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 "Haha, long time no see, Sir Suyass..." Lin Yun knew that the middle-aged alchemist would be able to keep his life when Suyass appeared, so he greeted the latter with a smile as he cancelled that Flame Burst and removed his Elemental Incarnation.

"Merlin, how come you are here..." Suyass looked at this scene, stunned.

But Suyass' reaction wasn't slow, he looked at the smiling Lin Yun and the sweating alchemist and quickly understood.

Guessing what had happened, Suyass got a headache.

Suyass clearly knew that a fight had broken out; even a fool would be able to notice it.

The battle wasn't that important, the problem was who was fighting with who...

Suyass had joined the exploration team of Thousand Sails City and fought alongside Lin Yun, so how could he not know how terrible that young mage was? He had been a 9th Rank Great Mage at the time and already defeated Fran, who had temporarily gained the power of an Archmage. And now he had already advanced to become a High Mage, which should make him ten times more terrifying.

He was a living monster.

Wasn't Fran bold enough? He was still traumatized after coming back from the Four Seasons Canyon. Whenever the name Mafa Merlin was uttered, fear would appear on his face as he looked around everywhere. He was getting scared to death.

Even Suyass, who was already an Archmage, couldn't avoid having some post-traumatic stress after the trip to the Four Seasons Canyon. It was fortunate that his teacher and Karon had some friendship with Mafa Merlin. Otherwise, with how he and Fran had acted in the Four Seasons Canyon, they would have already died over ten times...

Even after returning to Okland, Suyass would still feel cold sweat whenever he remembered that unfathomable Great Mage.

He originally thought that he would stay in Thousand Sails City for a long time and wouldn't come to Okland anytime soon.

But he hadn't expected that just a month later, he would see that frightening monster once again.

And in such circumstances nonetheless.

It was too frightening.

This monster truly was just as ruthless as before. If he had been ten or twenty seconds later, Barlow might have already become a corpse.

"Barlow, what's going on?" Suyass' voice was extremely strict.

Nothing could be done about it, Suyass had no other choice but to be strict.

Not being strict with Barlow now would be the same as causing trouble for himself. 'Why did you have to trouble this person? Why did you provoke this ruthless monster that even Fran couldn't even get rid of? If it weren't for me pleading for Fran, he wouldn't even have been able to return to the Mercury Tower...

'That's right, you might be powerful, Barlow, a Master Alchemist who is also a High Mage could be considered something in Okland. But you still can't compare to Fran from the Four Seasons Canyon... At that time, Fran gained power from a Magic Tool and already became a genuine Archmage. But how did it end? He was casually defeated by this Mafa Merlin.

'What makes you so courageous? Barlow... To dare go against such a monster... If you are courting death, do it somewhere else...

'Now what? I saved you and you are helping me by implicating me into your mess? My legs still shake a bit when facing this monster...'

Unfortunately, Barlow truly didn't know any of this.

He was completely bewildered.

When he saw Suyass shouting for the young mage to stop, Barlow felt overjoyed and thought that his savior had come. Suyass was one of Nolan's personal disciples. Since Karon left for the Gold Forest Plane, he was the person with the most authority in the Mercury Tower, a true Archmage. He could settle this easily.

Thus, Barlow was happily waiting.

But what awaited him was Suyass' angry scolding.

"Sir Suyass, this is what happened..." Barlow hurriedly wanted to explain himself.

"Barlow, you shut up!" How could Suyass let him explain anything? This was no joke. It would be fine if Barlow was the one in the wrong, as he would just scold him and apologize to Merlin.

But if Barlow wasn't...

He would definitely face an imminent catastrophe.

If Barlow was right, then wouldn't that mean that Merlin was in the wrong?

How could Merlin be in the wrong?

If he was, it would be a big deal.

What if he did something like in the Four Seasons Canyon?

At that time, Suyass managed to save Fran, but who could save Suyass now?

Suyass didn't even think and immediately interrupted Barlow. "Do you know what you are doing!?"

