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 The average person might think that besides his astonishing strength, this Frost Giant wasn't anything special, but Lin Yun knew that this was the true shape of Elemental Incarnation: frightening speed, shocking power, and a mighty body. Every little movement would stir the surrounding ice elements. It wasn't far from the ultimate form of Elemental Incarnation.

The Elemental Incarnation that Hanson was displaying was even stronger than Lin Yun's. After all, Lin Yun had just entered the High Mage realm, so his control over his Elemental Incarnation was far from being complete.

"Drop dead!" The Frost Giant's roar made the surrounding ice elements stir frantically. Even Lin Yun's flames seemed to dim for a moment.

At the same time, the Frost Giant's hands slammed on the ground, creating a large hole and scattering a large volume of rocks in the surroundings.

After the heavy slam of the Frost Giant, the surrounding ice particles moved amidst cold gales, forming several dozen tornados in which chunks of ice were spinning. They instantly blocked Lin Yun's way out.

Moreover, this was only the beginning.

Hanson didn't stop after summoning the ten tornados. His ice-covered arm suddenly stretched, and a Frost Lance that was a few meters long shot out of his hand.

It was followed by a loud sound as the lance emitted a thunderous rumble. That kind of thunderous power would even amaze Dragons. With such power, the Frost Lance moved like lightning and only a blue gleam of light could be seen.

"Heavens..." Ross was stunned. A fight on this level far exceeded his understanding.

The power of a 5th Rank High Mage was no different from a baby in a fight of this level. Ross simply didn't have any opportunity to intervene and could only watch as Hanson summoned dozens of ice tornadoes and threw this overwhelmingly imposing lance at his younger cousin.

The power Hanson Charlotte was showing far surpassed Ross' comprehension. It was too powerful and too frightening. Ross simply couldn't imagine what his younger cousin could do against this Frost Lance.

Ross was stunned as the Frost Lance tore through the air.

'It's over, we are finished..."

The only way his cousin might perhaps be able to hold up would be to use Runic Shield, just like William in the Merlin Family Manor.

But if the protection of the Runic Shield was used up this early...

Then his younger cousin wouldn't be far from being defeated.

'Be careful...'

Ross tightly clenched his hand, attentively watching that lightning-fast Frost Lance.

Immediately after, Ross heard a loud explosion...

"Fuck," Ross cursed, because he could hear that this was the sound of the Frost Lance hitting a shielding spell.

Sure enough, after Ross opened his eyes, he saw the Frost Lance turning into countless chunks of ice as it was blocked just in front of his younger cousin.

It really was a Runic Shield.

Ross closed his eyes in despair. Since the Runic Shield was out of the picture, the battle might have already been lost.

Because Hanson's control over ice magic was close to omnipotent in this Ice Elemental Incarnation form. He only needed to say one character for him to cast countless 3rd Tier Spells like Frost Lance.

And sure enough...

Just as the first Frost Lance burst, another one appeared in Hanson's hands, flying with the same lightning speed and thunderous rumble. The second Frost Lance tore through the air, aiming at Lin Yun.

Then there was a 3rd, and a 4th, and a 5th.

Each Frost Lance made Ross' heart sink, because he knew that his cousin's Runic Shield couldn't handle many more attacks. The next Frost Lance might tear through the barrier and pierce his chest.

'Sharp Mind! Sharp Mind! Faster, faster...' Ross' clothes were drenched in cold sweat, nervousness and anxiousness apparent on his face.

Sharp Mind was the only way for his distant cousin to stay in the fight.

Only by relying on Sharp Mind's calculation power could he optimize the consumption of the Runic Shield. Every second that could be gained would be very important in a battle of this level, it would give his younger cousin more time to survive and come up with a way to come back.

'Damn, why aren't you using Sharp Mind?!'

Ross couldn't understand what his younger cousin was thinking. Yet he was somehow resisting the crazy Frost Lance assault while dodging the ice tornadoes, and throwing some fire spells back.

It was an amazing performance!

Seeing this, Ross felt like cursing, 'There are tornadoes everywhere, Frost Lances in front, and your Runic Shield has already started to dim! What you should do is use Sharp Mind to gain time to be able to use a second Runic Shield, not waste time casting fire spells. What's the point of casting fire spells in such a situation?

'Are you trying to make some fireworks to celebrate Hanson's victory? Are you trying to prepare a barbecue feast for him?'

Ross had truly given up.

Ross originally felt that this young distant cousin had to be extremely powerful for him to be able to kill Stan Watson while he was under the Red Dragon Mercenary Group's protection. Even if he couldn't defeat Hanson Charlotte with that strength, he shouldn't be too far from being able to gain enough time to flee, right?

Now, Ross Merlin felt that he had been wrong...

Indeed, the strength displayed by that younger cousin truly was Archmage-level.

But from the way the battle was proceeding, that younger cousin's fighting skills were lagging far behind his strength. This was truly annoying... He had the strength but couldn't use it effectively, what did this mean?

'What a pity... I'm not strong enough...' Ross truly wished that he was the one with the power of an Archmage.

Ross believed that if he was the one using Elemental Incarnation, that battle wouldn't be so lopsided.

At least, his control and fighting abilities were far higher than those of his distant cousin.

If he stepped up onto the stage, he wouldn't end up in such tragic circumstances and have to just wait for his death. He had many ways to struggle under Hanson's hands, and even if he lost, he wouldn't lose so tragically.

Just what was this lousy performance...

He had cast a dozen seemingly random fire spells so far and shrouded the surroundings in fire. It did look very astonishing, but what was the point?

Hanson Charlotte's Ice Elemental Incarnation was that of a Frost Giant. It was a high-tier shape of Elemental Incarnation. Let alone turning the surroundings into a swathe of ordinary flames, even if the flames were extremely pure instead, the Frost Giant's body which rivalled Gods in toughness simply wouldn't feel them.

Unless these flames were powerful enough to defeat an Archmage...

But if he really could crush an Archmage, why would he let Hanson Charlotte be so annoying? With enough power, a simple Wind Blade would be enough to take Hanson's life.

'It's over, the Runic Shield's light completely disappeared....'

"Younger Cousin, use that fire Magic Tool quickly!" Ross was so anxious that he couldn't stop himself from shouting, at the risk of drawing Hanson's attention.

Unfortunately, Ross' shout was completely ignored. Whether it was Lin Yun or Hanson, they didn't even spare a glance at him...

At this moment, the protective barrier over Lin Yun's flaming form dissipated.

And Hanson was preparing another Frost Lance.

That Frost Lance might pierce Lin Yun's chest anytime.

But Lin Yun didn't seem worried. The ice tornadoes and the swathes of fire formed a hell of frost and flames.

"Mafa Merlin, I shall see how long you can keep supporting it!" Hanson Charlotte let out another roar as another Frost Lance was thrown.

This was the final blow!

"Ten seconds left..." Lin Yun's voice was so low that even Hanson, who was facing him, didn't hear it. The young High Mage faced this deadly Frost Lance and still had time to say something.

But, it didn't matter if the others heard his words.

Just as Hanson made a move, a dazzling light appeared on Lin Yun's body.

It was a Runic Shield!