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 What happened?

Whether it was Ross Merlin or Hanson Charlotte, they both couldn't help being stunned when they saw that Runic Shield, it was illogical, how could a Runic Shield appear? The two were high mages, how could they not know of spells cooldown and mana exhaustion of channelled spells? Those were knowledge that every mage should know of, it was already deeply ingrained into the minds of Hanson and Ross, making them subconsciously react.

In the world of magic, some rules like these could never be changed, even for Heaven Rank existences, or existences surpassing Heaven Rank, as long as they hadn't separated themselves from the world of magic, they would never be able to change that rule.

Maybe some extremely powerful existences could reduce spell cooldowns, but completely ignoring it was impossible.

Not to mention, that young High Mage was far from being that powerful.

But what was the matter with that Runic Shield?

After all, the previous Runic Shield disappeared a handful of seconds earlier, so how could he be able to use a second Runic Shield?

This was terrifying.

If a mage had that kind of ability and always remain protected by Runic Shield... They would be invincible, a mage could completely ignore injuries and not fear to have their cast interrupted, this kind of mage would be too frightening.

This would be an existence that would break the balance.


Ross suddenly noticed something, 'This Runic Shield is different from the previous one.'

'How could it be?'

Ross rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

'They truly are different!'

This time, Ross was convinced that he hadn't made a mistake. Indeed, that Runic Shield truly was different from before. The most obvious part was that light shining even more brightly. Countless runes condensed together forming that dazzling light which seemed profound and clear. The mana fluctuations emitted gave off an immovable feeling.

Indeed, that Runic Shield truly gave that feeling to Ross Merlin.

Unbreakable, immovable.

By looking at that Runic Shield, Ross truly understood how accomplished his younger cousin was.

Everyone knew that the might of a Runic Shield depended on the amount of runes condensed, the more runes were condensed, the stronger the Runic Shield would be.

The Runic Shield that just emerged could only be described as outrageous, Ross even felt that many Archmages might be able to form such a formidable Runic Shield.

In contrast, that Runic Shield earlier was just a joke.

'Could it be...' Ross was suddenly frightened.

'Could it be that the previous Runic Shield wasn't even a Runic Shield?'

'Yes, yes...'

This was the only reason which could explain why this distant cousin could ignore spell cooldowns and why the two Runic Shield were so different in terms of power.

'He hadn't used a Runic Shield!'

'But if he hadn't used a Runic Shield... What did he cast?'

'Did he use other shielding spells to forcibly simulate a Runic Shield?'

This possibility scared Ross...

If it truly was the case, then it would really be outrageous.

How could it be...

A High Mage could use Mana Shield, Elemental Shield, and Runic Shield, each one of them had their own distinctive features, so how could he forcibly simulate a Runic Shield?


'Was that the Ice Fire Shield?'

This was a defensive spell rumored to be extremely malleable, but it was forgotten by mages most of the time because its weak points were too obvious, it had extremely harsh control requirements. The Ice Shield could resist physical attacks while the Fire Shield could block magical attacks, and it could only defend around the caster's body, making it incomparable to the other three protection spells.

But Ross knew that once a mage's control reached a certain level, the power of the Ice Fire Shield wouldn't that much inferior to the other three shields.

Naturally, being able to operate an Ice Fire Shield like a Runic Shield could only be described as shocking.

Ross' gaze was now quite complicated as he looked at his cousin.

And Ross wasn't the only one, it was the same for Hanson Charlotte.

The appearance of that Runic Shield scared Hanson Charlotte, he was frozen on the spot, the Frost Lance in his hands already shaped, but not thrown.

But there was no time for Hanson to daydream, after Lin Yun formed his Runic Shield, he remained unmovable with his unbreakable defense. The ice tornadoes whistled over from all directions like meat grinders, overturning the whole street.

But now, these tornadoes seemed non existent to Lin Yun

Lin Yun was surrounded by flames in a tyrannical posture and passed through the wall of countless ice tornadoes, the countless runes of the Runic Shield didn't suffer from the tornadoes, they were only shaken before recondensing once again. There wasn't any trace of chaos in the runes.

"How could it be!" Lin Yun tyrannical stance woke up Hanson. This Frost Giant roared in panic before throwing that Frost Lance, continuing the bombardment on Lin Yun.

But the lances didn't seem to have the same power, they fell on Lin Yun one after the other, not affecting him in the slightest.

"Just as I thought, ten seconds..." As the last Frost Lance flew through the flames, a devilish smile appeared on Lin Yun's face.

"What do you mean?" Hanson was startled. He had the upper hand as he kept attacking with Frost Lances, forcing that young High Mage to block with his Runic Shield, but for some reason, when he saw that young High Mage's smile, he suddenly felt alarmed. It felt like something dangerous was approaching.

But what was the danger?

Hanson Charlotte thought about it, but couldn't understand. He was quite safe, he could go forward and attack or retreat and defend. So what if that young High Mage managed to cast another Runic Shield? Runic Shield had no offensive property, and as time passed, it would sooner or later disappear. Hanson didn't believe that this young High Mage would be able to cast another Runic Shield.

Yes, the battle had already reached this stage, how could he still feel danger?

"Well, this spell's casting time is too long..."


Hanson was startled.

He then saw a flame soaring, and the dozens of scattered flames suddenly linked together, forming a true sea of flames spreading through hundreds of meters.

Before Hanson could understand what was happening, those flames swayed like the waves of an ocean.

At first, Hanson sneered because he felt that he wouldn't be affected by the flames with his high tier Elemental Incarnation shape, unless they had the power to crush him completely.

His power was coming from the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, that was a peak True Spirit Magic Tool, how could a twenty some years old kid be able to defeat him?

But Hanson stopped laughing very fast.

He suddenly discovered that this blazing attack had shockingly high temperature, and one wave was enough to melt over half of the ice on his arm.

"How could this be!" Hanson simply didn't dare believing this, 'How could a twenty years old kid summon such a formidable power!'

"Haha..." Lin Yun only chuckled, as he held his Spiritual Magic Staff across his chest. The Elemental Amber flashed and a large amount of mana began pouring into Lin Yun.

At the same time, the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools began revolving.

Three flow of mana poured into Lin Yun's body, and the mana that was received and emitted was enough to make any High Mage despair. Even Lin Yun himself couldn't help showing a painful expression. Nothing could be done about it, there was truly too much mana pouring into his body, he couldn't support it even with the Magic Array.

But after the discomfort at the start, the results of that mana pouring into his body started appearing as the Magic Array crazily rotated.

As the Magic Array hastened through the increase in mana, the originally earth-shattering flames forcibly grew ten meters taller and instantly engulfed Hanson Charlotte.