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 What if it was a Chromatic Dragon's corpse next? Or the corpse of an Ancient God?

Lin Yun couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't happen.

At such a crucial time, the only thing Lin Yun could do was grinding his teeth and raise his control to its maximum. He raised his control on the Planar Path to its limits and moved it forward through this dangerous storm.


He was reaching his limit.

Even Lin Yun, this mage who far surpassed this era, still seemed powerless in front of that disaster. Lin Yun was doing his best, but he was still losing control. Three elven corpses crashed in the Planar Path Fragment one after the other. Under the huge impact, the Planar Path Fragment showed signs of damage for the first time.

An entire ten meters of the Planar Path Fragment instantly disappeared.

Weapon shards and armor remains fell onto the Planar Path Fragment, riddling it with holes. Lin Yun could feel the surrounding space distortions becoming more and more unstable, ready to collapse anytime.

The several dozens meter long Planar Path looked like a boat in a rainstorm, struggling against the large waves, the huge waves rolled by the gales almost engulfing it.

No one was talking on the Planar Path, they were all looking at Lin Yun with anxiousness and worry.

"Shit, Mafa Merlin, this is all because of you taking us to this damn place. Do you hate me so much that you want to kill all of us?" Fran who had been silent the entire way couldn't help bursting out.

Unfortunately, Fran's burst only lasted for a split second.

It was immediately followed by a loud slap...

"Suyass, you..." Fran held his swollen face and looked at Suyass with anger and dissatisfaction.

"If you say one more word, I'll immediately kill you." Suyass said in an icy voice. There was no anger nor contempt in his gaze. It was as if he had been talking to an irrelevant stranger.


Facing Suyass' icy gaze, Fran subconsciously withdrew. It wasn't that Fran didn't want to fight, but rather, he didn't dare to. Fran could feel the killing intent Suyass was emitting. If he did say anything, he would definitely be killed.

Fran guessed right.

Suyass was completely serious this time, if Fran had kept talking, Suyass would have unhesitantly killed him.

The current situation wasn't something an Archmage or an Heaven Mage could solve, that was the destruction of an entire world. Facing such a disaster, even ten Suyass wouldn't last one second. Their only chance was to follow that young Great Mage, only he could take them out of this calamity.

If he let Fran clash with him, everyone would probably end up buried alongside Fran.

Thus, Suyass suppressed Fran before the conflict even started.

After warning Fran, Suyass slowly walked over and stood next to Lin Yun, "Merlin, can I help with anything?"

"Destroy as many shards and remains as you can." Lin Yun hesitated a bit as he gave that answer.

Lin Yun's power was no longer enough.

The Magic Arrays had already been pushed to their limits, he was already displaying his extraordinary control, but the Planar Path he was urging forward was still greatly suffering. Suyass' help would reduce the pressure.

But, even if he did his best, it wouldn't help that much.

The speed of the hail of shards and fragments was simply too shocking. It would be fine if Suyass wanted to avoid them, but intercepting them was another matter altogether. If hit by these shards or remains, his chances of survival would be very small.

The risk was too great.

Lin Yun saying this was like telling Suyass to gamble with his life.

"Okay, no problem." Suyass actually answered straightforwardly.

After Suyass joined, the pressure on Lin Yun's body alleviated quite a bit. After all, he was an Archmage. Although he might not necessarily be Lin Yun's match, the powerful spells brought up by his higher rank were actually suitable to stop the shards and let Lin Yun breath.


Lin Yun suddenly noticed the Netherstorm in the void becoming incomparably bright, that bloody red color was visible like an aura.


Lin Yun knew that his only opportunity would quickly come.

After seeing this, Lin Yun immediately burst out and joined hands with Suyass to cast a large amount of spells, creating a space around them which could buy them ten seconds.

Then, only two paths were left in front of Lin Yun.

If everything went smoothly, Lin Yun should be able to leave the Heaven Enlightening Plane within those ten seconds.

