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 Another ten days quickly passed.

Lin Yun still remained motionless, but they could all feel an invisible pressure filling the air, just like the calm before the storm, the pressure made them struggle to breath.

The Planar Path was silent, they were all holding their breath while looking at the young Great Mage with alarm and expectations.

Days passed one after the other.

The mana fluctuations that young Great Mage was emitting became more and more shocking and even an Archmage like Suyass felt speachless. These mana fluctuations were too scary. They were almost tangible, like essence. Suyass felt as if a huge boulder was pressing onto him.

But what was more terrifying was that this huge boulder was becoming heavier and heavier with time.

In other words, the mana fluctuations of that young Great Mage were rising. This made them feel despair, it was rising, rising continuously as if there was no limit. Suyass couldn't imagine what level these continuously rising mana fluctuations would reach.

They all paled, and the weaker ones were heavily sweating.

The pressure brought up by that young Great Mage was too high.

No one knew how long it took, time seemed to have lost its meaning. The Netherstorm that could be seen through the distorted space no longer attracted their attention. They only stood there, trembling with fear, tightly clenching their fists as they waited for the astonishing event to happen.

The surroundings elements flared up as Lin Yun's mana grew stronger and stronger.

Booming thunder and whistling gales could be heard as boundless mana was filling the Planar Path.

They could all feel that this young Great Mage was stepping into the High Mage Realm.

Among the countless of mages who advanced to High Mage in Noscent's history, this was the one who did so with the most shocking momentum.

Mana frantically converged, and then, that young Great Mage fused his nine Magic Conducting Runes into one before entering the High Mage realm.

Lin Yun who had sat there for a bit over a month finally opened his eyes.

Suddenly, everyone seemed to hear a rumbling sound as an intense light spread in the horizon. Everything seemed to have been frozen in that moment, the surging thunder, the whistling gales, the flowing mana, they all seemed to have disappeared. That young High Mage was now calmly standing there, his body not emitting one bit of mana fluctuations. There was no sign of mana, as if he was an ordinary person.

But when he opened his eyes...

They felt as if they were seeing stars falling, creation and destruction, endless runes floating...

"How much time did I use?"

It was a simple question, yet no one answered. Apart from the still sleeping Xiuban and William who was trying to connect to the Merlin Family's crest, the few others were looking at Lin Yun with dread and alarm.

That was an indescribable pressure.

In the end, it was Solomon, the one most familiar with Lin Yun, who stood out, "A bit short from a month and ten days."

"So long?" Lin Yun frowned. He glanced through the Planar Path's distortions and looked at the Netherstorm still frantically swallowing the Heaven Enlightening Plane. The plane had already turned into nothingness. Only the cemetery was left.

It was a bit strange. When Lin Yun began analyzing the drop of Silver Dragon Blood, the Netherstorm had already started invading the plane. But according to Solomon, almost two months had already passed, yet that cemetery remained intact and was still contending against the Netherstorm.

This was the Netherstorm...

'Could there be some power able to contend with the Netherstorm in the cemetery?'

"Merlin..." While Lin Yun was lost in his thoughts, Suyass cautiously called out to him.

"What is it, Sir Suyass?'

"You..." Recalling all the phenomenons that appeared, Suyass couldn't help gulping. When he finally managed to recover, he doubtfully asked, "You are already a High Mage, aren't you?"

"Haha..." Lin Yun suddenly laughed when he heard that question. After laughing, he nodded, "More or less..."

After obtaining a satisfying answer, Suyass didn't keep pursuing the matter. He only congratulated Lin Yun before silently retreating. But he was far from being as calm as he pretended to be on the surface. As a 9th Rank Great Mage, Merlin could already beat an Archmage like Fran just by relying on the power of that strange flame. Now, with the nine Magic Conducting Runes fusing together, his strength could only be described as frightening. Even if he didn't use that strange flame, he would still be comparable to an Archmage in terms of fighting power.

