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 It was the first time Hanson Charlotte had been so afraid since he obtained the power of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice. He was confident enough to duel Patriarch Ofran with the power of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, but now, Hanson Charlotte felt terrified when was facing these huge runes, it was a fear coming from his bloodline and soul.

The best thing Hanson could do was rush to kill Mafa Merlin before that power burst out.

But then, Hanson realized he couldn't do so. He only understood now why Mafa Merlin spent so much time and effort to spread that Sea of Flames.

It was because this Sea of Flames made him invincible in his Fire Elemental Incarnation form.

He simply couldn't catch that High Mage who could Flame Flash anytime anywhere. This spacious Sea of Flames gave boundless maneuvering space to Mafa Merlin.

"Mafa Merlin, you are despicable!" Hanson Charlotte's roar echoed within the Sea of Flames.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Those huge runes had already finished condensing in the sky.

It looked like a huge disk, motionless above Hanson's head.

Lin Yun then shouted the last part of the incantation.

In a flash, the power of the Truth Chapter burst out. An explosion could be heard as those huge runes exploded on Hanson's chest one after the other.

"Aaah!" A world-shaking roar echoed, it was a mix of pain and despair.

It was rumored that the Truth Chapter could understand the origin of everything, under the cover of the Truth Chapter, all lies and disguises would disappear.

This naturally included Hanson Charlotte. He used the sacrifices he made in the past century to temporarily borrow the power of a Greater Devil.

When the Truth Chapter burst out, the black scales on Hanson's body started peeling off one after the other, fiercely bending. The long tail started withdrawing within his body as his body quickly shrank and the black smoke slowly scattered.

"No... No... No... This is impossible! You cannot do this!" Hanson's voice grew quieter and quieter as the terrifying Abyssal aura quickly dissipated to be replaced by despairing and fearful pleading.

But that didn't change the fact that his power was declining.

After a few seconds, Hanson regained his human form, gray hairs and wrinkles. Most importantly, he lost the abnormal vitality he had gained as a monster and was now suffering from the consequences of his serious injuries. Those long burns on his chest made him sink into a near death state.

"Nothing can be done about it, High Mage Hanson, you brought that upon yourself..." After saying that, Lin Yun conjured an Icicle and pierced Hanson's chest.

"..." Ross felt chilly when he saw this.

Ross was a hardened veteran, countless opponents died under his hands during planar expeditions, so how could Ross not know that truly frightening opponents couldn't be judged by their power, but by how skilled they were in killing.

And the younger cousin in front of him was definitely very proficient in that department.

It could be seen by how he finished off Hanson.

That could only be described as vicious and merciless. Ross would rarely see people killing so straightforwardly, disregarding and ignoring him, only raising his hand to cast an Icicle. So what if he had a backer or a huge background? It seemed useless in front of him.

This kind of person was the most terrifying.

If he could, Ross would rather never come in contact with that person for his whole life.

"Now you know. I didn't tell you who killed Stan Watson for your own good, you know..." After the fight was over, William leisurely came down from the carriage and gently patted Ross' shoulder, an entertained smile on his face.

William's mood was very good as he looked at Ross.

In his eyes, the current Ross was too similar to him when he arrived to Thousand Sails City. He had been like Ross back then and thought of himself as one of the core children of the Merlin Family with abundant power and an ambitious future. How could he treat a child born in Thousand Sails City as an equal?

But after being in contact with him for a while, he gradually discovered that this younger cousin was quite special, he kept frightening and shocking him until William became completely numb to it and managed to keep his calm when facing any situation involving his cousin.

"Ross, you have a long path ahead of you..." William returned to his carriage after saying that, leaving a dumbstruck Ross Merlin by himself.

Ross' mood was very complicated at this time.

How could he have imagined that this seemingly refined and wealthy cousin would be hiding such a frightening power? He had seen everything with his own eyes today, but if William had told him beforehand, he wouldn't have believed him... This was too freakish. Hanson had been a monster who had the power of both an Archmage and a Sword Saint, on pure fighting power, he would be close to a 5th Rank Archmage. This kind of strength could be considered top tier in Okland. Moreover, he had originally been accompanied by two 9th Rank Phantom Archers and a 5th Rank High Mage...

But the outcome...

The two Phantom Archers died under an Earth Rending Hand while Hanson Charlotte was pierced by an Icicle. No one would believe it if this information was leaked.

"Mafa... Cousin Mafa, you..." Ross stood there in a daze. But after saying those few words, he didn't know what to say and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

"We will talk about that map later." But to Ross' surprise, Lin Yun actually took the initiative to mention that matter before Ross could say anything.

Ross had already given up on the map at this point.

It's not that he didn't want it, but rather that he didn't dare to think about getting it...

He hadn't expected that his younger cousin would take the initiative to mention it when he had already gave up on it. This felt like walking on a road and finding a gold coin on the ground. Ross didn't know how to react, he stood there for a long time, not knowing how he should react before suddenly displaying a pleasantly surprised expression, "Thank you, thank you, Cousin Mafa, thank you..."

"Alright, let's go back first." Lin Yun patted Ross' shoulder but didn't say anything else, he didn't explain why he was doing that.

In fact, Lin Yun's reason for doing so was very simple. Ross could have fled during the fight, but he didn't abandon him and William. Just this was enough for Lin Yun to forget the previous issues and offer Ross a chance to discuss this map.

"Hmm?" Just as Lin Yun considered whether he should tell Ross Merlin that this map was leading to a very dangerous area, strange mana fluctuations suddenly spread through the area.

"Step aside!" Lin Yun pushed Ross Merlin away when he sensed these mana fluctuations.

Because these mana fluctuations were very familiar and very powerful.

If he wasn't wrong, these mana fluctuations should have come from a very powerful existence, and Ross would simply be courting death if he remained there.

Fortunately, Ross' reaction was very fast, Lin Yun pushed him and by going along with the momentum, Ross flew a dozen meters away.

Because Ross knew that something that could make his cousin nervous definitely wasn't something to be taken lightly.

Sure enough, as Ross retreated, black smoke rose up of Hanson's corpse.

This black smoke seemed alive, continuously twisting as if something was struggling amidst the smoke. What was more frightening was that the spreading smoke felt more powerful than Hanson Charlotte did. That evil and bloody aura even made Lin Yun take a step back.

Ultimately, the black smoke turned into a sinister face. That face looked similar from Hanson Charlotte in his monster form, but looked more malevolent and more frightening.

"..." Lin Yun held his breath as he saw that terrifying face.

'Sure enough... It came'

The Greater Devil Magic Tool Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice which had been slumbering for a millennium truly had a wisp of power hidden within Hanson Charlotte's body. Now that its host died, the Greater Devil's attention gathered on them.

Greater Devils were lifeforms from hell, evil and bloodthirsty peak existences. They fed on flesh and blood and were the nightmares of almost all intelligent lifeforms. They were also very powerful, a peak devil could even kill a Heaven Rank powerhouse in Hell.