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The Draconic Beastman suddenly roared before Lin Yun could approach.

During the fusion process with the Three-Headed Golden Dragon blood, Xiuban's originally green skin was already turning red. Now when the Draconic Beastman roared, that red skin already turned dark red, making him look as if he had been dyed by blood. The aura emitted felt like that of an ancient creature. When his eyes swept over everyone, even Suyass, the highest ranked in the group, felt as if he was stared down by a ferocious creature.

"How unexpected!" After fusing with the blood of the Three-Headed Golden Dragon, Xiuban was filled with power. He felt as if his every move would shatter the earth and split the sky. That unprecedented powerful feeling as well as the fear in everyone's eyes made him forget his previous painful tortures, "Mafa Merlin, you can no longer order this great Xiuban as you wish, hurry up and remove this great Xiuban's contract!"

"You want me to remove the contract?" Lin Yun looked at the Draconic Beastman and found the scene quite funny.

"Of course!"

"Well, 'Great Xiuban', didn't you know that unless a soul dissipated, a soul contract could never be removed...?"

"I..." A Soul Contract was clearly above that Draconic Beastman's knowledge level, but since he already started, he couldn't easily give up. Thinking of this, the Draconic Beastman became unreasonable, "How could I know so much. I don't care, remove the soul contract, otherwise..."

"Otherwise what?" Lin Yun slightly frowned.

The ones who weren't that familiar with Lin Yun might not know, but William who was the most familiar with him couldn't help wiping the sweat from his forehead.

'That idiot Xiuban, he ran out of luck...'


The Draconic Beastman hadn't realized that he had already started walking an unfortunate path and kept digging a proverbial hole for himself...

The Draconic Beastman had already sank in his own world, the surge of power overshadowing any reason, leaving only boosted confidence.

"Otherwise I'll let you know how frightening the great Xiuban is!"

After saying this, the Draconic Beastman punched the floor.

That punch was followed by a loud bang.

Countless rock fragments instantly scattered. Xiuban's punch had broken the slabs of Moonstone covering the floor, and Moonstone was as solid as steel...

But just as everyone was shocked by the Draconic Beastman, a thunderous roar echoed in the treasury.


The leaders of the major forces looked on as a several dozen meters long block of Moonstone weighting at least 500 kg was forcibly pulled out of the ground by the Draconic Beastman.

This scene made everyone dumbstruck.

What kind of strength was that...

'Is... Is he truly a Beastman? Isn't he a Dragon disguised as a Beastman through illusion?'

"Now that you can see the great Xiuban's power, hurry, hurry up and remove my soul contract..."

"You are talking too much." Lin Yun's voice echoed.


The roar of the Draconic Beastman was abruptly stopped and everyone watched as a huge palm fell down, followed by an intense pressure filling the treasury. At that instant, Solomon and Lys as 9th Rank High Mages paled visibly, and even Suyass as an Archmage felt an unbearable pressure.

The pitiful Draconic Beastman didn't have the time to finish his words before he was almost crushed by that palm falling down like a huge boulder.

Only a rumble could be heard as the whole treasury shook. Dust and pieces of rocks scattered as the earth shook for a while.

This time, the onlookers' eyes were lifeless.

It took no less than a minute for the dust to disperse.

Everyone could clearly see a hole several meters deep and ten meters wide in the sturdy Moonstone, and laying at the bottom of that hole was the bloody Xiuban, still holding that heavy block of Moonstone from his power demonstration. But there was no more arrogance on his face, only blank fear and loss.

"Want me to remove your soul contract? Sure, wait until you can kill a dragon empty-handed." After saying this, Lin Yun gently waved his hand and a thumb-sized flame suddenly appeared within his hand.

That flame seemed dark and faint, as if it would be snuffed out with the smallest bit of wind.

"Sir, Sir, I was wrong, I was wrong, please let me off..." But the Draconic Beastman let out a heart-wrenching cry the moment he saw that flame.

"Haha, aren't you eager to show me how powerful you became?" Lin Yun was unmoved, he let go and allowed the flame to join Xiuban in the hole, "Or do you prefer seeing how powerful I am first?"

"No, no, please no! Sir, let me off, let me off..." The Draconic Beastman sounded even more miserable as snot and tears flowed down. He did his utmost to struggle free and beg for forgiveness, in order to stay out of the path of that flame.

Unfortunately, he couldn't dodge.

An explosion echoed as the flame fell into the hole, before dazzling red flames could be seen soaring...

"Good, everyone, I finished dealing with my personal matters, we can now discuss how to allocate those magic materials." After dealing with Xiuban, Lin Yun patted the dust off of his robe and rejoined with the exploration team to start the allocation of the magic materials they obtained in the treasury.

"..." The Draconic Beastman's mournful cries could be heard from time to time, and they all couldn't help feeling their blood run cold whenever they looked at that young High Mage.

A few courageous ones dared to take a look into the hole...

They saw several dozens of Flame Shackles criss-crossing and firmly trapping the Draconic Beastman, just like a prey in a spider web, he simply couldn't move. The raging flames burned on the Draconic Beastman's body, and even if they were far apart, they could still smell the burned stench.

Even scarier was that besides binding the Draconic Beastman, the flames also turned into Flame Whips and were whipping the Draconic Beastman, periodically forcing out his screams.

"Cousin, isn't that a bit too heavy..." Among everyone here, William knew Lin Yun the best.

As one of Lin Yun's most trusted subordinates, how could William not know that his cousin had high expectations of the Draconic Beastman. That was a future Sword Saint, he was only teaching him a lesson, nothing more.

In fact, others might not know, but William clearly understood that his cousin was powerful enough to make others despair.

Killing a Draconic Beastman was something very easy.

"It's fine..." Lin Yun shook his head with a smile and no longer paid attention to the mournful cries.

William guessed right.

Lin Yun was only punishing the Draconic Beastman.

Because Lin Yun clearly understood that although the soul contract was the strongest contract, it was the one with the weakest binding power. It wasn't enough against a crafty and cowardly Draconic Beastman. Lin Yun was using this lesson to teach the Draconic Beastman that he could rebel if he wanted, but he would have to be prepared to pay the price.

As for killing the Draconic Beastman...

Lin Yun truly didn't want to think about it.

Others might have felt that the power behind that huge hand was shocking, but only Lin Yun knew how shocking it actually was.

It wasn't exaggerated to say that it had the power of a 6th Tier spell.

It belonged to the peak of the High Mage realm.

But such a powerful spell only made the Draconic Beastman bleed a bit.

If this spread, who knew how many mages would despair. What did it mean? A peak High Mage spell only superficially wounded the Draconic Beastman. This was a power comparable to Dragons, a Draconic Beastman able to resist High Mages' spells. If he was fully equipped, wouldn't he become a nightmare to every mage?

Not to mention...

Draconic Beastmen also have the innate ability to cast spells from their bloodline.

Why would Lin Yun kill this kind of subordinate with boundless future?

It didn't matter if he wasn't obedient, he could let Syudos have a chat with him. If the first time didn't work, then there would be the second time, the third time, and so on. How could he become obedient if he wasn't whipped?

Lin Yun kept thinking as he sorted the magic materials.

The harvest this time could be described as amazing. The magic materials in the treasury were dazzling. Even Lin Yun with all his knowledge couldn't help being awed.

Lin Yun was very straightforward and picked about 8 magic materials, all of which were rare magic materials he had heard of before, but never personally saw them.

His eyes went from chest to chest, searching for materials.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun looked for half a day, but didn't find that blue radiance he had been looking for.