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 But fortunately, Lin Yun knew that the Great Devil had been grievously injured and had no other choice than to become the Thousand Souls Sacrifice's Incarnation, which ended up falling into the hands of the Charlotte Patriarch, and was far from having recovered his power. At best, he had the power of a peak True Spirit Magic Tool.

"Eh?! A human mage?" The face formed out of black smoke looked at Lin Yun as it spoke with a hellish voice. "Let me see... Tsk, I never expected that such a young human mage would be able to kill my host..."

Lin Yun only took one step back as he collected the Upper Rank Flame Spirit. He tightly held his Spiritual Magic Staff and Book of Death while remaining extremely cautious.

"Oh? So it's like this... I understand..." The sinister face looked at Lin Yun for a long time before bursting out in unpleasant laughter. "It's that gem you hold, isn't it, Human Mage?"

"What gem?"

"Human Mage, that gem isn't something you should come into contact with, it'll bring disaster to you and your family. Hand over that precious gem and I'll give you a way out. Otherwise, when I find you, you and your family will end up weeping in the depths of hell."

"I don't know what gem you are talking about..."

"Looks like you chose to become my enemy, Human Mage..."

"Tricks are useless!" Lin Yun stopped the conversation and poured mana in the Book of Death, letting the Truth Chapter come out with a dazzling radiance once again.

Countless runes appeared before their eyes...

"Shit, Human Mage, you dare attack me?!" That sinister face let out a world-shaking roar when those runes appeared. That roar was immediately followed by a surprised shout. "Impossible, how could you control this power!?"

"Hey, I know you are still slumbering in the Charlotte Family's Ancestral Land, you don't have much time..." Only Lin Yun himself knew that the pressure put on him by that Incarnation was equal to the Star Sage in terms of power. Even if only a part of his power had descended, this wasn't something Lin Yun could withstand.

The only thing Lin Yun could rely on was the Truth Chapter.

The Truth Chapter could see through all deceptions and get rid of all evil, it could be said to be the natural enemy of this kind of sinister monster.

Sure enough.

As Lin Yun crazily urged the Truth Chapter's power, the visage made of black smoke let out a fearful expression.

"Human Mage, your actions have prices, just wait and see. I'll come and find you in three months. When my true body comes, you and your family will end up screaming in the depths of Hell!"

After roaring, the sinister face dissipated in the air, alongside those strange mana fluctuations.

"Phew..." Lin Yun let out a long sigh of relief when it disappeared.

It looked as if Lin Yun only said a few sentences and roused the Truth Chapter, but the pressure he received was unimaginably high.

It was a Greater Devil!

An existence that was able to kill a Heaven Rank powerhouse!

Although only a part of its power descended, the rank suppression was there, there was a difference of at least two ranks between them, Lin Yun could barely bear the huge pressure.

Not to mention Lin Yun, Ross and William were a lot worse off.

"What was this?" Only when the face disappeared did Ross and William dare to walk over. The two were extremely pale and drenched in cold sweat. The pressure brought by that fierce face was truly too frightening. The two of them had been standing a few dozen meters away, feeling as if they would be swallowed by that strange power covering them if they weren't careful.

That wasn't a power just anyone could contend against.

"Nothing, let's return first." Lin Yun shook his head, unwilling to remain here for too long. The power the Greater Devil displayed here would attract many powerhouses, Lin Yun didn't want to end up in the middle of all this.

After a few hurried sentences, the three of them passed through the now ruined street and looked for a carriage in the distance.

The three of them only reached the Merlin Family Manor half an hour later.

After a simple rest, Ross got up and said goodbye, but he hesitated as he recalled the words his younger cousin said after killing Hanson and wanted to talk about the map.

Ross naturally didn't want to give up on the map.

But after experiencing this younger cousin's power, Ross felt intimidated. Ross was very nervous as he stood in front of Lin Yun and wouldn't take the initiative to mention that map.

Ultimately, Lin Yun looked at him and told him, "Sit down."

"Yes, yes..." Ross nodded and sat down.

"First, tell me what that map means to you."

"This..." Ross didn't think that this younger cousin of his would start the discussion by asking about his biggest secret. Once this was asked, Ross found things to be difficult.

Ross wouldn't have hesitated if it had been another question.

But this...

This was Ross Merlin's greatest secret.

Ross had always been suppressed by Stan Watson, he could only watch as the latter left him in the dust. He was like a nightmare, yet Ross wasn't despairing because he had a map that could let him become successful in an instant, that map would let him overtake Stan Watson, and all other geniuses, letting him reach the peak of the path of magic.

But now, his younger cousin was asking him to reveal his greatest secret. Ross hesitated for quite a while.

It wasn't that Ross was too suspicious...

But rather, that secret was too important to Ross.

This was related to Ross' future on the path of magic.

Everyone knew that Ross had only been part of the side branch of the Merlin Family, his bloodline wasn't very pure, he was still an ordinary Mage before twenty. But after twenty, he made huge progress and not only became a 5th Rank High Mage, he also had the most powerful Magic Conducting Rune of the Merlin Family, the Endless Spring.

But Ross knew that this was all because of that secret.

Or to be more accurate, because of a part of that secret, a very small part.

If such a small part could make Ross this powerful, then how high would he reach if he obtain the complete secret?

"Cousin Mafa, this..." Ross didn't know what to do as he stood there.

"It's fine, I won't force you to talk if you are unwilling." Hearing this, Lin Yun knew that this map was very important to Ross.

As for the details, Lin Yun didn't need to be concerned about it.

After all, could it be more important than Lin Yun's knowledge?

"No, no, Cousin Mafa, I didn't mean this..." Lin Yun hadn't expected Ross to be terrified when he shook his head, Ross thought that Lin Yun was offended and thus stopped pondering about it and immediately said, "Cousin Mafa, this map is linked to a secret that can transform the Endless Spring..."


Lin Yun was surprised when he heard that.

At first, Lin Yun thought that this map might lead Ross to a treasure, or to a profound Meditation Law Set, but Lin Yun truly didn't expect that this could lead to a secret that could transform the Endless Spring.

After all, the Endless Spring was the most powerful Magic Conducting Rune of the Merlin Family, it could be said to be one of the top tier Magic Conducting Rune of the Andlusa Kingdom.

If it transformed it would become the Magic Ocean, the number one Magic Conducting Rune in the current era!

'But it should have already disappeared in the 3rd Dynasty...?'

It would once again appear at the peak of the magic era. When Lin Yun was choosing his Magic Conducting Rune, the Magic Ocean was one of the potential candidates, but chose the most formidable Magic Array.

But this didn't mean that the Magic Ocean wasn't powerful enough.

Even during the peak of the era, the Magic Ocean was powerful and famous enough to be rated as one of the top tier Magic Conducting Rune and countless mages would choose this Magic Conducting Rune.

But it simply couldn't compare to the Magic Array.

After all, the Magic Array was too special.

It was on a completely different level. The Magic Ocean couldn't compare with it, nor could any Magic Conducting Rune.

"You know, I've been a child from a side branch of the Merlin Family before and the bloodline running through my veins has been very diluted, not like someone like William who can progress fast on the path of magic. I won't hide it from you, I was still a 1st Rank Mage at twenty..."

"I did hear some people mention this and it felt strange, how did you..." William nodded on the side.

"Haha, it might be my luck..." Since he started, William continued his explanation after sitting down, "I originally thought that I would never become a Great Mage in this life. But I hadn't expected that I would discover a part of a Meditation Law when I went to the Palatin Library to copy a spell."