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 "I am so scared..." The current William Merlin wasn't even afraid of Ross Merlin, so how could he fear Salen Charlotte? He stood up as he sneered, "You said you are determined to win the next items? You think the Black Horn chamber of commerce is owned by your Charlotte Family?"

"William, did you think that I can't do anything to you in the Black Horn chamber of commerce's domain? Let me tell you, I am a Black Iron VIP of the Black Horn chamber of commerce..." After saying that, Salen waved his hand and his subordinates immediately surrounded them.

In the eyes of ordinary folk, these people indeed looked quite fierce, but to Lin Yun and Ross, those who had walked countless times on the thin line between life and death, they could see with a single glance that they were elite, experienced warriors. Each of them had been tempered through life and death trials, and killing was nothing out of the ordinary for them.

"Alright, Salen, you have been noisy enough." Seeing that a fight might break out soon, Ross had no choice but to step forward.

No matter how much he disliked William, he was still a Merlin. How could he let him be bullied by the Charlotte Family?

And with Salen making a ruckus here, how could he get that map from his distant cousin's hands?

Ross had thought that since he stepped out and intervened, with his status as a 5th Rank High Mage, Salen would have no choice but to withdraw, no matter how unwilling he was.

Unfortunately, Ross forgot one thing...

He forgot that he had spent the past few years doing planar expeditions and that although he had become very famous throughout, he had rarely shown himself in Okland.

Sadly for Ross, he didn't even get to finish his words before Salen retorted, "Who are you to dare interfere with my business? Kid, don't think that you can be impudent in front of me, Young Master Salen, by hugging William's thigh! Your future is going to be very difficult if you offend the Charlotte Family."

"Ahahahah..." These words made William burst out in laughter.

Although he didn't say anything, he looked as if he was having fun watching Ross in this situation.

"..." Ross almost exploded in rage.

He, as one of the three young geniuses of the Merlin Family and a 5th Rank High Mage with the power of the Endless Spring, was actually mistaken for someone trying to suck up to William? How many people would laugh if this spread?

If he could, Ross would have slapped him and broken all his teeth.

But there was one issue with this plan.

Ross hadn't forgotten that this place was the Black Horn chamber of commerce's domain.

He was also a Black Iron VIP like Salen Charlotte. If a battle broke out here, the Black Horn chamber of commerce would inevitably interfere. This was because of the rules of the Black Horn chamber of commerce, and he wouldn't be able to change it even with his friendship with Ritch.

Ross endured it, taking a few deep breaths to suppress his anger, and when he talked again, his voice was already scarily cold. "Good, good, Salen Charlotte, I'll remember you."

"Hahaha, Okland is so big, there are plenty of people that remember this Young Master Salen," he disdainfully responded before pointing at Lin Yun. "And you, kid, don't think I don't know you were helping William bid. You'd best remember this Young Master Salen. I'll slap you ten times if you bid on any of the next items, and I'll slap you twenty times if you bid twice."

"Move your hand. You are blocking my line of sight." Lin Yun was single-mindedly focused on the list of items and simply had no interest in Salen Charlotte. But now, Salen Charlotte's hand just happened to be in Lin Yun's line of sight. This movement immediately made Lin Yun's eyebrows scrunch up slightly.

Only William noticed Lin Yun's subtle change.

'Idiot, you provoked the one person you shouldn't have, you are truly out of luck...' William naturally wouldn't warn Salen Charlotte. He only enjoyed the spectacle from the side while acting as if this had nothing to do with him by looking at the ceiling of the auction hall.

Salen Charlotte simply didn't realize anything was amiss and just kept going further and further down this unlucky path.

"Oh wow, you are quite arrogant, kid!"

"I'll say it one more time, move your hand, you are blocking my line of sight..." Lin Yun raised his head slightly to throw a glance at Salen Charlotte.

"Shit, how could you dare speak to this Young Master like this?" Salen flew into a rage after being treated like that. "You guys, come over and throw this kid out for me. I want to see if he'll still act so arrogantly after seeing his own teeth scattered on the ground!"

A few fierce subordinates pounced over after hearing Salen's order. These experienced warriors were most likely a part of the Charlotte Family's planar legion. They hadn't shown it before, but they were now bursting with formidable Aura. The onlookers scattered away. Those subordinates' Auras were almost as powerful as Expert Swordmen's. If they weren't careful, they get injured.

Seeing this situation, Ross prepared a Flame Ring, but he stopped himself just as he was about to cast it, remembering that this was a great opportunity to make his cousin owe him a favor.

Thus, Ross waited.

He was waiting for the conflict to start.

He knew that Salen was a 4th Rank Expert Swordsman with some strong subordinates. He felt that even if his cousin was a High Mage, he would definitely suffer in that conflict, so all he had to do was wait for that moment.

Afterwards, he would be able to step in to clean up the mess.

'Then, would he still not give me the map after such a huge favor?'

But Ross didn't know that William had already noticed his actions and was inwardly ridiculing him.

William was acting as a bystander this time. He obviously saw that Ross had been preparing to cast a Flame Ring and naturally understood what he was thinking about.

'You think you are so clever, yet you missed such a huge opportunity...'

William felt that Ross' actions were extremely stupid because he knew too much about his younger cousin.

He was the type that hated owing others anything. As long as Ross had immediately helped him, no matter the outcome, he would have made his cousin owe him a favor. That favor might not have just been a simple map, it might have changed his entire life, just like it had changed William's.

Unfortunately, Ross had missed such an opportunity.

And sure enough...

Just as Ross restrained his Flame Ring, the young High Mage who had been sitting suddenly moved. A flaming snake appeared, twisting and turning. The few warriors approaching Expert Swordsman Rank immediately let out mournful screams.

A bloody smell permeated the auction hall in an instant.

Before anyone understood what had happened, those few elites collapsed on the ground, letting out blood-curdling howls as each of them used one of their hands to hold the other wrist.

Everyone could now see the outcome.

All the subordinates that Salen Charlotte brought here, without any exception, had their right hands burnt by that flaming snake. Their right hands looked like charcoal, the outer layer black like a charred piece of wood.

But it wasn't over.

The flaming snake remained after burning their arms. It jumped out of one of the subordinates and stopped in front of Salen.

Salen was completely terrified.

His face was as white as a sheet of paper. Although his right hand was gripping the sword at his waist, he was shivering and couldn't even draw it out of its scabbard.

He was still in that state as the flaming snake moved closer to his body. He just kept retreating, shivering incessantly. When he finally recovered, he screamed, "Help me! Help me! Get that damn thing away!"

The auction hall was completely silent.

Only Salen's screams resounded in the auction hall for a very long time.

They were all looking at Salen Charlotte with sympathy. A 4th Rank Expert Swordsman could already be described as outstanding in Okland. He would hold a key position in the Charlotte Family in the future.

But now, this 4th Rank Expert Swordsman was scared shitless by that flaming snake.

The snake was now coiled around Salen's arm, the arm that had blocked Lin Yun's line of sight.

Although the Expert Swordsman had Aura protecting his body, its power paled compared to the flaming snake, and it could only hold on for a short time before quickly darkening.

"Guards... Guards!" After retreating a few steps, Salen suddenly remembered to use his status as a Black Iron VIP. "Damn guards, where are you! I am an honored Black Iron VIP, this shouldn't happen to me in your Black Horn chamber of commerce!"

But what a pity... No one cared about him...