"Merlin, look..." Solomon suddenly paled, his delighted expression had been replaced by dread as he pointed towards the void with a shaky hand.

"What is it?"

"Over there, quick, look there!" Solomon's voice was completely different.

"Shit!" Lin Yun followed Solomon's finger, a bit surprised, and suddenly cursed.

A hint of red could be seen from the deep darkness.

It was spreading its bloody light, echoing with booming thunder and whistling gales while emitting berserk mana through the void in an instant.

"Shit, that's the Netherstorm!" Lin Yun cursed. Lin Yun had seen the same scene 30,000 years in the future, when Noscent was reaching its end. The sky was ripped open, blood and flames spread as Noscent echoed with its final sounds.

Lin Yun clearly remembered. This was the last scene he saw, the void dyed red, the thunder and gales ripping the earth apart, the whole world sinking in eternal darkness.

The Netherstorm was the last madness before the last bit of radiance of Noscent was extinguished. It swallowed everything, destroyed everything, and transformed everything into nothingness.

That power would destroy everything... Including the Planar Path under their feet.

'How could this be...' Lin Yun was shocked and terrified. How come the Netherstorm happened to come at this moment, not too early, nor too late.

This was illogical.

From that cemetery in the void, it could be seen that the Heaven Enlightening Plane had died at least 10,000 years ago, so why did the Netherstorm not appear then?

It had been such a long time, the Heaven Enlightening Plane was already dead, it couldn't be more dead. Why did the Netherstorm appear now?

'What is happening?'

'Is it because we entered the Heaven Enlightening Plane? Did we trigger this late Netherstorm?'

'It's not right...'

They had all been under the protection of the Planar Path, including the harvest Xiuban and Lin Yun gained.

The Planar Path was a path, but in reality it was a spatial distortion. In other words, eve if they seemed to be in the Heaven Enlightening Plane, after going through the spatial distortion, they were completely hidden. It was as if the group didn't exist to the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

In any case, it was unlikely that his group had triggered the Netherstorm.

'But what could have caused this then?'

'Is it because I touched the Silver Dragon's body?'

'No, it couldn't be.'

Nothing had happened when Xiuban touched the Three-Headed Golden Dragon's corpse, a peak existence in Noscent's history that could compare to Ancient Gods, the Netherstorm didn't appear when his body decomposed, so how could it appear when the corpse of an insignificant Silver Dragon did?

Lin Yun kept thinking, but he couldn't understand...

There had been nothing else apart from that.

"Eh?" As this thought came to his mind, Lin Yun suddenly recalled what had happened moments ago.

He stretched his hand into his pocket and searched for that red crystal.

The appearance of that red crystal was strange in itself. It was too sudden and to weird. Were it not for Lin Yun reacting fast enough, he might had came off worse.

But Lin Yun clearly remembered...

There had clearly been a slight distortion in the surrounding mana fluctuations when that red crystal hit his stomach. At the time, he had been under the range of the Planar Path's spatial distortion, and hardly felt any change from the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

'Is it really because of that red crystal?'

Thinking of this, Lin Yun put his right hand inside his pocket and couldn't help tightening his grasp on the red crystal.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun didn't have the time to study the red crystal, the crimson color in the sky already dyed the entire void, and the thunderous sounds of lightning and gales contained within were echoing louder and louder, it felt as if the void was igniting.

"Merlin, this is... This is..."

Solomon was already stunned.

That earth-shattering heaven-defying crimson was crazily spreading, and the power within could be felt even within the protection of the Planar Path. That power could destroy a plane, let alone the few of them on that Planar Path.

In front of such an apocalyptic disaster, even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would be nothing more than an ant, let alone their group whose strongest was an Archmage.

"Don't worry, this is the Netherstorm." Lin Yun didn't have time to explain to Solomon. After saying a few comforting words, he focused all his energy on the Netherstorm.

His Magic Arrays were ineffective for the first time.

In front of such a disaster, the ordinarily omnipotent Magic Array was seemingly insignificant. It gave the feeling of being a speck of sand thrown into a pool, unable to cause a ripple.

Lin Yun could only rely on his experience for now.

Lin Yun might very well be the only one in this world who had experienced the Netherstorm and lived.

He tightly held the Crystal Scales, enduring the gales as he stood on the Planar Path, his robe crazily flapping behind him. The boundless void spread in front of him, covered by the Netherstorm. But Lin Yun only focused on the center of the Netherstorm, he stared at the reddest part of the Netherstorm.

Because Lin Yun knew that this place would burst out and engulf the entire Heaven Enlightening Plane.

The Ancient Gods, the Chromatic Dragons, the pure-blooded Elves...

Everything would return to nothingness...

But that was his only opportunity.

His group's only way out of the Heaven Enlightening Plane

Once the Netherstorm appeared, it would engulf the plane it targeted. Everything would return to nothingness, that was the final destruction, no force could reverse that.

It was already too late...

Even if Lin Yun immediately destroyed the Crystal Scales and activated the Planar Path back to Noscent, it would still be too late.

Even the Laws already sank into chaos after being covered by the Netherstorm. Space, Time, everything had already lost their functions, and this also included the Crystal Scales' Planar Path.

Only Lin Yun knew that when the Netherstorm would withdraw for a short instant before its final burst. That short instant might be a tenth of a second, or one hundredth of a second, in any case, it would be extremely short, to the point that ordinary people wouldn't be able to notice it.

That short instant was Lin Yun's only chance to take advantage of the withdrawing Netherstorm to destroyed the Crystal Scales and activate the Planar Path back.

But this was very tight and dangerous.

One tenth of a second, or worse, one hundredth of a second, and without the help of the Magic Arrays... Lin Yun had to rely on his own experience and judgement to complete this impossible task.

Even Lin Yun had to rely on luck now.

The Netherstorm had already started gathering. The bloody red was getting brighter and brighter. The sounds of destructions echoed from the distant void. This was the Netherstorm destroying and turning everything into nothingness.

Seconds slowly passed...

The Planar Path under his feet started shaking, and under the pressure of the Netherstorm, the empty cemetery started becoming chaotic. Corpses, shards, remains, all started moving in one direction.

At first, Lin Yun could divide his attention and rely on himself to make the Planar Path dodge, but Lin Yun slowly couldn't keep up. The Netherstorm was drawing closer and was swallowing the void at a shocking speed, everything moved towards it faster and faster, the shards turned into hails, crashing into the Planar Path.

Lin Yun was flustered at that time.

He paid attention to the Netherstorm's changes while controlling the Planar Path to dodge. This far surpassed Lin Yun's ability.

An explosion suddenly echoed behind the Planar Path. Lin Yun turned around in shock to see the corpse of an Elf smashing onto the Planar Path.

The Planar Path was a spatial distortion after all...

The moment the body of the pure blooded elf crashed into it, it emitted a world shaking sound. From this it could be seen how frightening the attack had been.

But it was worth rejoicing because the Elf wasn't large, it was thinner than Humans, and besides scaring Lin Yun, this crash had no grave consequences...


Lin Yun didn't dare to relax, it had only been an Elf's corpse this time... What about next time...