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 Lin Yun had now realized that the Crystal Scales were far stronger than he had imagined.

He even felt that the true power of the Crystal Scales belonged to the True Spirit realm.

Yes, in Lin Yun's eyes, with the Crystal Scales being that formidable, it wouldn't be wrong to consider it a True Spirit Magic Tool Set, or a completely formed Heaven Magic Tool.

Lin Yun used the control method he had obtained earlier to make the Planar Path move through the void.

At the same time, the surrounding space started distorting crazily.

Afterwards, those distortions started combining, the process taking about five seconds before Lin Yun felt his body relaxing. The attacks of the strange mana within the endless void disappeared in an instant as if they had only been hallucinations.

Of course, Lin Yun knew that he hadn't hallucinated.

From his experience at the end of the world, Lin Yun had gained an incomparably sharp mana sense. He couldn't feel those mana fluctuations now because he had been operating the Crystal Scales. The surroundings of the piece of the Planar Path were distorted, isolating all the mana fluctuations from the outside, nullifying the assault of that strange mana.

This was the Heaven Enlightening Plane, after all.

Its power far surpassed what anyone could think of... Even though it looked like something had happened to the Heaven Enlightening Plane, making the plane seem dead, its power far surpassed the power in Noscent. Even a wisp of mana from this place could easily kill an Archmage, but this Planar Path Fragment was actually isolated from the Heaven Enlightening Plane due to the power of the Crystal Scales.

This wasn't something that just any True Spirit Magic Tool could do...

'But the Crystal Scales are obviously Spiritual Magic Tools. Even together they would only amount to a True Spirit Magic Tool...'

When he fought Fran, he had relied on the Upper Rank Flame Spirit to win and had used the Magic Arrays to suppress the Crystal Scales' Incarnation.

It had been far powerful than it was right now.

'So, the Crystal Scales are special in the fact that their true might can only be shown when linked with the Planar Path?'

The Crystal Scales' true power showed after he stepped on the Planar Path, after all.

But there was something that couldn't be explained. 'Who made such a monstrous Magic Tool? And what was the purpose?'

As Lin Yun was lost in his thoughts, the Planar Path Fragment continued drifting through the void.

The Planar Path Fragment travelled through the void like a meteor, though seeming slow and steady. But Lin Yun, who was in control, knew that although the travel speed was steady, it was by no means slow.

It looked like it was drifting along at a speed of no more than a kilometer per minute, but in reality, the Planar Path Fragment was relying on the spatial distortions and folds to move at least 500 kilometers in an instant.

Endless void, endless darkness...

The entire Heaven Enlightening Plane was thoroughly dead. Lin Yun didn't sense a single breath of life. Time and space seemed to be frozen in this dead plane. The Planar Path Fragment seemed to be the only place harboring life in the entire plane.

There was no light, no sound... The world remained deathly quiet.

At the start, the Planar Path Fragment was full of vitality. Solomon was curious about everything and kept asking questions, while William kept asking for guidance as he wanted Lin Yun to teach him the next Meditation Law Set. As for the Draconic Beastman, he kept complaining the whole time. He complained that Lin Yun shouldn't have brought him on such a dangerous journey. Although Suyass and Fran didn't say anything, they couldn't help curiously looking at this new world...


As hours passed, everyone gradually calmed down. Darkness spread wherever they looked, and there were no voices or light. They were only surrounded by limitless desolation, making everyone feel a bit dreary.

They all became impatient. Solomon couldn't help pacing, William was researching his Crimson Heart, and Xiuban was almost weeping from anxiety. As for Fran and Suyass, they burst into a fierce quarrel, which was ended by a fierce slap from Suyass.

But Lin Yun wasn't paying attention to any of them. Whether it was the pacing Solomon or the studying William, or even the fierce quarrel, it was as if they had never existed in Lin Yun's eyes. He stood there the whole time like a stone statue.

The journey seemed to be endless.

Who knew how long it took before the restless group gradually calmed down?

But the peace that they settled into was more of a numbing silence. No one said anything as they all stood there, their eyes blankly fixed ahead, looking into the endless void.

The most frightening thing about travelling through this endless void was the eternal silence.

Everything was dull and kept repeating. Whenever they opened their eyes, they would only see nothingness. There was nothing, no end, no limit. Time and space already lost meaning in this journey. One second would stretch for a year. This kind of torture was enough to make anyone not determined enough go crazy.

Of those present, the worst one in that respect was Xiuban. Very few people could compare to him in terms of how little willpower he had. At this moment, he looked like a dead fish on the verge of collapse.

No one was talking. They had sunk into complete silence, but this kind of silence was the most dangerous.

Someone might soon shriek as they sank into madness.


Lin Yun still didn't say anything. He was still calmly standing there as if nothing there mattered to him.

Hour after hour passed and their gazes grew increasingly more unfocused.

"Pay attention! There is something in front," Lin Yun suddenly said, apparently no longer pretending to be a statue.

Lin Yun's voice was very soft, and no one would have heard him if they weren't paying attention.

But they all stood up, their blank looks disappearing, and the Draconic Beastman was even jittery as he jumped to Lin Yun. "Something? What? Where?"

"It's coming." Lin Yun didn't look at him as he grabbed the Magic Staff of the Crystal Scales with one hand while taking the Book of Death from his pocket with the other hand.

Under the infusion of mana, the Book of Death instantly opened to the page of the Ultimate Spells. With one thought, Lin Yun's Ultimate Spells would be able to burst with shocking power.

These were Lin Yun's greatest trump cards.

Lin Yun would rarely use the Book of Death in the past because he knew that if he used all his cards, it would be hard to make a comeback if the situation became even more disadvantageous.

But Lin Yun couldn't worry about that now.

No one amongst them understood the Heaven Enlightening Plane more than he did. It was the most legendary plane in Noscent's countless years of history. The legends and myths had been deeply engraved in his heart.

No matter how alert and vigilant he was towards such a plane, it would never be too much.

"Come on!" A light finally appeared in this endless void, and it expanded at a shocking rate.

Only now did everyone realize that the speed of the Planar Path Fragment was incredibly shocking. That dot-sized light had flickered into the side of a mountain in less than three seconds.

Then, everyone saw it.

The flickering golden light was like a creature made out of molten gold. Its countless gorgeous scales seemed like an illusion. Its fierce head and sharp claws were brimming with wildness and power.

And the most frightening part was that it had three heads!

"Heavens!" Solomon and Suyass exclaimed at the same time.

It was a Dragon!

A Three-Headed Golden Dragon!

The most noble of the Chromatic Dragons...

Golden Dragons represented boundless power and supreme status. Even in the distant Nesser Dynasty, Golden Dragons were natural rulers. They weren't like the Green Dragons who controlled the power of nature, and they also weren't like Silver Dragons, who were proficient in all magical knowledge. They only had power, enough to tear the sky and shatter the earth.

And this Dragon had three heads!