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 Herman didn't have to do anything else to deal with this.

He only increased the power of the Devouring Hand to allow the surging mana to flow in.

Seconds slowly passed.

A large amount of mana was pouring in Herman's body. Whether it was Suyass, or Barlow, they could both clearly see Herman's body swelling, his robe fluttering due to the surging mana. He started to look like a balloon filled with air. It looked very funny and ridiculous.

But Suyass didn't laugh, and neither did Barlow...

Because they knew that Herman who looked funny and ridiculous was in his most terrifying state, what made Herman's body swell like a balloon wasn't air, it was a large amount of pure mana.

It would create a disastrous explosion if it burst.

In fact, Suyass and Barlow could already feel a frightening aura being formed, and although Herman was focused on keeping the Devouring Hand under control, Suyass knew that once Herman's mana reached a critical point, what would await them would be a despairing explosion.

Only Suyass who experienced the Devouring Hand knew about this terrifying ability.

It was back then, in the forest of the Gold Forest Plane, that Suyass had personally seen Herman fight a Level 30 magic beast. At that time, Herman had only been a 9th Rank High Mage, yet he forcibly devoured over half of that magic beast's mana before erupting with it, killing that Level 30 magic beast in one move.

That battle left a deep impression on Suyass.

Herman had burst with a power far exceeding his rank at the time, that was an attack surpassing his limits. That Level 30 magic beast let out a blood-curdling scream as it fell at Herman's feet.

He might have been the one who had meticulously lured that magic beast over in order to block Herman's pursuit, but Suyass was so shocked that he even forgot to flee.

Now, Herman was once again being filled with mana.

Suyass knew that there was not much time left for that young High Mage, he would soon end up like that Level 30 magic beast if he couldn't counterattack immediately.

"Kid, you don't have much time left..." As the Devouring Hand crazily gathered mana, Herman felt that familiar sensation of mana and sneered.

Herman had already devoured enough mana, and that Spiritual Magic Tool had contained such a large amount of pure mana. Herman was now certain that if he erupted with that mana, the explosion might even be able to knock down an Archmage like Suyass, let alone the young mage before his eyes.

But Herman was in no hurry.

Herman still maintained his Devouring Hand.

Because he wanted to see that young mage slowly despair, he wanted to see the helplessness on his face, like all his previous opponents did as he used the Devouring Hand.

Everyone in the Black Tower knew that Herman took great joy and pleasure in killing Gaugass Battle Mages and watch them as they wept in despair.

But Herman had miscalculated this time.

The Devouring Hand was already operating at its limit, mana was frantically pouring in, yet the young mage in front of him didn't seem afraid. On the contrary, he was still looking at Herman with a smile.

"Indeed, I don't have much time left to study this fascinating ability, this is quite regretful..."

"Hmm?" For some reason, Herman felt cold when he heard that young mage's calm words.

This was a rare feeling for Herman.

Herman carefully recalled, it felt the same as a few years ago, when he entered the Gold Forest's Somal Magic City. When he stole that Abyssal Evil Dragon's eye, the Dark Elf Queen looked at him in the exact same way.

'This feels so similar...'

'It's the same hair-rising feeling...'

'But why?'

'A barbarian from Gaugass, a twenty years old mage, how could he make me feel this way?'

Unfortunately, Herman didn't have time to think.

He suddenly discovered that the mana within his body had became chaotic. This feeling was akin to having countless vipers digging into his body and frantically stirring his insides.

It didn't take long before Herman's inner shirt became drenched in cold sweat.

Herman was panicking, it wasn't as if Herman never suffered from mana disorder, after all, a strange ability like the Devouring Hand wasn't something that should appear on a mage. That ability was too evil and dangerous, thus Herman never used this ability to absorb mana for himself, he only used it to create an explosion with the stolen mana.

It was because he was so careful that Herman managed to repeatedly survive dangers.

Herman had suffered from mana disorder before and always managed to resolve it.

But it was the first time he suffered from a mana disorder as troublesome as today's.

That incomparable pain far exceeded even the harshest torture imaginable.

A mix of panic and fear flashed on Herman's face.

'Why is it like this?'

Herman seemed to have gone mad as a painful shout rushed out from the depths of his throat. He staggered a few steps back before pointing at Lin Yun, his other hand covering his own stomach. He struggled to open his mouth, but no sound came out.

"What a pity..." Lin Yun shook his head with a regretful expression.

Lin Yun might be the only one knowing that he wasn't sarcastic and was truly feeling regretful.

Herman's Devouring Hand was extremely rare, even with his era-transcending knowledge, it was the first time Lin Yun heard about this ability.

He truly wanted to research this ability...

Unfortunately, he didn't have the opportunity.

This time, Lin Yun used the Magic Array. That was ten different sources of power, along with an extra two Alchemic Mana Whirlpool. In other words, Lin Yun's mana output was 12 times that of an ordinary mage.

It was as if Herman devoured the mana of twelve High Mages, if he didn't suffer from mana disorder after that, then the Devouring Hand would be truly unequalled.

Added to the previous Spiritual Magic Staff's mana, the outcome was to be expected.

"I'm very interested in knowing what your Meditation Law Set is..." Lin Yun stood in front of Herman with a smile, not gathering his mana, nor ending the battle with an Icicle or a Wind Blade. He also didn't use a defensive spell.

It wasn't that Lin Yun forgot to defend himself or attack his enemy, they were in a deadly battle after all, it's just that Lin Yun already knew that there was no need.

Herman was already tortured by that mana disorder, he might even end up being crippled. Let alone attacking Lin Yun, even moving a finger was difficult for him.

But Lin Yun didn't immediately act against Herman, he didn't pierce his chest with an Icycle, nor did he cut his throat with a Wind Blade.

He was still curious about the Devouring Hand.

"Haha..." Herman bitterly smiled, but he looked Lin Yun in the eyes.

This was the pride of an Archmage...

Mage able to rise to the Archmage realm were all talented people, which of them didn't have a glorious path? Even if he was in a desperate situation, Herman was still unwilling to lower his head.

He was even less willing to bow to a Gaugass' barbarian.

"You... You wish to know? Ha... Haha..." Under the torture of the mana disorder, Herman had already lost his poise. He said in an icy voice filled with hatred, "It's possible... It's possible if you come to the Black Tower... I'll let those guards in the Obsidian Prison... Tell you what Meditation... Meditation Law Set it is..."

"No need for such trouble..." Lin Yun kept his smile and didn't care about Herman who was now laying on the ground as he rubbed the ring he wore.

"Fuck, why are you disturbing this Lord? I just managed to fall asleep..." The ethereal figure of the Ghost Wolf who called himself Lord Shawn appeared in the laboratory. His figure was already a lot more solid compared to the first time Lin Yun saw him. Lin Yun knew that he had mostly recovered due to the large amount of mana crystals he received, especially that soul mana crystal...

Even if Shawn wasn't at his peak, he wasn't that far off.

Something trivial such as extorting a weakened Archmage shouldn't be a problem.

"Help this Sir Herman, make him remember the Meditation Law Set he had learnt. As for the reward, you can get two Level 15 mana crystals."

After saying this, Lin Yun didn't care how Shawn took care of Herman and only turned towards Suyass, "Sir Suyass, long time no see! The processing of my magic materials should be under your responsibility, right?"

"Long time no see, Merlin..." Suyass smiled, but that smile seemed somewhat bitter.

After coming back from the Four Seasons Canyon, Suyass had been shocked by that young mage's power but kept a respectful attitude most of the time. Since he couldn't afford to offend him, he actually stayed away.

But Suyass knew that he couldn't hide today.