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 The Planar Path suddenly shook and broke away from the binding of the Heaven Enlightening Plane. The surrounding space started continuously changing, countless scenes flashed before Lin Yun's eyes. Lin Yun could faintly see the four elements being set up, life starting to sprout, mountains and seas, grasslands and lakes, everything was filled with flourishing life aura, only the center of the world was covered in death and silence.

That was the remains of the vast cemetery, the corpses of Ancient Gods, Chromatic Dragons, and pure-blooded Elves were buried there. It wasn't just Noscent's lifeforms being buried there, there might also be the secret which would decide Noscent's fate.

Unfortunately, this secret could only be left for next time...

Lin Yun took one final look at this new Heaven Enlightening Plane.

But as the Planar Path gradually travelled further and further through the darkness, they finally reached some light.

A group of people standing in the treasury appeared in their sight.

"Eh, Merlin..." Sasu approached and welcomed them. The leader of the Silver Moon Mercenaries was doubtfully looking at Lin Yun's group, "How... How could you be so fast?"

"Fast?" Before Lin Yun could even open his mouth, Solomon rudely interjected, "We floated for a few months in that damned place, how is that fast?"

"Months?" Sasu was suddenly startled before frowning, "But..."

"Sasu, how long has it been since you returned?" Lin Yun waved his hand to stop Solomon.

He wasn't surprised by Sasu's reaction.

Because Lin Yun knew that it wouldn't be strange for some time distortion to happen after entering the Heaven Enlightening Plane with the Planar Path Fragment. After all, the Heaven Enlightening Plane wasn't an ordinary place, it was simply a dead world, the Laws had already stopped operating, including the law of Time and the law of Space. Lin Yun only wanted to know how serious that distortion in time was.

"One hour..."

"Okay, I understand." Lin Yun nodded but didn't say anything else.

At this time, most of the other people from the joint exploration team gathered over and greeted the few of them one by one. They also reported the situation in the treasury. A few days had passed before Sasu's group returned. The magic materials had already been arranged and they were only waiting for Lin Yun to allocate them.

"Merlin, we had an agreement, you have the loot priority, so now pick the ones you want."

"Hold on a moment, I have something to deal with first..." Lin Yun didn't look at the magic materials, he instead poured mana into the ring on his finger, "Lord Shawn, do me a favor..."

"What favor?" Shawn was alarmed when he heard the word favor, "Don't expect me to help if it's too difficult!"

"..." Lin Yun didn't know how to feel about this cowardly True Spirit Magic Tool. He took a deep breath before calmly continuing, "My cousin's soul inheritance is almost complete, I need you to help him with the last step..."

"Eh?" Hearing Lin Yun, Shawn raised his head and looked at William who was next to them.

William was in a strange state, he had yet to wake up after over a month of meditation. The average mage would have been considered dead by then. But William seemed completely fine, whether it was his mana fluctuations or his life aura, they were both completely normal.

The only difference was William's soul power being active.

This discovery amazed Shawn, "I didn't expect that you would understand how soul inheritances worked..."

"Haha..." Lin Yun laughed with an incomprehensible smile, making Shawn lose some self-confidence.

How could Lin Yun know how soul inheritances worked...

Lin Yun only knew that the soul inheritance the Merlin Family's ancestor left behind had been set aside for an offspring of the Merlin Family. If William couldn't obtain the inheritance, then who could?

Of course, he couldn't tell Shawn...

"Indeed, that guy's soul inheritance is almost over..." Shawn then rolled his eyes, "It is also not impossible for me to help him finalize the inheritance, but..."


"But you do know that I'm only an Incarnation, I would use up a lot of mana every time I activate the Soul Walker. You should understand what I mean, right?"

Lin Yun almost spat to Shawn's face.

'Even if you are looking for an excuse, can't you settle for a decent one?'

'Even a Magic Apprentice knows that it doesn't take any effort for a Magic Tool Incarnation to rouse its Magic Tool, it simply doesn't use the least bit of strength. Telling me that it would use up a large mount of mana, do you take me for someone inferior to a Magic Apprentice?'

'Forget it...'

Lin Yun didn't bother to argue with Shawn after reigning in his anger and directly took out a level 25 mana crystal from his pocket, "That should be more than enough mana..."

"Enough, enough, more than enough..." Shawn blissfully took the level 25 mana crystal and felt a surge of mana revolving within his body before guaranteeing, "Rest assured, I'll take care of the final step, I can guarantee that this youth will complete his soul inheritance."

"Less talking..."

William's soul fluctuations had already reached their peak, so Shawn didn't dare to delay and with a howl, his faintly discernible body immediately transformed into a ray of light and fell onto that damaged crest.

Just as Shawn disappeared, the meditating William suddenly paled and started crazily sweating. His originally calm expression twisted with pain.

Seconds slowly passed.

After who knew how long, Shawn's howl reverberated once again as he flew out from the damaged crest and re-transformed into his Ghost Wolf shape, his appearance accompanied by whining with some dread mixed in it, "Shit, what kind of inheritance was that, I had to bet my life. I lost out, I lost out, that's no good, you have to make it up with another level 25 mana crystal."

"You are dreaming." Lin Yun used this time to pour mana in the Soul Walker, and before Shawn could say anything, he absorbed him back inside.


William opened his eyes just as Shawn's silhouette disappeared.

That pair of eyes seemed no different than usual, but Lin Yun could see the burning flames within the irises.

Lin Yun knew that just like him, William stepped in the High Mage realm after going through that inheritance.

And this was only the beginning.

The soul inheritance from the Merlin Family actually made Shawn suffer some loss, just from that it could be estimated how powerful that inheritance was. It might be even better than he thought. William entering the High Mage realm was only the beginning, as long as he had some time to digest that powerful soul inheritance, he would sooner or later reach a shocking height.

"How was the harvest?" Lin Yun didn't ask about the details of the soul inheritance, he only said a few words as if they were just idly gossiping.

"Huge, huge..." But Lin Yun not asking about the details didn't mean that William wouldn't say anything, "This is not a good place to share, I can make a copy after we return, help me take a look at it then Cousin."

There was no unnatural expression when William said that.

He truly felt that it was normal for him to make a copy for his cousin.

Because William knew that what his cousin gave him had far surpassed what he had earned from the soul inheritance.

Everyone was likely to covet his inheritance, family, brothers, no one could remain calm in front of that soul inheritance, except this younger cousin.

Because he simply didn't need it.

Would a rich man care about the bread in a beggar's hand?

"Sure, no problem." Lin Yun straightforwardly nodded and searched for something in his pocket, "This is for you."

"This is?"

"This is an Alchemic Mana Whirlpool left behind by Vaughn, if you are fortunate enough, it can raise your mana one fold. You should take some time in the next few days and fuse with it. In a few days, we will go to Okland, at that time, you can't be defeated by the rest of the Merlin Family's younger generation."

"..." Although Merlin had said it casually, it didn't stop William from being scared silly and almost dropping the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool.

Being able to raise his mana one fold if he was lucky.

As someone that had studied magic since childhood, how could William not understand the meaning of those words.

It could be said that once such an Alchemic Mana Whirlpool was taken out, even Archmages would crazily fight over it. This was no laughing matter, which mage would be able to resist the temptation of having their mana rised one fold?

"Thank you..."

"Alright, Solomon will instruct you how to fuse with it, I'm going to check on Xiuban." After waving to William, Lin Yun walked to the Draconic Beastman.