But if they were unlucky, they would never leave the Heaven Enlightening Plane. Ten seconds later, the shards would fall again on the Planar Path. Even if that one opportunity happened at that time, Lin Yun wouldn't have the energy to catch it.

Seconds slowly passed

The crimson in the sky became denser.


Sure enough, when the power of that apocalyptic storm reached its peak, the entire void shrank back for a few tenths of second. Not one bit of mana could be felt from the void then.

This was the opportunity Lin Yun had been waiting for.

Just as the void shrank, Lin Yun poured mana in the Crystal Scales. This was the mana Lin Yun had been saving for a long time. It rushed into the Crystal Scales and instantly destroyed its structure. In an instant, that outstanding Spiritual Magic Tool Set turned into countless shards. At the same time, the space around them started crazily twisting as a huge power began pulling the Planar Path. This felt as if the Planar Path was being forcibly dragged out of this world.

The boundless void was distorting, giving them the feeling of being deep underwater before ripples slowly appeared.

The world before their eyes was no longer real, the crimson and black were slowly being replaced, the powerful Netherstorm ravaging and swallowing one corpse after the other instantly turned into nothingness.

But Lin Yun who had been standing on the Planar Path couldn't feel it.

Obviously, everything was clearly happening, but he couldn't sense it. It was as if he was looking at two beasts fighting each other while being behind a glass. Being able to enjoy this event without having to deal with the bloody smell or the desperate aura.

"Finally escaped..." Lin Yun knew that the reason it was so strange was because they had already left the Heaven Enlightening Plane. Everything they saw was the afterimage brought up by the spatial distortions. The true Heaven Enlightening Plane was under the attack of the Netherstorm.

But it had nothing to do with him anymore.

After destroying the Crystal Scales, Lin Yun took a seat on the Planar Path and began studying the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools.

It was because Lin Yun knew that the return from the Heaven Enlightening Plane this time would be different from the previous return, this was going to be a very long trip, maybe three days, maybe five, maybe even longer.

The power of the Heaven Enlightening Plane far surpassed Noscent. Escaping from it wasn't something anyone could do. Even if he urged the Planar Path Fragment to leave the plane through some mysterious exit by using the Crystal Scales, they still wouldn't escape from the binding of the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

Lin Yun wasn't wrong.

The Planar Path didn't struggle free of the Heaven Enlightening Plane's binding within three days.

In fact, Lin Yun was given enough time to fuse with Alchemic Mana Whirlpools.

He could be seen why Vaughn was worthy of his title of Final Artisan of the empire. That man had reached great heights in the domain of alchemy, just one look at these two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools he fused with was enough to understand that point. After the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpool fused within his body, he didn't feel anything wrong.

Lin Yun tried to let some mana flow and didn't have any feeling of obstruction or delay, the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools were like a part of his body, and if it wasn't for his mana increasing by two times, Lin Yun wouldn't have believed it.

This was simply utterly shocking.

In Lin Yun's eyes, this was the highest realm of an Artisan.

Being able to create anything.

Lin Yun even felt that if the Vaughn of that time managed to live a bit longer, he would have definitely been promoted to Saint Alchemist.

But maybe Vaughn had already reached the realm of Saint Alchemist and hid it from the outside world...

Naturally, this was only Lin Yun's conjecture, he would only be able to confirm it in the future, once he set foot on Crystal Island and researched the greatest secrets of Vaughn's life.

After fusing with the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, Lin Yun felt around his pocket. At first, he was looking for the bottle of Silver Dragon's blood. But he put it down after some hesitation. Fusing with a drop of Dragon Blood wasn't something that could be done in such a period of time. He might not be finished by the time their trip was over, so he decided to start with something else.

He had decided to check the red crystal first.

Thinking of it, Lin Yun took it out.

'Eh? What's that?' Lin Yun's expression changed.