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 Moreover, repairing a Magic Tool required magic materials. He would have to spend another 200,000 to 300,000 golds on magic materials, making the actual price of that Spiritual Magic Tool become more like a million golds. With luck, this might be enough to buy two Spiritual Magic Tools.

800,000 golds was a really scary price.

Even Salen Charlotte, who wanted to oppose William at all costs, immediately became silent after hearing that frighteningly high price. He had to remain silent. Bidding a few hundred thousand golds to buy a damaged Spiritual Magic Tool while embarrassing William seemed quite worthwhile. But now that the price had reached 800,000, even the bold Salen couldn't say anything...

"Isn't that too expensive?" William was a bit worried.

"Not really..." Lin Yun shook his head with a smile, waiting for the auctioneer to recover.

Completely unsurprisingly, the bid of 800,000 golds defeated all the competitors. Soon, the hammer fell as the auctioneer announced the winning bid.

"Cousin Mafa..." Ross looked a bit stunned. It looked like this cousin from the distant Thousand Sails City indeed had shocking financial resources. He had taken out a sum of 800,000 without hesitation.

Ross chose his words carefully this time, feeling that the conditions he had raised before couldn't move such a wealthy person.

"That wasn't very worthwhile. I have two peak Spiritual Magic Tools that are ten times stronger than an intact Black Moon Splendor. I'll let you choose one of them if you are willing to trade the map for it!"

Ross was staring at Lin Yun with reddened eyes. This was the greatest card he could use. The two peak Spiritual Magic Tools had been the trump cards that allowed Ross to come back from the Raging Flame Plane. Their value was unimaginable. Ross had taken these two peak Spiritual Magic Tools to every planar expedition and kept defeating formidable opponents and pushing his way through all kinds of dangers. They could be considered Ross' last support, his second life.

Ross Merlin had always considered them more important than anything.

Even those that he considered closest and most trustworthy weren't allowed to touch them.

But now...

Ross Merlin had no choice but to take out these two peak Spiritual Magic Tools to try to trade one for that map.

This was Ross' bottom line... He was willing to trade half of his second life. If this offer was declined, he would have to use some special methods...

His eyes didn't leave Lin Yun after saying that.

Ross waited, he waited for his younger cousin's answer...

But before he could get his answer, his younger cousin raised his hand once again to bid.

"300,000 golds."

Seven thumb-sized magic gems were being auctioned at this moment... Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple. The seven colors were all different and looked like a rainbow inside the crystal display.

This was an intact set of Rainbow Tears. Each of the seven gems had a different power, with each one being comparable to a decent Magic Tool. Moreover, the seven gems shared the same origin and had some mysterious connection. After they were processed, they could form a very powerful array.

Even in the center of the kingdom, this set of Rainbow Tears would be considered a valuable treasure. Bids kept being made one after the other when the Auctioneer finished introducing it. Lin Yun took the opportunity to bid 300,000 golds, but someone else outbid him before he could relax.

"320,000 golds."

"350,000 golds."


"400,000 golds."

"450,000 golds."

"500,000 golds."


Hands were raised one after the other as bids kept coming. In an instant, the price of the Rainbow Tears reached 600,000 golds...

This was a very shocking number...

"800,000 golds!" Salen Charlotte's voice resounded again from one of the private room. "William! I don't believe you can take out more than 800,000 golds again!"

Salen's voice was overbearing and haughty.

That enormous bid made many others feel depressed. Salen Charlotte had been pondering what he could do to get back at his nemesis, but he hadn't expected the opportunity to come back so soon. He felt as if fate was on his side. The Rainbow Tears were one of the items the Charlotte Family was after. Although 800,000 golds was on the expensive side, it wasn't too much for them.

Most importantly...

'I already bid 800,000 golds, I don't believe that you can outbid me, William.'

"1,500,000 golds." Just as Salen was rejoicing, someone on the 5th row placed a bid.

Salen suddenly froze. He thought he had misheard at first and grabbed one of his subordinates to ask, "What... What did he say?"

"He... He... He bid 1,500,000 golds..." The subordinate was frightened by that number. He stuttered for a while before managing to answer.

Salen's expression fell apart, looking very unsightly. His eyes were wide open, as well as his mouth. It looked as if he wanted to say something, but his tongue wasn't listening. He stood there in a daze for a long time before fiercely swearing, "Fuck, he is crazy!"

Yes, this was what everyone was thinking...

As the bid was called, everyone in the hall was wondering who would create such a sensation. No one expected the Rainbow Tears to sell for almost twice their market price. Their eyes all converged on Lin Yun.

They then discovered that the person who bid 1,500,000 golds on the Rainbow Tears was also the one who spent 800,000 golds on Black Moon Splendor. Many of the onlookers were chatting among themselves, trying to figure out the spendthrift's identity. This was too frightening... He had spent over two million in a few minutes, how could he not be considered a spendthrift?

As for the result of the bidding over the Rainbow Tears, there was no suspense.

Who would compete with Lin Yun when he had placed a bid of 1,500,000 golds? Although the auctioneer followed the rules and inquired a few more times before doing a countdown, not one bid was heard. In the end, the Rainbow Tears also fell into Lin Yun's hands.

"Cousin Mafa, you..." Ross was also stunned.

'It looks like this distant cousin is even more wealthier than I had imagined...'

That was 1,500,000 golds! In the past few years of expeditions, Ross had managed to save up no more than a million. He felt that his savings were insufficient for him to be participating in such an auction and immediately felt uncomfortable.

'What should I do...'

Ross Merlin wasn't very optimistic...

Although his distant younger cousin's wealth had been the hot topic in the Merlin Family recently, Ross always felt that since he was from a small place like Thousand Sails City, he shouldn't have seen much of the world. Thus, he had been overconfident, thinking that his resources would be enough to impress this younger cousin.

But Ross no longer thought so...

He'd only moved his hands a few times and spent over two millions, how could he be moved by Ross' offerings?


Ross had no more cards to show...

'What should I do? I absolutely have to get that map!'

As he thought of this, Ross made his decision... He ground his teeth as he said, "Cousin Mafa, I'll say it once again. I would do anything for this map..."

The intent behind that sentence was very clear...

Ross felt that no matter how calm and collected that younger cousin was, he would have no choice but to seriously discuss the offer when hearing these words.

But he hadn't expected to not receive an answer at all.

"Cousin Mafa!" Ross frowned as he said in a louder voice.

...Still no answer.

Here, Lin Yun turned his head and softly said to William, "Cousin, go get me a list of the auctioned items."

Lin Yun was delighted after getting the Rainbow Tears. How could he be in the mood to pay attention to Ross?

He'd spent over two millions and gotten two of the key Augments for the Doom Staff. This made Lin Yun somewhat interested in the auction.