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 "I didn't want to lower myself to his level, but the problem is that Sir Suyass didn't agree..." Lin Yun's smile disappeared after saying that, he pointed at Solomon, "See, Sir Karon, that's High Mage Solomon, one of the most respectable elders of Thousand Sails City. He repeatedly took care of me, and his arm got burnt by Suyass just because he tried to stop this bet."

"This..." When he heard this, Karon understood that he had underestimated the severity of this matter. Karon thought that Suyass had only said some unpleasant words and infuriated that young Great Mage, but he didn't expect Suyass actually making a move and attack the disciple of Star Sage Jouyi....

This was big troubles...

As he thought about it, Karon felt a painful headache coming his way. He knew a bit about the friendship between Merlin and Solomon. In fact, Mafa Merlin originally joined the Fanrusen Formula because of Solomon's recommendation. 'Damn Suyass, he actually dared to attack Solomon.'

'Let alone Star Sage Jouyi...'

'Even Mafa Merlin wouldn't let you go.'

'What can I do now?'

"Merlin, I'll personally apologize to Sir Jouyi and Solomon, can you let it go for me?"

"Sir Karon, it's a bit too late now..." But Lin Yun shook his head and returned to the scroll. He moistened the quill in the ink before adding a few more lines...

"Don't, don't, Merlin, say something. Don't, don't be like this..." Karon was suddenly frightened. This was no joke. If the Tenebrous Field was broken, Suyass would definitely be unable to keep his arms.

If it was someone else, Karon might let the bet unfold since the other side wouldn't be able to break the Tenebrous Field.

But Karon truly didn't dare to bet against this young Great Mage...

Karon had watched with his own eyes as this young Great Mage cracked a dozen core spell matrices of the Fanrusen Formula. That abnormal computing ability made the entire research team gasp in admiration. Although the Tenebrous Field approached the True Spirit level, the whole reasoning behind it relied on calculations. It definitely wouldn't be able to withstand that abnormal computing ability.

'But that idiot Suyass...'

'You gave him one whole day, what a joke... He broke a dozen spell core matrices of the Fanrusen Formula in a day... Giving one day for your insignificant Tenebrous Field, do you think you are Osul or Teacher Nolan?'

"Merlin, please do it for me? Suyass is the youngest disciple of Teacher, I always treated him as a younger brother. If you were in my position, you wouldn't want to watch your younger brother lose both arms, would you? Please, let it go, don't lower yourself to his level..."

Lin Yun couldn't help sighing as he looked at Karon's panicked expression. The most outstanding disciple of the Mercury Tower was just as the rumors said, he cared a lot about his fellow disciples.

Lin Yun thought about Nolan...

In the Magic Hand's gathering, Nolan did do him a favor. Moreover, that favor was quite expensive. If it wasn't for Nolan, that 3rd Meditation Law Set would most likely sell for fifty spirit mana crystals or less.

It was thanks to Nolan that the price had shot to sixty mana crystals. That favor was worth at least ten spirit mana crystals, which was enough to buy an entire Gilded Rose.

Seeing Lin Yun's expression softening a bit, Karon intensified his persuasion, "Merlin, you wouldn't be able to watch it either. I'll make Suyass apologize to Solomon, sincerely and clearly apologize, and after we return, I'll let Teacher know and make him personally review his manner education. Just let it go, for me, please."

"Make him apologize." Lin Yun wouldn't press on since Karon already said this. He thought about it and rolled the scroll before handing it back to Karon.

"Sure, of course, of course..." Karon took the scroll back in relief before walking over to Suyass.

"Suyass, your issue with Mafa Merlin stops here. No one will mention it later. Now go and apologize to High Mage Solomon. You are really... High Mage Solomon is the disciple of Sir Jouyi. Aren't you afraid of his teacher peeling off your skin because you attacked his disciple?" Although the matter had been fairly settled, Karon couldn't help criticizing Suyass.

Suyass wasn't surprised...

