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 It gave the feeling of a raging fireplace, instantly burning through any matter, turning anything into more fuel to the fire. The ground was scorched red under the fierce flames, it didn't matter if it was made of stone or consisted of soil, they would both be completely burnt. Not only was the earth scorched red, the tall flames turned the sky red, there was no other color. That blaze was stifling.

"What... What are those flames!" The despairing Hanson shouted in a frenzied voice. He looked like a drowning man struggling desperately to survive, trying to escape this sea of flames.

But it was already too late.

Several hundred meters around them had been covered by Lin Yun's horrifying flames. Even if Hanson used the power of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, possessing the power of an Archmage and a Sword Saint, he wouldn't be able to escape in a short term. The ice armor around Hanson Charlotte's body melted in an instant, exposing the inhuman black scales.

It could be seen how astonishing Hanson Charlotte's power was, the Sea of Flames could only be described as terrifying, it even melted the high tier Ice Elemental Incarnation shell in an instant, yet Hanson was still enduring in the sea of flames after recovering his monstrous form.

However his black scales turning red, just like a lobster being cooked, easily betrayed his difficulties. He let out a painful roar from within the Sea of Flames, trying to endure.

Hanson's legs fiercely stomped on the ground, scattering rocks and soil around, relying on his powerful body to charge a dozen meters forward.

A wave of fire rushed at him, forcing Hanson Charlotte to fall on the ground due to the blazing attack. The black scales that looked as if they had been cooked before now seemed to be melting.

But that monster's vitality was too shocking. That flame assault would be able to wound a Sword Saint, but Hanson Charlotte didn't seem to pay attention to the injury. He crawled up, and stomped the ground once again, propelling himself further. He was like an arrow flying forward.

A world shaking roar could be heard echoing in the Sea of Flames, and although Hanson was riddled with scars, the aura he emitted was extremely terrifying, he looked like an Abyssal Demon.

Ross was simply stunned as he looked at that scene from the sidelines. A fight of that level completely surpassed Ross' imagination. Let alone getting involved, he was worried about being hurt just being in proximity.

The power displayed by that monster was enough to make Ross despair. Ross had thought that the battle was over with that Sea of Flames, but he hadn't expected that after the Elemental Incarnation melted, Hanson would actually be able to rely on his own power to endure the flames.

How could this be possible...

Ross could only look on helplessly as Hanson was struggling and enduring the terrifying flames.

Moreover, it looked as if he would be able to escape the flames.

Hanson had originally been in the center of the Sea of Flames, but as he laboured while enduring the pain, he managed to reach the outer edge. He was now less than a hundred meters away from escaping.

Such a distance wasn't much to the current Hanson Charlotte, possessing both the power of an Archmage and Sword Saint. It was well within his reach and abilities.

'What could be done, what could be done...'

Ross Merlin knew that his younger cousin had been able to force Hanson Charlotte to this point because of all the traps he had laid before, leading Hanson into the center of the Sea of Flames.

But if Hanson Charlotte truly escaped, that fight would return once again to the beginning. At that time, his High Mage cousin wouldn't be able to beat that freak...

At this time, Ross' heart was heavy as he stared at the fiery scene in front of him, afraid of missing any details.

"Mafa Merlin, you can't keep me contained!" Hanson got knocked down by the flames once again. His wounds were completely exposed, burns covered his entire chest. Even some bones were exposed, yet neither such heavy injuries nor the burns all over his body managed to hinder Hanson's movements as he tried to flee the Sea of Flames.

His eyes were shining with a scary light as he stared towards Lin Yun, his gaze full of hate.

"It'll be your end when I leave these flames!" Hanson roared before rushing once again towards the outside. Hanson was less than thirty meters away from escaping at this time.


Ross' face turned pale as he looked at the battlefield, his face filled with panic and despair.

Thirty meters weren't enough to stop Hanson Charlotte, and once he exited that Sea of Flames, that monster with infinite anger and hatred would burst out with frightening power. Ross didn't even dare imagining it.

But then, Lin Yun waved his hand and summoned Syudos.

"You aren't leaving this place..." Lin Yun's voice was slow and gentle, but it resounded with clarity for everyone present.

"Ridiculous!" Hanson was already at the edge of the Sea of Flames, how could he take Lin Yun seriously?

A mournful voice was heard as a huge hexagram star appeared under his feet. Under the rush of mana, the Hexagram Star Array's radiance instantly soared. Even if that dark red radiance was hidden within the Sea of Flames, it gave off a chilly feeling...

That was the Hell Hexagram Star Array.

Now, an astonishing power was converging above the Hexagram Star Array, and although that power had yet to burst, the aura it emitted was enough to make anyone feel suffocated. Even Lin Yun could feel it. If this power burst, it would bring huge trouble to him.

Thus, Lin Yun decided to not give Hanson an opportunity.

Lin Yun disappeared just as the radiance soared above the Hexagram Star Array.

Yes, he disappeared.

He only disappeared for a split second before reappearing in front of Hanson's body. This was Flame Flash!

"Hmm?" A dense sulfur breath came out of Hanson's nostrils as shock leaked out of his mouth.

Hanson didn't understand why this Mafa Merlin would come so close to him, after all, he had the power of a Sword Saint at the moment. Even an Archmage wouldn't dare to get close to a Sword Saint, let alone a youth who had yet to reach the Archmage realm.

'What is he planning?'

This abrupt change made Hanson, who had been controlling the Hexagram Star Array, distracted.

"I said, you aren't leaving." Lin Yun said still in that slow and gentle voice, full of confidence, making Hanson's heart tighten in response.

Unfortunately, Hanson didn't have time to think why the other side was so confident.

Because Lin Yun let out a Flame Shackle in a split second and shifted behind Hanson's body, the Upper Rank Flame Spirit in his hand transformed into a blazing cage which enveloped the Hexagram Star Array after being thrown on the ground. Syudos was no different from an Archmage in terms of strength, and after turning into a blazing cage, he burst with power that instantly pressured the Hexagram Star Array, no matter how hard Hanson urged the Hexagram, it still didn't listen to his orders.

"You..." Hanson Charlotte's voice suddenly stopped.

"You what?" Lin Yun remained unmoved, the book in his hand opening, and under the guidance of the Spiritual Magic Staff, the book quickly turned to the 6th chapter, "You really think that by putting on a devil skin you have the power of a Greater Devil?"

That was the new chapter Lin Yun got a hold of!

The thin and light Crystal Page. Under Lin Yun's urge, it burst out with shocking power.

Following Lin Yun's chant, numerous characters appeared on top of the Truth Chapter. They appeared one after the other, and each character seemed to carry outrageous power. Each character seemed to have their own life as they flew out of the True Chapter and quickly gathered in the sky before transforming into huge runes whose power would make anyone despair.

"What... What is this!" Hanson Charlotte was truly scared this time.

These huge runes not only contained shocking power, most importantly, that power made Hanson feel afraid, that was the feeling of meeting a predator.