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 "You..." The old man coldly snorted before remaining silent.

But Lin Yun's words made everyone check their list of lots.

'One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...'

'Shit, including the finale, there are only seven items left...'

'Then that means...'

'Seven items, including the finale, the Star Gem...'

'Shit, that means there is nothing left in the auction for others! That nouveau riche will take over the rest of the auction!'

'That fucker...'

Many people were annoyed and angry. They wouldn't have bothered to come if they had known earlier that such an abnormal wastrel would appear in this auction. What fun was there in seeing someone going home with all the items?

And no one was including the Darkness Evil Python Skin, since it already belonged to that nouveau riche in their eyes.

After all, no one would try to upstage Lin Yun's bid of 2,000,000 golds. That was a price that made everyone despair. The auctioneer himself didn't bother stalling for another bid and only asked once before doing the countdown, slamming his hammer, and announcing that the lot was won.

The auction progressed to the Crystal Page.

It was unknown who was selling the Crystal Page, and there was no detailed information about it. When the auctioneer introduced it, he only mentioned that it possessed some mysterious power. As for its origin, he didn't have access to that information.

But this didn't affect everyone's enthusiasm for the Crystal Page.

After all, the mana fluctuations emitted by the page weren't concealed, and those astonishing mana fluctuations weren't something that any ordinary item possessed. It was a Spiritual Magic Tool at the very least, possibly even a peak Spiritual Magic Tool. Such an item would never sell for less than a million in an auction.

Not to mention...

There was a Lin Yun sitting in the auction hall.

Thus, Lin Yun directly announced his bid for the Crystal Page when it came out.

"1,000,000 golds."

"..." Lin Yun's bid once again silenced the auction hall.

This was too disgusting.

It wasn't too high or too low, it was exactly 1,000,000 golds.

Of the more than a hundred people sitting in the auction hall, about eighty of them had set the price of that item at a million golds. In other words, once the Crystal Page reached a million, they wouldn't compete over it.

As a result, many people were disgusted by Lin Yun's bid of a million.

This feeling was similar to taking out some toilet paper just to have the lights suddenly extinguish, it was a shitty feeling.

At this time, many smart guests started re-examining Lin Yun.

Initially, everyone had thought that he was only a nouveau riche, but his current bid made them realize that this youth wasn't that simple.

How could he bid so precisely otherwise?

He bid a price that made everyone feel uncomfortable...

This kind of insight wasn't something a nouveau riche would have.

Okland didn't lack informed people. Soon, everyone got some basic information: That young man was called Mafa Merlin and had recently returned to the Merlin Family. He had been living in Thousand Sails City previously as an outcast, but apparently, his business in Thousand Sails City was extremely profitable and he held a terrifying amount of wealth.

Some people even learnt that the Merlin Family had been so eager to get him to return because of that wealth.

For some time, the auction hall became noisy as people discussed this with their neighbors.

They were all discussing this suddenly returning Mafa Merlin.

Some meddlesome ones even started talking about his rise in Thousand Sails City and speculating over whether he came to fight over the Patriarch's position. There also some who recognized Ross next to him and starting saying that Ross Merlin and that nouveau riche from Thousand Sails City had joined hands to form a powerful alliance to fight over the seat of the Merlin Family Patriarch.

At this time, the auction hall felt like a noisy food market.

They were no longer focused on the auction, but instead were all discussing the young mage...

Only a few people were truly focused on the auction.

Such as Lin Yun and Hanson Charlotte.

"1,500,000 golds..." Hanson's voice came from the private room. "Kid, I already told you, Okland isn't Thousand Sails City. Let me see if you are capable of getting this Crystal Page..."


Lin Yun didn't wait for Hanson Charlotte and unhesitantly bid, "2,500,000 golds."

"..." The chatting onlookers fell silent again and looked at Lin Yun with shock.

This was really crazy.

Hanson Charlotte wasn't the only one who wanted to advise Lin Yun. Many people wanted to tell him that the bid of 1,500,000 golds had only been a bit higher than the norm, not a provocation, so there was no need to react like that and add an extra million.

Wasn't this a real, naked provocation?

Even the onlookers couldn't stand this.

How could they not understand Hanson Charlotte's reaction? Not to mention, everyone could hear a fierce cough coming from his private room. He was clearly angry.

After all, something like this Crystal Page would sell at most for 1,000,000 golds in the previous auctions. Yet it reached 1,500,000, before an unreasonable individual directly bid 2,500,000 golds. That was simply a golden slap.

Although Hanson Charlotte was a 9th Rank High Mage, he was very old and was someone with virtue and prestige in Okland. Even Patriarch Ofran considered him an old friend. Yet he was being humiliated by a member of the younger generation and only let out an angry cough, this was being quite restrained already.

Unfortunately, being restrained wouldn't change the conclusion.

After bidding 2,500,000 golds, no one fought with Lin Yun over the Crystal Page and it ended up in his pocket.

Then, he was unstoppable.

Lin Yun met almost no resistance as he pocketed the remaining five lots, because he looked like someone who didn't care about his money, having an endless supply of it.

Now, only the final lot remained, the Star Gem.

The onlookers who had no intention of bidding once again put their focus on that item.

This time, although neither the Black Tower, the Cloud Tower, or any powerhouses on the level of Jouyi and Nolan were participating, those who could enter the auction would rarely be incompetent. The worst ones would still be on the level of Salen Charlotte.

And with their insight and experience, how could they not know the value of that Star Gem?

It was rumored to be the essence of a star left after the star fell. It innately had enormous power, and the value of such a gem itself could match a True Spirit Magic Tool. Not to mention that these gems had the potential for shocking growth. The greatest ability of Star Gems was that they could absorb the power of stars, and whether it was used as a source of mana or as a core for a Magic Tool, they were irreplaceable existences.

In other words, a Magic Tool using a Star Gem could only grow stronger and stronger...

In theory, they could even surpass the True Spirit limit and evolve to the Extraordinary realm.

Any one force that obtained a Star Gem would have a treasure that could be handed down for their future generations.

Especially Great Families... Their thirst for the Star Gem was unquenchable.

The appearance of that Star Gem immediately triggered a bidding war, despite all that had happened just before.

"2,000,000 golds!"

"2,100,000 golds!"

"2,200,000 golds!"

"2,500,000 golds!"

"3,000,000 golds!"


Sure enough, just like Hanson Charlotte said, it wasn't that other forces didn't have enough wealth, but rather that the items weren't worthy.

The auction hall, which had been quiet due to that outsider, finally became lively again.

Soon, the price of that Star Gem reached 4,000,000 golds...

And new bids kept appearing one after the other.

"I bid 5,000,000 golds on behalf of the Charlotte Family!" Hanson Charlotte, who had been silent for a long time, finally raised his voice and placed a bid. Moreover, Hanson gave a sincere and earnest warning. "Young man, I already advised you. Being too arrogant isn't good. Did you really think that the wealth that the Charlotte Family accumulated over a millennium wouldn't be able to compare to your Gilded Rose? Truly ridiculous. Watch what a millennial family is capable of..."

Sure enough, Hanson stayed true to his word.

After bidding 5,000,000 golds, Hanson didn't stop and kept bidding fiercely. Soon, the price of the Star Gem reached 7,000,000 golds.

At this time, the bidding war slowly calmed down.

And coincidentally, the ones competing for the Star Gem were still Hanson Charlotte in the northeastern private room and that person in the central private room.

But once the Star Gem's price reached 8,000,000 golds, even the person in the central private room took a long time to ponder between each bid.

After all, this Star Gem had reached an extremely high price...