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 It was rumored that the power of a Three-Headed Golden Dragon could rival the Ancient Gods.

There had only been three Three-Headed Golden Dragons in Noscent's history, and they had been the supreme existences among the Chromatic Dragons. Their power was far more superior than what any human could have imagined. One breath could destroy a city and wipe out a race.

Even at the end of the Nesser Dynasty, no Three-Headed Golden Dragon had fallen. When facing the unmatched Charles the Emperor and his powerful subordinates, the three Three-Headed Golden Dragons still managed to tear the void and flee with the remaining Chromatic Dragons to an unknown plane.

It could be said that the Three-Headed Dragons were already legends in Noscent, they were true unparalleled existences. There were even some legends saying that if a Golden Dragon had three heads, it meant that it had stepped into the Eternal Realm.

Of course, legends were just legends. It was unclear whether Three-Headed Golden Dragons were truly eternal.

But one thing was certain, the Three-Headed Golden Dragons could rival Ancient Gods.

And now, an existence on par with an Ancient God was floating amidst the void, not one breath of life in its body, its radiance and power already lost in the river of time.

Indeed, this was a Three-Headed Golden Dragon's corpse.

Lin Yun had seen plenty of corpses on the way. Archmages, Heaven Mages, Elves, Chromatic Dragons... But Lin Yun never imagined to see the corpse of such a powerful existence.

That existence could be said to be able to match a God, there is no force present in Noscent capable of killing it.

How could such a powerful existence fall?

Lin Yun was stunned.

'Wait...' Before Lin Yun could even recover, a shadow rushed over from the void.

'Could it be...'

Lin Yun stood there with a blank expression. He was looking at the shadow floating over and even forgot to control the Planar Path Fragment.

Fortunately, he didn't need to control the Planar Path at the moment as it only calmly floated in the void, waiting for the shadow to arrive.

It drew closer and closer.

As it approached, Lin Yun could see that the shadow had the same dimension as the Golden Dragon, sporting the size of a small hill in the boundless void. As the shadow came ever closer, Lin Yun was able to make out a silhouette.

That was a giant over one hundred meters tall. His lofty and majestic body drifted through the void, motionless as if it had sank in an eternal sleep.

'No way...' Lin Yun couldn't react this time. He was looking in front of him with wide eyes while gasping, speechless.

'That's an Ancient God!'

One of the creatures born alongside the world, appearing when heaven and earth were created. They had the most profound knowledge and the strongest power. They were the start of the world and its original rulers.

In the very old Golden Era, the Gods had created the glorious Ascian Dynasty, bringing about a civilization that could only be described as miraculous. That was the most famous and fascinating period of Noscent, an era of legends.

Unfortunately, in the blank period before the start of the Nesser Dynasty, the glorious Ascian Dynasty fell to its end, as if every god had disappeared overnight, only leaving behind the big Noscent world. Each major race rose one after the other before the Elves and the Dragons ended up sitting on the Throne of Life.


Even the prideful Elves and Dragons didn't dare to say that their Nesser Dynasty could rival the Ascian Dynasty.

Indeed, Three-Headed Golden Dragons were truly unparalleled existences, but that was in the Nesser Dynasty.

The Ancient Gods had already thoroughly disappeared then and the Three-Headed Golden Dragons had no rivals.

Before the Nesser Dynasty, the Ancient Gods were the ultimate existences!

Lin Yun was completely stunned as he watched that scene.

A Three-Headed Golden Dragon's corpse, an Ancient God's corpse...

'What the hell is going on in the Heaven Enlightening Plane?'

'Did a war happen?'

'A war between the Ancient Gods and the Chromatic Dragons?'

There might be no other way to explain the situation. Whether it was the Three-Headed Golden Dragon or the Ancient God, they were both almost unkillable existences, Lin Yun wouldn't believe that someone else killed them. This kind of power was above Noscent. If it truly existed...