"I..." Barlow was stunned by the harsh tone before he suddenly regained himself and hurriedly said, "Sir Suyass, Sir Suyass, he... He is a Gaugass Battle Mage!"

"What Gaugass Battle Mage, you are kidding me...?" Suyass almost spat out blood. 'How could Merlin be a Battle Mage? Shit, do you think Fran and I are blind?'

"It's true, Sir Suyass, he truly is..."

"Less nonsense. Merlin is my friend. Aside from the obvious fact that he isn't a Battle Mage, even if he was, so what? Don't forget that our Mercury Tower hasn't declared war with the Battle Mages. You are worried about the Black Tower's reaction? Let them come look for me..."

"I was wondering who was spouting so much nonsense! Turns out it was you, Suyass. How come you are dissatisfied with our Black Tower? Let me hear about this...

While Suyass was thinking of a way to kick Barlow out of here, a voice came in from outside.

The doors to the laboratory opened once again as a middle-aged man wearing a black robe entered.

But the cuffs of that man were shockingly embroidered with an interwoven pattern of gold and silver.


He was an Archmage from the Black Tower!

"Herman? Why are you here?"

"Hehe, why can't I...." After the man entered the room, he glanced at Lin Yun with a gloomy expression before looking back at Suyass. "My Evil Dragon Eye is damaged, I was originally looking for your Mercury Tower to help me fix it..."

He stopped here and looked at Lin Yun once again. "Had I not come, I wouldn't have known that your Mercury Tower was actually colluding with the Gaugass Battle Mages. Suyass, it looks like you are trying to shield this Gaugass Battle Mage?"

"Herman, your words are a bit too excessive. Your Black Tower has no right to criticize how our Mercury Tower handles its matters."

After Suyass finished, he glared fiercely at Barlow. 'Fuck, look what you did. There was no issue originally, yet you insisted on him being a Battle Mage and attracted someone from the Black Tower, look what you did...'

"Eh?" The middle-aged Archmage clearly didn't think that Suyass, who had always been so cooperative, would be so blunt this time. Herman looked at Suyass with a strange expression as he pressed, "Suyass, you should think about it carefully. Our Black Tower has a bone-deep hatred towards those Gaugass Battle Mages. Don't think you can do as you please just because you have Nolan's support. Let me advise you, Suyass, don't start a disaster for the Mercury Tower..."

"Herman, High Mage Merlin comes from Thousand Sails City and is the owner of the Gilded Rose. He is a true Andlusan Mage and not a Gaugass Battle Mage as you keep accusing him of being. Barlow is lacking and made a mistake, but you are an Archmage, Herman, how could you be so ignorant?"

"Very well, Suyass, you needn't say anything else. Whether this kid is from Gaugass or not, our Black Tower shall naturally decide. Since when has it become your Mercury Tower's time to talk?" After saying that, Herman no longer looked at Suyas and directly raised a finger at Lin Yun. "Kid, follow me. It doesn't matter if you don't want to admit that you are a Battle Mage, the Black Tower's Obsidian Prison is well-known in Okland. As long as you spend a day there, you'll spill all your secrets."

"Hey, Herman, Merlin is my friend, what are you trying to pull?" Suyass' expression became very grave. He had known that Herman was brash, being one of the youngest Archmages of the Black Tower. But Suyass hadn't thought that he would be this brash.

He was completely disregarding him.

And he wanted to take Merlin away from the Mercury Tower.

He didn't even put the Mercury Tower in his eyes.

It wasn't a subordinate of the Black Tower!

This was a provocation to the entire Mercury Tower.

Even Suyass was somewhat nervous about the other side's strength, but this time, he had no choice but to stand against him. He reached out with his hand and immediately put Lin Yun behind him, his eyes not moving away from the middle-aged Archmage.

"Haha, Suyass, I haven't seen you in a few years, you have some courage. Don't tell me you forgot that pursuit in the Gold Forest Plane?"

Suyass' expression turned nasty when he heard this. He looked as if he was about to erupt. This event was one of the rare disgraces in Suyass's life. At that time, Suyass and Herman were both 9th Rank High Mages.