In fact, as soon as Karon appeared, Suyass knew that the bet wouldn't go through. Karon was that kind of person, too kind and too gentle. He ate quite a few losses when negotiating on behalf of the Mercury Tower because of his character, making the Mercury Tower lose some benefits...

It was the same this time.

Mafa Merlin definitely used Karon's character and said some graceful but insincere words to persuade Karon to step in and stop this bet, 'Karon you are really... How can you let yourself be convinced by outsiders? That Mafa Merlin dared to slander our Mercury Tower, yet you are willing to help him...?'

'Forget it, since Karon wants to stop this bet, then the bet is over. He is only a Great Mage, it's not big deal for him to keep his arms, hopefully this will teach him a lesson so that he wouldn't keep talking shit in the future.'

As he thought about that, Suyass nodded and took the scroll back. But before apologizing to Solomon, he disdainfully glanced at Lin Yun, "Mafa Merlin, it looks like you aren't too confident in your alchemy level. I'll let it slide this time, but I hope that you'll be able to control your mouth after this lesson..."


Suyass was still speaking when Karon suddenly slapped him.

As the clear slapping sound echoed, the entire camp turned silent.

"Karon?" Suyass covered the cheek that was swelling as he looked towards Karon, his gaze filled with incomprehension.

Suyass was stunned by the slap.

This Archmage with the title of Magic Flame never expected that Karon would hit him. After all, ever since he became a disciple of Nolan, Karon had always looked after him. To Suyass, Karon was like an elder brother.

Moreover, Karon's character had always been very good. He was known in all of Noscent as Good Guy Karon, and he had never said anything harsh to any of his fellow disciples.

Suyass clearly remembered when he had made a mistake as a High Mage in the Golden Forest Plane, leading to several thousand puppets being wiped out and the Dark Elves grabbing the opportunity to counterattack, nearly making the Mercury Tower lose the Golden Forest Plane. At that time, Karon only smiled and said nothing. He never mentioned that matter afterwards.

Fortunately, they managed to preserve the Golden Forest Plane.

But three years later, Suyass learnt that the reason why they were able to preserve the Golden Forest Plane was because on the same night, Karon sneaked out and infiltrated the enemy camp and assassinated three important leaders among the Dark Elves, effectively dissolving the imminent crisis of the Golden Forest Plane. For this, Karon paid the price of being seriously injured for three years. It was only three years later, after recovering, that Karon told the truth to his teacher.

At that time, he lowered his head and apologized to Karon. But Karon only shook his head and said that it was fine.

But now, his face turned white after being slapped by Karon, "Suyass, are you trying to infuriate me?!"

"I... I..." Suyass was at a loss when he saw Karon's appearance, he was panicking and didn't know what to say.

"Apologize to High Mage Solomon immediately!" Karon almost had a heart attack, 'Suyass, ah, Suyass, do you not know the difference between life and death? I'm doing my best to preserve your arms, yet you still have to provoke others. Before asking others to control their mouth, you should work on controlling yours instead!'

Thankfully, that slap was enough to turn Suyass completely docile.

Under Karon's supervision, he politely apologized to Solomon.

Moreover, his attitude was very sincere.

"High Mage Solomon, I am sorry. Please forgive me." Suyass bowed deeply before taking two bottles of Spring Rain, a potion specialized in restoring all kinds of burns. Each bottle was worth at least 100,000 golds.

Just as everyone thought that the apology was over, Suyass actually chanted a spell and a Flame Burst heavily blasted his hand.

A crack could be heard as Suyass' bone snapped. He instantly paled and cold sweat could be seen falling down his forehead.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

Then, Suyass endured the pain and let the flames of the Flame Burst burn his fractured arm for a full minute before Solomon couldn't bear to watch this and repeatedly persuaded Suyass to stop burning his arm.

This huge farce was finally considered over.

On that night, Karon remained within the camp. Suyass followed him into a tent. The two didn't speak. This strange silence lasted until about midnight, when Karon broke it with a sigh.

"Suyass, do you feel that I was too excessive?"