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 Thus, Ross personally went to visit Ofran at dawn.

At that time, Ofran finally confirmed his conjecture.

The person that killed Stan Watson was sent by Mafa.

In other words, the thing he wanted was most likely in Mafa's hands.

Ross didn't tarry after getting his answer and rushed over, but he was stopped by William outside the door, and for a few days, too. Ross couldn't do anything, because William wasn't the same William anymore. Although he couldn't completely pressure him, Ross still didn't have confidence.

But he would never get what he wanted if he didn't ask.

That thing was too important to Ross. No matter the price, Ross had to get it.

All Ross could do now was to come here every morning at dawn, hoping to meet Mafa.

He was sure that it would be a lot simpler if William wouldn't block his way, as he would be able to raise his conditions and try to negotiate.

Even if Mafa was the owner of the Gilded Rose and had vast wealth in Thousand Sails City, that city was only a small place in the east of the kingdom. There were many things that couldn't be bought in Thousand Sails City even if one had money...

Such as all kinds of rare magic materials, or formidable magic items, or even advanced alchemy techniques and profound knowledge.

Ross had a lot of techniques and knowledge in his hands, which had been accumulated through many years of going on expeditions to various planes. Those things wouldn't be easy to get, even with Mafa's wealth.

Using those, he could happily deal with Mafa.

The issue was how to circumvent William.

"Oh, Cousin, you are finally out!" As Ross was secretly planning, William suddenly turned and said this with a pleasantly surprised expression and a polite smile.

'It looks like this Mafa's wealth is more shocking than I thought..." Ross saw this and couldn't help sighing. 'William's strength already reached mine, that of a peak existence in the younger generation, yet, when facing the boss of the Gilded Rose, he still remains so polite and curries favor. He must have gotten many benefits from him.'

"Yes." Lin Yun nodded. After spending a few days, he finally adapted to his new Magic Array. He was about to test it in order to get some data, but he suddenly remembered that it was the day of the Black Horn Auction, so he cleaned himself up and left the room.

"How is it? Did you make any progress in the past few days?" William was naturally asking about his younger cousin's Magic Conducting Rune.

After all, William had personally seen his younger cousin's circumstances when he reached the High Mage realm, he'd seen the process of Mafa fusing his Magic Conducting Runes. William was extremely curious. He wanted to know what level his terrifying cousin had reached.

"Made some improvements." Lin Yun didn't want to talk about this now and only nodded. "Isn't today the day of the Black Horn Auction?"

"Eh? The Black Horn Auction..." Those simple words suddenly made William smile bitterly. "I'm afraid there isn't enough time. The Black Horn Auction starts at ten and it's already nine, even if we rush from here, I'm not sure we can make it fast enough to gain entry on time..."

"It's fine, let's rush over first." Before leaving for Okland, Cadgar had gone to the Gilded Rose to look for him and had told him to visit him at the Black Horn chamber of commerce at all cost. He gave Lin Yun a ring and told him that as long as he had that ring, he would be able to enter any Black Horn Auctions without anyone blocking his path.

"Alright then, let's hurry..."

The two were about to depart when Ross interjected, "Mafa, Cousin Mafa, please wait a moment..."

"You are?" Lin Yun was originally in a hurry when that person suddenly called out to him, leaving him in a bad mood. He looked at Ross with some annoyance.

"He is Ross Merlin, you met him a few days ago," William promptly explained when he saw this situation. He also glanced at Ross while thinking, 'I've been too good to you, saving your life every day...'

"Oh." Lin Yun nodded to acknowledge him. "I am now in a hurry to go to the Black Horn Auction, can your matter wait until I return?"

"No, hold on!" Ross had been waiting for quite a few days before finally meeting Mafa Merlin himself, so how could he let him leave like that? Seeing the other begin turning to the side to leave, Ross raised his magic staff in a moment of desperation to forcibly stop them.

There was nothing wrong with Ross' action.

After all, Lin Yun had already gained some distance, and his hand wouldn't be able to block his path, but his long staff could!

But that movement terrified William. "Ross Merlin! What do you think you are doing!"

This was no joke...

William clearly knew what taboo had to be avoided at all costs in front of this younger cousin.

Pointing a magic staff at him!

'Are you looking to die? You actually took out a weapon in front of him...'

"Ross Merlin! I'll say this once. Leave this place immediately, this is your last warning. Otherwise, I won't mind teaching you another lesson. But this time, I won't stop at just cutting your robe with a Wind Blade!" William's expression was extremely severe, and the mana fluctuations emitted from his body indicated that he was ready for a fight.

He didn't really have any choice... William could only do this.

If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to guarantee that Ross would leave this place alive if Mafa didn't react well.

Unfortunately, Ross didn't know about William's good intentions. After extending his magic staff to block Lin Yun's path, he said, "Cousin Mafa, I am sincere and I only want to discuss a transaction with you. I dare to guarantee that you'll be interested in my conditions. I can give you magic knowledge on the level of High Mages and Archmages, and even some Great Alchemist level alchemy techniques. I can even act for your Gilded Rose three times. All I want is the map left behind by Stan Watson."

After saying that, Ross motionlessly looked at Lin Yun, waiting for him to nod in agreement.

Ross was certain that he would do so.

The conditions he offered were perfect. Ross believed that Mafa would never refuse as long as he was smart enough.

The magic knowledge, alchemy techniques, and even his own favors, just for a map left behind by Stan Watson. Who would refuse?


Lin Yun refused.

"Not interested."

After saying that, Lin Yun pushed the magic staff to the side and led William to leave.

"Mafa... Cousin Mafa, wait..." Ross hadn't considered that the generous conditions he'd raised might actually be refused. He was stunned there for a dozen seconds before managing to react.

But Lin Yun and William were already too far away... Ross didn't have the opportunity to persuade him.

'Right, the Black Horn Auction...' After being annoyed for a while, Ross' attention turned to the Black Horn Auction that they had discussed. 'Alright then, I can only follow them to the Black Horn Auction and see. I can only keep trying to persuade him to come to an agreement then...

'But what if it doesn't work?'

Ross was no longer as confident as before about this transaction.

'If it really doesn't work...' Ross ground his teeth. 'If it really doesn't work, the only option left is to fight for it. That's the only way. I have to take advantage of the absence of that young Archmage to snatch the map from Mafa. As for what happens afterward...

'I would have to find a way to compensate him.'

That map was too important to Ross, but it was a wasted piece of paper to others. At worst, he would have to give many things to Mafa Merlin, such as using his own force to suppress Aube. Everyone knew that Aube was eyeing the wealth of the Gilded Rose. Him doing that would be considered a great help to his cousin from Thousand Sails City, right?

Ross no longer hesitated and followed the two out of the Merlin Manor.

Lin Yun and William were already on the road.

"Oh, Cousin William, the map Ross was talking about, do you know of its circumstances?" Lin Yun had been thinking about it on the way.

After killing Stan Watson in the Aurij Mountains, he did obtain a map, but at the time, Lin Yun had only glanced at it superficially and noticed that it led to Gaugass. To be more precise, it led to mountains that Lin Yun didn't dare to set foot in.