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 Once the assimilation was completed, Shawn's fighting strength would inevitably advance by leaps and bounds.

It would be illogical for them not grow stronger once fused...

Moreover, that Evil Dragon Eye was a True Spirit Magic Tool made out of the eyeball of an Abyssal Evil Dragon.

In the legends, the Abyssal Evil Dragons were the most loyal servants of the Ancient Gods during the Gold Era. They had endless power and could fight against Chromatic Dragons. But after the Ancient Gods fell, the Abyssal Evil Dragons fell into the Abyss.

Anyone with a bit of knowledge about the Abyss knew that the Abyssal Evil Dragons were overlord-type existences in the Abyss. They didn't have a set residence and would only drift to various corners of the Abyss. But a battle would immediately start if an Abyssal Evil Dragon entered an Abyssal Plane occupied by a Great Overlord.

All Abyssal Evil Dragons had the power to contend against Great Overlords.

The most powerful Abyssal Evil Dragons even exceeded the Heaven Rank!

The corpse of such an existence would still possess endless power even after death. It could be seen from how the Mercury Tower gave up on their plans and chaotically attacked the entire plane for the corpse of an Abyssal Evil Dragon. They had been preparing those plans for over a hundred years and had funneled a lot of effort and resources into them, yet the plan was overturned because of that Abyssal Evil Dragon's corpse. This showed how valuable such a corpse was.

In the eyes of the Mercury Tower, the corpse of that Abyssal Evil Dragon might be more important than the entire Gold Forest Plane.

It was quite amazing.

Even if only an eyeball was made into a True Spirit Magic Tool, it wasn't to be taken lightly. It was rumored that calamities would fall once the eyes of an Abyssal Evil Dragon opened.

Thus, the eyes of the Abyssal Evil Dragons were also known as the Eyes of Calamity.

The Eye of Calamity that Shawn was fusing with contained unimaginable power. It would make the Soul Walker evolve once Shawn was done assimilating it.

Naturally, this transformation wouldn't happen overnight...

So Lin Yun wasn't in a hurry. After smiling, he made a copy of Herman's Meditation Law Set and put it in his pocket. Once he was done, Lin Yun slowly crouched down and put a potion in Herman's mouth.

It took a few minutes for Herman to recover.

It was just that even though he looked like he was getting better, he had yet to open his eyes and just remained there, motionless.

"Haha..." How could Lin Yun not know that this Archmage was playing dead? "Sir Herman, You just drank a Holy Spirit Potion. You'd recover even if all your bones were broken. I won't mind showing it to you if you don't believe me..."

"..." Herman awkwardly opened his eyes before slowly standing up.

"Take a seat, Sir Herman." Lin Yun didn't pursue the awkwardness of the action and only dragged a chair over before sitting next to the refining table and casually beckoning to Herman.

"Okay..." Perhaps it was due to fear or blood loss, but Herman, who had already drunk the Holy Spirit Potion and had his injuries healed, was still a bit pale. His eyes showing extreme fear as he looked at Lin Yun.

The previous hour was like hell to Herman. It consisted of endless pain and otherworldy torture, he was shivering just thinking about it.

Although that frightening Ghost Wolf had already disappeared, Herman hadn't forgotten that this young mage was the one who ordered around that demonic existence...

Herman's attitude had completely flipped. He stood in front of Lin Yun with a pale face, not daring to sit in front of him. "What... What do you want to tell me?"

"I am very curious... Why would you attack me?" Lin Yun wasn't thinking of making things difficult for Herman, he only smiled, casually sitting there as if this was a normal discussion.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, this was a misunderstanding..." Herman repeatedly bowed as he apologized, "I heard someone say that you were a Battle Mage when I came in. You should know of the hatred between the Black Tower and Battle Mages? It has been going on for a few centuries... And thus, I had the urge to attack you..."

"Of course..." Lin Yun looked at Herman with a smile that wasn't a smile, but didn't expose him. He only rubbed the Soul Walker Ring on his right hand. "Looks like you still miss Lord Shawn, Sir Herman. How about I make him appear so you can keep chatting with him?"

