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 "Merlin came over this time to help everyone solve the problem of the Darkness Evil Python Skin's magic solidification..."


Suyass' words caused a commotion.

Everyone reacted strongly, all thinking, 'So is this Suyass' disciple or not?'

Everyone thought that Suyass had brought Mafa Merlin over just to introduce him so that they could show him some consideration in the future.

Naturally, they would definitely have had to show some respect...

Suyass was Nolan's disciple, and with both Karon and Nolan in the Gold Forest Plane, Suyass was the person in charge of the Mercury Tower.

Moreover, Suyass usually had a very good attitude.

Besides being a bit arrogant, he could be said to be almost perfect. They had to show some consideration when he was introducing his disciple.

That was what they all thought at first.

Some of them even thought that they should take it a step further and were secretly preparing to give him some gifts.

But then Suyass' next words stumped everyone.

They wanted to ask him, 'Sir Suyass, what do you mean? We all spent a considerable amount of time on it, yet we couldn't solve the Darkness Evil Python Skin's magic solidification. Saying that your disciple can solve it... What do you think of us? You aren't even an Artisan...'

The laboratory was eerily quiet, and the alchemists were all looking at Suyass with frowns.

They were all dissatisfied, but no one retorted out of respect for Suyass.

"Merlin, you should say a few words."

"Okay." Lin Yun nodded. He stepped forward, and he wasn't as polite as Suyass.

Because he didn't have the time to be polite, as he would rather cut to the chase.

If the Doom Staff reached the True Spirit rank one day later, it meant that Lin Yun would have to wait one extra day before being able to enter the Tulan Mountains. It would also be an extra day without having the Meditation Law Set of the Gaugass King. This would affect Lin Yun's future magic path, and this was more important to him than wasting time on niceties.

"I have two ways to complete the magic solidification of the Darkness Evil Python Skin," Lin Yun said while taking out two pieces of paper from his pocket. Written on them were the processing plans he had prepared beforehand.

But someone interrupted him just as he started talking.

"Ridiculous!" An old man with grey hair came out from the crowd. His hair seemed to stand up on his head, most likely due to being too agitated. "Immature kid, you dare come here to speak nonsense? Do you even know any of the Seven Great Formulas? Do you even understand Hawkins' Theorem? Don't think that you can ignore others after learning some alchemy under Suyass. Indeed, this old man might not be gifted, and I might not be lucky enough to become an Artisan during my life, but I've lived for over a hundred years and personally completed no less than fifty Spiritual Magic Tools! Have you even seen that many? You don't put me in your eyes? Well, with one word, this old man can make you no longer welcome in the Mercury Tower and make you leave with your magic materials!"

"Uncle Griffith, don't worry..." Suyass moved forward with a bitter smile.

"Beat it!" But the one Suyass called Uncle Griffith didn't even look at this newly advanced Archmage as he pushed him away.

Had it been someone else, that movement would have been enough to be a major offense. After all, Suyass was an Archmage and a peak Master Alchemist, he was one of the greatest existences in the Mercury Tower, yet he was pushed away like that...

But Suyass didn't dare to be angry. He instead squeezed out a smile as he awkwardly tried to advise the old man.

Because that old man was Griffith...

He was one of the senior figures of the Mercury Tower, having started following Nolan several decades ago, when he was still a youth. Although he didn't have much talent in the field of alchemy, by relying on hard work and diligence, he staggered into the Master Alchemist realm in eighty years, becoming one of the pillars of the Mercury Tower alongside Karon and Suyass, who were younger by a few decades. Griffith's innate talent was simply not worth mentioning.

But the status of the talentless Griffith in the Mercury Tower wasn't low at all.

He was someone who had followed Nolan for close to a century. He had always been very conscientious and had made so many contributions to the Mercury Tower. Even Karon would be respectful in front of Griffith.


The entire Mercury Tower knew that Griffith was irascible.

Suyass had experienced it firsthand...

In those days, when Suyass had just become Nolan's apprentice, the first task he gave him was to serve as Griffith's assistant.

Suyass suffered for an entire three years.

To be honest, Griffith was a very good teacher for building foundations. His knowledge of the basics was very good, and he was a very rigorous and proper teacher.

It's just that his character wasn't very good...

Suyass could still remember Griffith's temperament... It had been hard for him to avoid making mistakes when he had just become an assistant.

It was then that Suyass learnt of that old man's bad temper. He was greeted by a thunderous roar the first time he made a mistake. This completely terrified the 20-year-old Suyass. And soon, Suyass made a second mistake. That time, he was hit by a flying beaker.

This continued for an entire three years.

This caused Suyass to be meticulous in his alchemy work. He never forgot Griffith's hellish teachings even after he became a peak Master Alchemist, and he always operated in a textbook manner.

From this, it could be seen how inflexible and irritable Griffith was.

When Suyass saw that the one complaining was Griffith, he inwardly grumbled.

Had it been anyone else, Suyass would have used his authority to pressure them. But Suyass didn't dare do that with Griffith.

Those three years were a nightmare to Suyass, having left him with a deep trauma.

Thus, Suyass retreated...

"You said that you have two methods to settle the problem of the Darkness Evil Python Skin? Good, I shall give you an opportunity to prove yourself..." After saying that in a rough tone, Griffith took out a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote down a formula. He then coldly snorted, "Solve this formula and I'll believe in your abilities."

Griffith was very angry. Let alone Suyass, even the other Master Alchemists and Great Alchemists couldn't stop themselves from backing away a bit. That old man's temper was famous in the Mercury Tower, and his status was so great that it could be compared to Karon's. No one in the Mercury Tower would be foolish enough to offend him.

At this time, many people started sympathizing with that Mafa Merlin.

He really was unlucky.

Normally, with Suyass's introduction, even if he said something unpleasant, they would have pretended not to have heard it out of respect for Suyass.

But he was very unlucky today, because Griffith was here...

The old man was too inflexible and took the field of alchemy very seriously. How could he not intervene when he heard that youth boasting in front of him like that?

And should the youth step down now that Griffith had locked onto him?

They were all thinking about it, feeling that this young mage could only refuse to attempt that formula. The field of alchemy was vast... Who would dare to say that they were proficient with every formula? This matter would be settled as long as that Mafa Merlin dared to say that he wasn't proficient with that formula. Although he would lose some prestige, this was his only way out at this point.

Griffith was almost a hundred years old, could he force that twenty-year-old kid to pick up a quill and a sheet of paper and work on that formula?

In the eyes of those alchemists, Mafa Merlin's choice was clear.

Besides this, there was no other way...

Or would he think that he could really crack that formula?

Griffith had studied alchemy for nearly a hundred years. Although his talent was limited, after spending eighty years staggering along that path, even Suyass couldn't compare to his experience. Would he take out an alchemy formula that an average person could crack?

But against everyone's expectations...

The young man didn't even think about it as he went to pick up the piece of paper. "Sure."


Many of them thought they had misheard...

'How? Is that Mafa Merlin Crazy? Does he want to become a laughingstock?'

'He is being too stubborn...'

"Haha, good. I shall see if you can uphold the reputation of the Merlin Family..." Hearing Lin Yun's answer, Griffith sneered as he handed him the piece of paper.