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 "Sir Luther..." Ritch calmly took a step back to avoid Luther's angry splutter. Ritch was well aware of this Archmage's nature. He was actually famous in the Black Horn chamber of commerce for being irritable. Although he was very upright, he didn't have very good connections due to his big mouth.

Ritch's approach was very simple: he would patiently stand there, waiting for Luther's scolding to finish.

"I'm asking you, why do you think that you can vouch for this Mafa Merlin and decide such a great matter? Do you want to cause trouble for your teacher?"

Luther continued scolding him for a few minutes before feeling somewhat thirsty. As he reached for his cup on the table, he found that it was already empty. With a smile on his face, Ritch handed him a cup of water. "Sir Luther, here, some water..."

"..." Luther took the cup before looking at Ritch unhappily. He drank a few mouthfuls, but didn't continue with the scolding after doing so. He slightly calmed down and asked, "Tell me, why do you think so?"

"Sir Luther, please listen to me..." Ritch had long known that this would happen. He wasn't flustered when being questioned by Luther and instead smiled before whispering in Luther's ear, "That Mafa Merlin is a Gold VIP..."

"Gold...!" Luther stood at attention as he realized that he lost self-control in front of everyone for a moment, but he managed to keep the rest to himself.

But that didn't mean that Luther wasn't excited. The Archmage's hands were shaking as he grabbed Ritch's collar. "Come with me..."

"It'll tear, it'll tear, Sir Luther! You are going to tear up my clothes!"

The two of them walked out under the dismayed expressions of the remaining four. They looked at each other, puzzled.

"Tell me, how do you know that he is a Gold VIP..." Luther took Ritch to a quiet room and sat on a chair, waiting for Ritch to explain himself.

"Because I was the one who welcomed High Mage Merlin."

"Hold on, High Mage Merlin?" Hearing this, Luther was startled. "You are saying that this Mafa Merlin is already a High Mage?"

"Yes, Sir Luther, from the information Cadgar sent from Thousand Sails City, this Mafa Merlin is now a High Mage. Moreover, he is more powerful than any High Mage could even hope to be..."

"This..." A High Mage in their early twenties, this was something very frightening. Luther froze there for a long time before helplessly shaking his head. "No wonder he is a Gold VIP... Alright, keep going..."

"Yes, Sir Luther. I personally welcomed High Mage Merlin, and the VIP Voucher he showed was the Moon Song..."

"Moon Song? You are talking about the Moon Song?!" Luther was once again agitated right after calming down. He looked at Ritch for a long time before asking, "You mean the Moon Song that never left the Moon Sage's body?"

"Yes, that Moon Sage's Moon Song..."

"Heavens..." Luther stared at the ceiling in shock. It took him no less than three minutes to recover. "Quick, quick, let's stop those idiots outside! We will be in big trouble if the Moon Sage learns that we investigated the assets of someone he fancied. Shit, that bastard Hanson Charlotte, I'll humiliate him sooner or later..."

Luther cursed as he rushed out of the room, followed by a helpless Ritch.


The discussion had quickly ended.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Black Horn chamber of commerce already investigated the assets of VIP Mafa Merlin. There is no problem with it, so the auction shall proceed."

These were a few simple sentences...

But it felt like a bomb exploded in the crowd, creating a stir in the auction hall. No problem... What did this mean? Didn't it mean that this young High Mage's crystal card truly had twenty million golds on it?

Everyone was looking at Lin Yun with lifeless expressions.

It was followed by countless whispers discussing about him. Soon, the audience drafted a legendary and grotesque background for him.

Some people said that he was a chess piece sent by the Merlin Family to Thousand Sails City, and that his purpose was to make a profit from the prosperous sea trade through the eastern estuary.

Some said that this youth was the illegitimate child of a famous figure, and that he was only placed in the care of the Merlin Family temporarily but had now inherited extremely valuable assets.