"No!" This minute movement terrified Herman. He let out a cry mixed with fear and dread. "Don't!"

"Sir Herman, we are both adults, do you think I would fall for this? You are insulting my intelligence, or perhaps your own... The way Battle Mages and classic mages use their mana is completely different. Even a High Mage such as myself can make out the difference, so how could Sir Herman make such a rudimentary mistake as an Archmage?"

"I..." Herman was suddenly at a loss.

"Alright, Sir Herman, let's talk openly and honestly. I just want to satisfy my curiosity, I can promise you that I wouldn't mention this to anyone afterwards..." Lin Yun had a smile on his face all this time, before he suddenly became serious. "But I can assure you that I have not one wisp of patience. Try me if you think you can really deceive me, but I won't be as nice if I find out you lied to me. I'll have Lord Shawn appear and he'll be the one talking to you in my stead. I believe you haven't forgotten the feeling of your soul being torn apart?"

Lin Yun continued, "Oh, and I am a pretty good alchemist, but since I'm very much afraid of dying, I carry all sorts of potions on me. The effects of that Holy Spirit Potion should be pretty good right? I still have seven of them in my pocket. I can use one of them after you have your chat with Sir Shawn, and I can guarantee that you won't die before the end of the discussion..."

"..." Lin Yun's had looked quite gentle this whole time, but what he said made Herman's hair stand on end.

No one understood the pain of having their soul torn open more than Herman right now. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that this torture far surpassed any torture ever created in this world. Herman would rather die than experience it once again...

But that young mage clearly understood what he was thinking about. Seven Holy Spirit Potions might be something to be excited for normally, but they would now restrict him and prevent his suffering from ending.

"I... I ..." Herman collapsed from fear. He didn't wait for Lin Yun to ask him again and directly told him the whole truth.

In fact, Herman had already understood that this young mage wasn't a Battle Mage as soon as he saw Suyass. After all, even if Suyass had just advanced, he was still an Archmage. Lying over such a trivial matter wasn't worth it for him.


The Mercury Tower never had anything to do with those from Gaugass, so why would Suyass defend a Battle Mage?

But Herman's real target wasn't that young mage. He wanted the new coordinates of the Gold Forest Plane.

When the news of the Abyssal Evil Dragon's corpse leaked, the Black Tower took advantage of the Mercury Tower not being prepared to take an eyeball. There was a tacit mutual understanding over this matter, and in order to prevent this from happening again, the Mercury Tower paid a huge price to forcibly change the coordinates of the Gold Forest Plane, making it so that for anyone else, the Gold Forest Plane disappeared amidst the endless planes.

The Black Tower couldn't do anything about that.

They had already taken advantage of the Mercury Tower and made them vigilant. There would be no meaning in finding the new coordinates of the Gold Forest Plane unless the Black Tower was willing to directly fight with the Mercury Tower.

But Herman wouldn't report to his teacher...

Because Herman knew a secret.

Herman knew that as long as he gained the second Abyssal Evil Dragon's eyeball, the Evil Dragon Eye he possessed would become the Eyes of Calamity, and they would reach the peak of the True Spirit realm.

This was too enticing...

A peak True Spirit Magic Tool meant power close to the Heaven Rank, how could Herman remain unaffected?

The only problem was that the coordinates of the Gold Forest Plane had already changed. Since the Black Tower was unwilling to start a war against the Mercury Tower, Herman simply couldn't get the second eyeball by himself.

Therefore, he kept provoking the Mercury Tower ever since he returned from the Gold Forest Plane. This wasn't because Herman was brash, but because Herman wanted to start a major conflict between the two forces.

But the self-control and patience of the Mercury Tower's leaders gave his plan no chance.

Up until today.

Lin Yun being mistaken as a Battle Mage reminded Herman.

'Right... Battle Mages are the best way to attract the hatred of the Black Tower...'