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 This was a powerful and ferocious beast. They were typically Level 30 and could even reach Level 35 after reaching full adulthood. Those would be the rulers of the Darkness Evil Pythons. Even an Archmage like Suyass might suffer if he faced a true Darkness Evil Python King. They spent their lives in the underground cities of the Golden Forest Plane and were fierce and crafty. Usually fused with darkness, they would strike like lightning when Dark Elves passed by. Countless Dark Elves met their ends inside Darkness Evil Pythons over the years.

Even the rulers of the underground of Golden Forest Plane, the Dark Elves, didn't know how to deal with these ferocious and sinister beasts. The power of an Archmage and the mastery of Darkness Magic made them too powerful.

And what Lin Yun fancied was that Darkness Magic.

Darkness Evil Pythons had mysterious patterns on their bodies. These patterns were similar to Berserkers' Totems, they had the same natural power. But the difference was that Berserkers' Totems brought them incredibly fierce physical power, while the patterns on the Darkness Pythons brought incomparably mighty magical power.

This meant that this Darkness Evil Python Skin was a very rare magic material, and the older a python grew, the more valuable it became. A brilliant alchemist could easily turn this Python Skin into a powerful Magic Tool.

This was even more the case for Lin Yun.

The patterns on that Python Skin were extremely dark. With one glance, Lin Yun could determine that this was a Level 32 or 33 Darkness Evil Python. Although it wasn't as frightening as skin from a Darkness Evil Python King, it would be more than enough to be used to improve the Doom Staff.

Lin Yun listened to the passionate introduction of the lot by the auctioneer while inwardly thinking how many golds he should use on that Darkness Evil Python Skin.


But suddenly, a young man wearing shiny silver armor walked over with a cowering expression.

"Salen Charlotte! What are you doing!" William instantly stood up when he saw him. "Still looking for trouble? If not for my plea for leniency, you would have already returned home with a completely charred hand..."

"I..." Salen was startled as he looked at William. He no longer dared to move any closer and remained there, still cowering. His face was filled with grievance and a wronged expression as he complained, "I only came to apologize..."

"Ah? Apologize?" William was a bit surprised, but only asked, "What do you mean, apologize?"

"I reflected on my actions and I want to apologize for my previous behavior."

This event showed that the youths of the Great Families weren't easy to deal with. Even Salen Charlotte, who everyone considered an idiot, knew when he should bow and submit and when he should stand tall.

After coming here, Salen Charlotte didn't care about William and Ross' expressions. He wasn't concerned about the onlookers, and he just threw himself in front of Lin Yun, wiping his tears as he sobbed, "Sir, I did wrong, I made a mistake, I shouldn't have offended you. As a magnanimous person, please forgive my inexperienced self..."

"..." Everyone was shocked when seeing this.

William's eyes almost fell out.

At first, he thought he had misunderstood, but after massaging his eyes a few times, he confirmed that he wasn't dreaming. This really was Salen Charlotte, the one who had been bothering him for a few years... And he was now begging to be pardoned...

'How could Salen Charlotte become like this?'

"Shut up. Sit to the side." While the others were staring in shock, Lin Yun was instead feeling annoyed. The auction had resumed, so how could he have time to deal with Salen now?

"Yes, yes, yes..." Feeling as if he had been pardoned, Salen sat down after hearing those words. He had a serious expression and was sitting obediently just like those students of Okland Magic School.

"Now, the bidding for this Darkness Evil Python Skin will start at 100,000 golds. Each bid increment must be at least 10,000 golds. Let the auction begins now!"

Bids were shouted again after the auctioneer's hammer fell down.

Soon, the Python Skin reached 300,000 golds.

And it didn't look like the bids would slow down anytime soon, the price quickly raising.

After all, let alone the skin itself, the power released by those mysterious patterns was worth far more than 300,000 golds.

"500,000 golds."

"550,000 golds."

"580,000 golds."

"600,000 golds."


The auction hall became less noisy when the Python Skin's price reached 800,000 golds.

At this moment, only the people from the private rooms were still competing for the Python Skin. An aged voice came from a private room in the northeast, and a somewhat younger voice came from the central private room. These seemed to be the biggest competitors for the Python Skin.

Lin Yun noted these two individuals in his mind before finally bidding.

"2,000,000 golds." Lin Yun placed his bid like a nouveau riche.


The auction hall was silenced.

Countless eyes looked at Lin Yun. They wanted to see what kind of crazy person would bid in such a crazy way.

'This is too unreasonable...'

'How can the auction continue if you act like this? If others bid 800,000 golds, you should offer 900,000 golds if you want to put some pressure... If you are wealthy you can even bid 1,000,000 golds or 1,200,000 golds to show your determination, isn't that enough to achieve your goal?

'Just why are you bidding 2,000,000 golds? You are too damned shameless...'

At this moment, everyone was stunned by this bid. The auction hall remained silent for a few minutes before bursting with whispers commenting on Lin Yun or criticizing him.

"Young Man, it isn't good to show off too much..." At this time, the aged voice from the private room chided him. "You should be that Mafa Merlin who just returned to the Merlin Family, right? I know your Patriarch Ofran and heard a bit about you..."

"Haha..." Lin Yun chuckled before ignoring him.

But the aged voice didn't show any sign of stopping. "As for the previous matter, Salen is a child of the Charlotte family, yet you disregarded the relationship between our Families and crippled the hands of his subordinates before forcing him to beg for forgiveness. Are you really not afraid of affecting the relationship between our two Families?"

"You are too meddlesome..."

Lin Yun didn't really care about that aged voice's words and answered casually.

But to the side, Salen Charlotte was so scared that his back was drenched in cold sweat.

Because he could recognize that voice. It was one of the 9th Rank High Mages of the Charlotte Family, Hanson Charlotte. According to seniority, he should call him Great Uncle.

But Salen really wanted to swear at this GreatUncle.

'Great Uncle, Great Uncle, I'm even calling you grandpa aren't I? Do you have to intervene? Your insight isn't good at all... Did you not see me apologize hoping that this matter would be forgotten?

'Really... You are sitting in the private room, lording from above, so you didn't hear what Ritch told me...

'This's a frigging Gold VIP! I just attacked a Gold VIP in the Black Horn chamber of commerce! If we aren't careful, our entire Charlotte Family could run out of luck. Even the Patriarch would be forced to come over here to give an explanation.

'So what if you have something of a relationship with Ofran? Does that give you the right to ignore the Black Horn chamber of commerce? If you dare, then go tell that to Hulad and see if he is going to slap you or not.'

But Salen's thoughts couldn't reach that elder. He just kept talking. "Young man, I know that you run a very large alchemy business in Thousand Sails City and hold a terrifying amount of wealth. But let me remind you, this is Okland, not Thousand Sails City. You might possess enormous wealth and be able to do whatever you want in Thousand Sails City, but you'd best change this habit in Okland. There are many people more wealthy than you here. No one competed with you earlier not because they didn't have money, but because they didn't think it was worth it."

"So what's your point?"

"Haha, you are quite arrogant, young man. I only gave you a friendly reminder for the sake of Ofran. Since you don't wish to listen, I won't say more. But you shouldn't blame me for not showing any favors to the Merlin Family. Among the next lots, there are two things that I must get."

"That's quite a coincidence..." Lin Yun smiled at the northeast private room. "There are also a few things that I must get. Seven items, including the finale, the Star Gem..."