In any case, all these theories were convoluted and even stranger than what could be found in fictional stories.

"Impossible..." Only Hanson Charlotte couldn't accept this reality.

He couldn't help wanting to doubt it... Lin Yun biding twenty million golds was a huge blow to him.

This wasn't just a matter of getting the Star Gem...

Hanson had waited almost a hundred years to create an opportunity for the Charlotte Family to have a meteoric rise, to display their power and foundation and prove that it could stand alongside the other two Families.

He did manage to achieve this.

His bid of ten million golds did frighten everyone.

It would have been perfect for Hanson if the auction had finished on that note. His goal would have been accomplished, and the Star Gem would have ended up as a True Spirit Magic Tool that would be handed down through generations in the Charlotte Family, giving them a chance to have an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

But unfortunately...

The auction wasn't over.

What happened next went far beyond Hanson's expectations. That young High Mage from the Merlin Family used a crazy price to completely take control of the auction, a price that would make any competitor despair.

Yes, despair.

If he had only bid 11, 12, or perhaps even 15 million, then Hanson would only have gritted his teeth and fought to the bitter end with the opponent, but twenty million was too crazy, to the point that Hanson couldn't even focus anymore.

He could no longer think about fighting against the other side.

Even if Hanson wanted to bid 20,000,000 golds, the Charlotte Family's Elder Council would never agree. That far exceeded what the Charlotte Family could spend.

"Mafa Merlin, I'll definitely make you pay the price..." He had finally made the Charlotte Family stand in the limelight after a hundred years, but it had all been ruined by a crazy bid. At the thought of this, Hanson felt like a viper that had been threatened. He looked at Lin Yun with a scary expression.

The auction ended on his bid.

As Lin Yun said before, the seven items, including the Star Gem, ended up in his hands.

After drawing twenty million from his crystal card, Lin Yun carefully took the Star Gem that Ritch delivered before cautiously putting it in his pocket. After doing so, Lin Yun didn't even bid farewell to Ritch before walking out with Ross and William.

Lin Yun couldn't wait.

Of the seven items he got, six could become Augments of the Doom Staff. With these, the Doom Staff might reach True Spirit Magic Tool rank.

This would be Lin Yun's first genuine True Spirit Magic Tool.

Lin Yun already possessed the Soul Walker, as well as Syudos, who could barely be categorized as a Magic Tool, but regardless of whether it was Sean or Syudos, they weren't custom-made for Lin Yun. This might mean nothing to other people, but to Lin Yun, who liked to 100% in control when battling, this difference was too important.

Magic Tools that weren't tailor-made would always be unsatisfactory in at least some way. Syudos wasn't too bad, as Lin Yun would usually let him display his capacities freely and he was able to display 60 to 70% of his strength. But Sean wasn't worthy in Lin Yun's eyes. Besides being able to trick the ignorant young Xiuban, Sean's existence truly felt inferior as a True Spirit Magic Tool.

This wasn't because Sean wasn't powerful enough.

In fact, if Sean was in the hands of a mage skilled in soul magic, his might would be enough to make anyone reel in shock.

But Lin Yun couldn't use it.

His research on soul magic wasn't very thorough. Lin Yun preferred to control his own power, just like this Doom Staff.

But there was one problem with the Doom Staff.

This was that the six Augments were only magic materials at the moment and were far from being complete Augments. There was a lot of work left to do.

Each of these magic materials was worth more than a million golds, and handling them was extremely complicated. Lin Yun estimated that he would have to spend at least two months to process them.

This was too long.

Thus, Lin Yun thought about it and decided to look for help.

As for who, this wasn't a problem for him.

This was Okland.

Wasn't the holy land of alchemists, the Mercury Tower, in Okland?

Moreover, back in the Ash Tower, Nolan himself had invited him again and again to come to the Mercury Tower. Taking advantage of this matter to visit Okland was a very good choice.

Of course, he would be in charge of planning the processing methods.