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 Lin Yun was focused on controlling the Planar Path.

It was to the point that Lin Yun didn't even notice the strange expression on Xiuban's face. That was the expression of a kid meticulously suppressing his happiness so that no one would notice the treasure he picked up.

Lin Yun had already been in the cemetery for two hours by now, after pacing back and forth for such a long time he had brushed past many Chromatic Dragon's corpses, pure-blooded Elves, and in between, Lin Yun even got close to an Ancient God's corpse.

Earlier, Lin Yun had been going through an area with many shards and saw that Ancient God's body.

That was the first time Lin Yun saw an Ancient God up close.

Even if it was just a corpse, the shock it brought Lin Yun couldn't be described with words. Even the corpse gave the feeling of a deity descending onto a mortal world. Its dignified face, its imposing body, and the indescribable feeling it was emitting... It was floating in the void, surrounded by endless darkness and total silence, but it gave the feeling of boundless light being focused on its body, as if the first thing that had to be seen in this void was this God.

At this time, Lin Yun subconsciously wanted to urge the Planar Path closer.

But just as he thought about it, Lin Yun felt icy coldness coming from his chest.

Lin Yun was too familiar with this feeling. He would feel this kind of coldness whenever danger approached when hunting for sand beasts in that desolate desert. That feeling meant that he had overlooked something.

Shocked, Lin Yun promptly revolved his Magic Arrays and analyzed this calm void.

Lin Yun then paled.

He found out that this calm void that only seemed to be filled with shards was actually filled with endless dangers.

There was boundless mana crazily converging on the Ancient God's corpse like a huge maelstrom, and everything that dared to approach would be distorted and shattered. It was because of this that no corpses could be seen in the Ancient God's vicinity.

It wasn't because other corpses couldn't float near, but rather, once they approached, they would already be trapped in that endless maelstrom and be instantly sucked in and destroyed.

At the time, Lin Yun still didn't feel like completely giving up.

He summoned a Rock Puppet and use a Vine spell to send it out.

As a result, just as that Rock Puppet flew a hundred meters in, countless cracks appeared. In that split second it felt as if countless sharp blades attacked the rock puppet and with a snap, it was crushed to pieces.

Watching this strange scene, Lin Yun's hair stood on end.

Fortunately, it was only a Rock Puppet, if he had moved the Planar Path closer, the result would be...

Lin Yun didn't say anything, he was scared witless and then urged the Planar Path back.

Even if the inheritance of an Ancient God was attractive, Lin Yun clearly knew that he wouldn't be able to resist such a horrifying maelstrom.

Afterwards, Lin Yun sailed the Planar Path in the cemetery for a full two hours, yet he had only seen a small part of this place.

Lin Yun's group explored at most a tenth of the entire cemetery. Nothing could be done about it, the cemetery was too vast, it felt endless, there was only corpses and shards everywhere. Who knows what kind of desperate war happened to create such a place.

After two hours, Lin Yun found a safe path in the cemetery.

At the end of that path was the corpse of a Silver Dragon.

That Silver Dragon only had one head and couldn't be compared to the Three-Headed Golden Dragon.

But even if it only had one head, it was still one of the Chromatic Dragons. It was innately proficient with magic and as long as it left one drop of blood behind, Lin Yun would be able to undergo a great breakthrough.

To Lin Yun, this was more than enough.

Everyone had their own path, Draconic Beastmen were blessed with luck, being envious was useless.

More importantly, a drop of blood remained in the chest of the Silver Dragon.

A drop of Silver Dragon Blood.

In the era where Chromatic Dragons were already extinct, what did the blood of Silver Dragons meant? No one could be more clear about it than Lin Yun.

Although Lin Yun wasn't a Draconic Beastman and couldn't directly merge his bloodline with this drop of blood. But Lin Yun was a mage, a mage with the Magic Array. It wouldn't be exaggerated to say that Lin Yun could completely rely on that drop of blood to refine the Magic Arrays one more time. To some degree, that drop of blood wasn't inferior to the Reincarnation Eyes.

The Reincarnation Eyes made Lin Yun experience numerous reincarnations, allowing him to accumulate a shocking hundred thousand runes. And the Silver Dragon Blood would have an effect that wouldn't pale to the Reincarnation Eyes. Relying on that Silver Dragon Blood, Lin Yun could refine the Magic Arrays, pushing them to a whole new level.

He would surpass all the previous and future users of the Magic Array.

'It doesn't look that easy...' Lin Yun tightly held the Crystal Scales' magic staff. Numerous corpses and remains were spread ahead. Even after the Magic Array's repeated calculations, he only managed to find one path for the Planar Path.

But the space was very tight...

Even if his control far surpassed most people, Lin Yun could only tighten his grasp on the staff as cold sweat flowed down his back. Not the slightest mistake or deviation could be allowed when going through that tight gap.

If Lin Yun's hands trembled, they would crash on a powerful corpse.

One minute passed, and then two, three...

Ten minutes later, the distance between Lin Yun and the Silver Dragon hadn't changed.

It was because Lin Yun was leading the Planar Path on a tortuous route. The several hundred meters separating him from the Silver Dragon were in fact several hundred to a thousand kilometers.

Ten minutes, twenty, thirty...

One hour later, Lin Yun sighed in relief.

"Finally!" This hour was like torture to Lin Yun. His mind had been strained all along, and the Magic Array was in an overloaded state. Whether it was the mind or the body, they had both been seriously overdrafted. If not for that drop of Silver Dragon Blood, Lin Yun might not have been able to persevere through it.

The Planar Path stopped less than twenty meters in front of the Silver Dragon's corpse. Lin Yun cast a Vine which coiled around Lin Yun's legs. Then, he chanted a few words and the vine shot forward with Lin Yun.

Lin Yun couldn't avoid the dizziness. He moved forward with a glass bottle in hand and reached the Silver Dragon's body before securing the drop of blood within.

"Return!" Then Lin Yun chanted a few other words making the vine contract and fiercely shrink, dragging Lin Yun back to the Planar Path.

But at that time, Lin Yun caught sight of something from the corner of his eyes.

'Could this be...' In a hurry, Lin Yun promptly interrupted the vine. The originally fiercely shrinking Vine suddenly stopped in the void.

It had only been for a split second.

But in that split second, Lin Yun had clearly noticed it.

There were two magic staves piercing the Silver Dragon's stomach.

And these two magic staves were exact copies of each other, with a huge gem laid atop both of them, one representing the moon, and the other one the sun. But these two radiant gems were the same as all the other Magic Tools Lin Yun had seen so far, they had lost all their power and they no longer emitted any light, they looked like two ordinary stones.

But the difference was that these two magic staves weren't damaged.

In other words, as long as he could replace the two radiant gems, these two magic staves could still be used.

Well, saying that was putting the cart before the horse.

For a magic staff, the embedded gem was most important. Lin Yun's magic staff was a good example. If not for that huge Elemental Amber, Lin Yun would have already left it in some warehouse. It was because of that huge Elemental Amber that Lin Yun could gain a steady flow of mana and this was why he relied so much on that Spiritual Magic Staff.

The Elemental Amber was worth at least 90% of that Spiritual Magic Staff.

Changing or not changing the defective gem of a magic staff didn't make much difference usually.

Naturally, that was only when talking about ordinary magic staves.

The two magic staves Lin Yun had noticed were different, the two radiant gems had only been Augments!