have to wait for the Elemental Tide to be completed.

"That's alright then..." Lin Yun knew that Ross was in an eager mood and simply couldn't remain calm. Thus, Lin Yun thought for a bit but didn't force him. He only turned towards William and commented, "I saw that you made great progress in your Crimson Heart, how about you find a place to compare notes with Ross?"

"How could I? I'm not a bully..." William said with a provocative tone as he looked at Ross.

"Who the bully would be has yet to be decided!" Ross' expression sank. It could be said that the two of them were on the same side, but their relationship didn't change much. One was still brooding over his older sister's death while the other had his defeat from a month ago in his mind. They both seemed eager now that Lin Yun had suggested a spar.

"Hurry up, stop being long-winded..." Lin Yun waved them away before focusing his energy back on the 3rd section of the Elemental Tide.

The complexity of the 3rd section far surpassed that of the two previous sections. After two hours, Lin Yun was only able to complete a third of it. Moreover, that third was the most insignificant part of the 3rd section.

But he wasn't in a hurry.

The completed Elemental Tide consisted of thirteen formulas, making it a top-tier Meditation Law Set in all of Noscent. Even with his era-transcending knowledge and his almost omnipotent Magic Array, inferring the composition of the entire Elemental Tide from almost nothing wasn't easy.

The scratching of the quill could be heard in the peaceful room, and it carried a unique rhythm. A pile of paper was stacked on a desk beside Lin Yun, and they were filled with numerous characters and formulas.

The sky gradually darkened...

Lin Yun put down the cup of water and massaged his brows. He didn't take another new sheet of paper this time. The thirteen formulas of the Elemental Tide had been completed, and only the finishing touches were left. What Lin Yun had to do now was optimize those thirteen formulas so that this complete set would be as easy for Ross to learn as possible.

But someone knocked on the door at this time. "Is Mafa Merlin here?"

"Hmm?" Lin Yun suddenly frowned. He was disturbed by someone just as his work was on the verge of being completed. Let alone Lin Yun, anyone would feel annoyed in such situation.

"Mafa Merlin, please come out, I came to find you for a certain matter!" Since the person outside didn't get an answer, he raised his voice.

Lin Yun could only helplessly shake his head, and knowing that the other side wouldn't leave easily, sighed as he said, "Come in..."