It was now proven that his previous choices were correct.

If he hadn't persevered during this trip and gave up on all harvest, with the vengeful nature of that young High Mage, he would have sooner or later looked for Fran to settle his debt.

On that day, Fran would definitely be finished.

After losing that strange Magic Tool, Fran had already fallen to the 5th Rank High Mage level, he wouldn't be able to handle one spell of that young High Mage. Even if they teamed up, they would be far from being able to handle him.


'Fortunately I made the correct decision.'

Suyass couldn't help inwardly rejoicing.

At this time, Lin Yun gazed back at the cemetery. The boundless void was already colored red, the Netherstorm was like a stormy sea, constantly pounding against that void cemetery. Each wave fiercer and more violent than the previous one. Even if they were separated by a distorted space, Lin Yun could feel a terrible force making him shake.

That was the plane, no longer able to resist and contend against the Netherstorm.

"Haaa..." Lin Yun saw everything and couldn't help inwardly sighing. No matter how resistant that cemetery was, it couldn't escape the fate of being swallowed by the Netherstorm. This had been fated a long time ago. No power could change it.

And sure enough...

The resistance from the cemetery seemed to infuriate the Netherstorm. After repeated failures, the Netherstorm ended up shrinking again!

"It's coming!" Lin Yun instantly narrowed his eyes, he was very familiar with that scene.


The boundless Netherstorm transformed into a red mass and heavily smashed against that cemetery.

Lin Yun felt as if he heard glass shattering.

Then, a whole part of the void started disintegrating and a large amount of cracks appeared in the void. With the Netherstorm wrecking havoc within, the cemetery instantly became chaotic. At the same time, the Netherstorm once against expanded and turned into earth-shattering crimson waves, instantly swallowing the cemetery.

The entire Heaven Enlightening Plane turned into nothingness.

"It's over..." Lin Yun shook his head and turned his gaze away from the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

Xiuban was still fusing with the Three-Headed Golden Dragon's blood, he was sitting there with a solemn expression, a faint layer of golden light appearing on his green skin. It gave off a feeling slightly resembling a divine aura.

On the other side, William was also immersed in his meditation.

But that meditation was very strange.

Lin Yun was now ten times sharper when it came to the path of mana and other powers. With one glance he could see that William was already fusing with that crest. Even the soul power within didn't feel any different from William's own, as if that crest had already fused with William's soul.

Lin Yun knew that this meant the soul inheritance had already started.

Contained within that crest was the inheritance from an ancestor of the Merlin Family, a powerhouse that participated in the Draconic War.

Even Lin Yun couldn't imagine how powerful that inheritance would be.

Only William would know the answer after completing the inheritance.

'Hmmm?' Just as Lin Yun was pondering, a ray of light suddenly illuminated the entire Planar Path.

Lin Yun raised his head in shock and caught sight of the space on the other side of the spatial distortion. A ray of light suddenly appeared in that void swallowed by the Netherstorm.


It wasn't a ray of light...

Outside the distortions, the space was filled with half light and half darkness.

Apart from light and darkness, there was fire, water, wind, and earth, slowly rushing forth.

'This... This is!' Lin Yun was dumbfounded by the extremely strange scene taking place before his eyes. The birth of light and darkness, the four great elements rushing forth... These were the signs of the birth of a world, this was also a scene that Lin Yun had seen endless repetition of when he had touched the Reincarnation Eyes.

'Could it be...'

A flash of understanding suddenly appeared in Lin Yun's eyes.

Lin Yun could finally understand why the Heaven Enlightening Plane was described as the plane of origin and ending. This was all because it could undergo rebirth after being shattered.

'Looks like I'll have to return here sooner or later...' Seeing the new Heaven Enlightening Plane thriving, Lin Yun couldn't help recalling the Red Crystal he had stored in his Demiplane, in the center of that Red Crystal was resting a small seed that exuded a faint aura of life.