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 All this had yet to happen, and Hanson would naturally not know that Lin Yun had learnt everything from a book.

Hanson was truly terrified... A young High Mage from the Merlin Family actually knew the deepest secret of the Charlotte Family. This was truly disastrous for them. 'No, I can't let him leave this place alive! I have to silence him before the Merlin Family learns of this...'

As he panicked, Hanson no longer cared about the Star Gem.

What was the Star Gem compared to the survival of the Charlotte Family?

"Mafa Merlin, you forced my hand!" Hanson held his staff firmly and chanted a prayer that sounded like an offering. His entire body became twisted as black smoke started pervading his body, reeking of blood and sulfur.

Amidst the black smoke, Hanson Charlotte let out a bestial roar, a roar mixed with pain and elation, with some traces of a screeching noise, as if something had been torn open. The scariest part was that even Ross, who was dozens of meters away, could feel a sinister and frightening aura rising.

Finally, the black smoke completely dispersed.

"Heavens..." Ross couldn't help holding his breath as he saw what was happening.

No, it wasn't just Ross...

Even the 5th Rank High Mage accompanying Hanson was terrified as he saw that happening.

The magic staff in his hand hit the ground. He became deathly pale as he slowly staggered back while mumbling nonsensical words.

"Monster, monster, monster..."

Yes, what came out of the black smoke was a monster.

It was covered in numerous black scales, had a long tail swaying behind it, and two curved horns could be seen on its sinister head. It didn't look human at all.

"Trash!" With a low roar, the monster's tail coiled around the 5th Rank High Mage and dragged the struggling mage closer. The monster extended a hand covered in black scales... It gently twisted, and the High Mage's neck was snapped.

"The Charlotte Family doesn't need the kind of trash that runs during a battle..." After snapping the neck of that 5th Rank High Mage, the monster casually tossed the body away before looking over to Lin Yun with a savage and bloodthirsty gaze. "Hehehehe, Mafa Merlin, I'll give you one last chance... Hand over the Star Gem..."

"Your acting skills are terrible..." Lin Yun displayed a helpless smile.

Lin Yun really wanted to take out a mirror to let Hanson Charlotte see his demonic appearance. He even killed someone on his own side, so how could he let them off if they gave up the Star Gem? Not even a child would be tricked by this.

"Hahaha, hahaha, Mafa Merlin, you are smarter than I thought." Hearing Lin Yun's answer, the monster stopped being long-winded and let out a low roar before pouncing at Lin Yun.

The speed and power Hanson showed in that split second wasn't the least bit inferior to that of a Sword Saint. The smell of sulfur and blood reached Lin Yun in an instant, followed by snapping sound as the long tail lashed out. That tail covered in black scales looked like a black python as it coiled around Lin Yun, leaving afterimages behind.

"Shit," Ross suddenly cursed. After Hanson turned into a monster, his strength had increased almost ten times.

Not to mention, he wasn't just reeking of blood and sulfur, he also emitted enormous mana fluctuations.

These mana fluctuations far surpassed the power of a 9th Rank High Mage.

Ross could feel that Hanson's power most likely was in the Archmage realm too.

This was a monster who was both an Archmage and a Sword Saint.

Ross had seen hope, before it got extinguished by Hanson Charlotte's transformation.

That power was too frightening.

Hanson was ten times stronger compared to the two 9th Rank Phantom Archers and that 5th Rank High Mage.

When the tail coiled around Lin Yun, Ross only felt despair. 'We are doomed, doomed, this is the end. Even if Mafa could surpass a High Mage, how could he manage to struggle out of this situation? That 5th Rank High Mage wasn't able to do anything...'

"Hmm?" As Ross was despairing, the situation suddenly changed. Hanson, who had thought he'd snatched the initiative by entangling Lin Yun, suddenly issued an angry roar.

The tail that had been coiled around Lin Yun instantly slackened as he swiftly raised his arm and used his sharp elbow to hit Lin Yun's face.

A disgusting sound echoed as Lin Yun's head was smashed to bits.


There was no blood nor brain matter. It was like Hanson's heavy blow hit nothing but air. The corpse and smashed head turned into a strand of cyan smoke, fading instantly.

Ross' eyes shone as he saw a ball of fire streaking for Hanson's back. His younger cousin was covered in flames with a book emitting a frightening aura in one hand and a magic staff embedded with a huge gem in the other.

'Gem...' Ross was in a daze before finally connecting everything together. 'That's Elemental Amber!'

From what Anna said, the young mage who killed Stan Watson had a staff with an Elemental Amber!

'It was... It was Cousin Mafa!'

Ross was stunned on the spot, unable to say anything as he looked at Lin Yun, who was covered in flames.

'That's right, Anna's description of that young mage fit perfectly... Elemental Amber, using Elemental Incarnation, and walking as if he was the one in control of everything.

Ever since they left the auction hall, Ross had been inwardly guessing that his younger cousin might have been the young mage with the power of an Archmage.

Now, Ross finally saw that Elemental Amber.

It took time, but he had guessed correctly.

This younger cousin was the one who killed Stan Watson.

Ross Merlin felt somewhat complicated. He recalled the ridiculous conditions he'd offered, as well as his confident proposal that he would act to help the Gilded Rose three times.

How could Ross raise such conditions if he had known that this distant younger cousin was the young mage who killed Stan Watson, how could he be so bold? This was an existence on par with Archmages. Let alone acting three times, even three hundred times wouldn't be worth it for him.

While Ross was in such a state of mind, Hanson also completed his Elemental Incarnation. The instant Elemental Incarnation was cast, the temperature suddenly dropped. The scorching weather turned into a world of ice and snow, and Hanson himself was now covered by a layer of frost. He was like an Ice Giant, looking down on Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, you truly amazed me..." Hanson's roar even seemed a bit chilly.

This showed that Hanson's power had completely reached the Archmage realm. How else could he use Ice Elemental Incarnation to this degree? The mana fluctuations he released were affecting the surroundings!

"Hehe, Hanson Charlotte, you also amazed me, I never expected you to become so ugly..."

"Hahahaha, Mafa Merlin, snarky comments are useless now. Yes, I admit that you are powerful, far more powerful than I expected, but what about it? I used the sacrifices I accumulated over a hundred years to trade for my current power! Don't you feel that my current strength is almost perfect? This is the perfect combination of the martial path and the magic path. You think you still have some chance? I'm not afraid to tell you the truth. I devoured the flesh of many Merlin children over the years, but it will be the first time I'll be devouring one as powerful as you. When I tear you to shreds and chew you up, that sweet blood filling my mouth... How wonderful will it taste?"

Hanson took a step forward after saying that, his step shaking the earth. Hanson's Ice Giant Incarnation looked like a God. Its strength and magic perfectly combined, making every movement burst with frightening power.