The most plausible explanation was that a war happened.

But what about the Heaven Enlightening Plane?

'Why does the whole Heaven Enlightening Plane seem to be dead? This is too different from the legends. In the legends, the Heaven Enlightening Plane was overflowing with golden aura, it was a true Mythical Plane, so why is it deathly quiet now, why is it a boundless void?'

'Could it be because of that war?'

'But that doesn't seem possible...'

Lin Yun came from the end of the world, he was the one who understood the most how much power was needed to completely destroy a world.

The future Noscent was still far less powerful than this plane, but it had also experienced the peak of the Magic Era, where countless powerhouses including Charles the Conqueror and Sovereign of Death Sandro fought. The might of these powerhouses was already close to the Three-Headed Golden Dragons and the Ancient Gods. They fought countless times in Noscent, so why didn't they end up destroying Noscent?

Let alone Noscent...

Even lesser plane such as the Bone Plane would rarely be shattered. These planes could handle a lot more than they seemed to. After all, even lesser planes were still full-fledged worlds, and worlds weren't that easy to destroy.

"Merlin, you... Look!" While Lin Yun was pondering, Solomon suddenly exclaimed.

At this time, the 9th Rank High Mage was in shock. He was looking towards the void with dread.

"What is it?" Lin Yun looked over curiously, before his face suddenly paled.

After flying through the void for such a long time, the Planar Path Fragment had now reached a graveyard.

One corpse next to another.

There were too many of them to count.

The boundless void spreading before them was like a huge cemetery, it was filled with the aura of death, and there was no lack of Chromatic Dragon's corpses, as well as Elves, Ancient Gods, Humans, Beastmen, Angels, Demons,... Lin Yun could see every single race that had once lived in Noscent.

They spread far and wide, every corpse slowly floating in the void. They had been outstanding powerhouses during their lives, but now, they didn't have neither any power nor any aura of life left in their bodies.

Some of these corpses were in good condition, some were badly damaged...

Although they were motionless and far away, Lin Yun could still guess at the bitter struggle that had happened there. Shards of broken weapons and armors were spread everywhere in that field of death, and after observing them some more, Lin Yun had discovered that all these weapons and armors had been of the utmost quality, they were all Splendid Magic Tools at the very least.

At this time, Lin Yun clearly understood.

Why the Heaven Enlightening Plane was different from the legends.

It could be understood from this horrifying cemetery. Thousands upon thousands of corpses, every single one having shocking power, and even legendary existences such as Chromatic Dragons, pure-blooded Elves, and Ancient Gods were intermixed in the fray. A fight between all these unfathomable figures might truly be able to destroy the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

That was already too much for a world to handle.

'I truly didn't think that the Heaven Enlightening Plane would be hiding such a shocking secret...' Lin Yun stood there, in a daze, looking at that frightening cemetery in some sort of trance.

Lin Yun knew that he should be already leaving.

Just seeing these countless corpses and this horrifying cemetery was enough to understand they had to avoid this place.

Lin Yun thought for a bit before pouring two entirely different types of magic power into the Crystal Scales.

In a flash, the two rings he wore blossomed with a blue and a red light.

The huge power started converging onto that magic staff. Under the conflict of elements, the originally stable Crystal Scales chaotically shook.

Such a conflict was absolutely mortal to a Magic Tool.

If careless, it would lead to the Magic Tool being destroyed.

But what Lin Yun wanted to do now was precisely to destroy the Crystal Scales.

From the previous mana fluctuations, Lin Yun already knew that destroying the Crystal Scales was the only way to return.

But just as Lin Yun was about to destroy the Crystal Scales to initiate the return trip, a silhouette flew out of the Planar Path Fragment.

"Xiuban, what are you doing!" Lin Yun was startled. There was no time left, the Draconic Beastman had already rushed out of the protection of the Planar Path and was pouncing towards that Three-Headed Golden Dragon's corpse.