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 The battle in the Golden Forest Plane had already reached the critical juncture. They were about to suppress the rebel Dark Elves. As soon as Karon took the Mercury Tower's puppet legion to march forward, the tumor that had been plaguing the Golden Forest Plane for several hundred years would be cleanly removed. But Grant was sent from the Mercury Tower to replace him, while he had to check on Suyass in the Four Seasons Canyon...

Karon felt strange... Suyass was a peak Master Alchemist and a newly advanced Archmage. He had been doing well in the Golden Forest Plane in the past few years, and moreover, he had entered the Bloody Plane three times and escaped unscathed. He was powerful and ranked third in the entire Mercury Tower.

'How come Teacher is so anxious with him going to the Four Seasons Canyon to help Thousand Sails City's joint exploration team?' Karon thought at the time.

But after asking, he learnt that Mafa Merlin was part of that joint exploration team.

And Karon clearly understood from that. Suyass was too headstrong, and if he joined the expedition, he wouldn't allow anyone to go against him.

It would have been fine normally...

It was quite normal for an Archmage like Suyass to demand absolute control in a group made up of High Mages, Spirit Archers, and Expert Swordsmen.

But Mafa Merlin was also too headstrong.

Others might not know this young Great Mage very well, but Karon did. He got a good understanding of the young Great Mage's character during the Fanrusen Formula's research. Mafa Merlin wasn't easy to deal with. He would remain courteous if others were courteous, but with Suyass' temperament, it would be strange if the two didn't come into conflict...

Moreover, Mafa Merlin wasn't an ordinary Great Mage. He truly had the ability to make Suyass suffer.

Hogg was a good example. The 9th Rank High Mage who was known for his ability in data computation was slapped in the face because of one spell matrix and was almost kicked out of the Cloud Tower by Jouyi.

Not to mention that the current Mafa Merlin was far different from his former self. Not long ago, at the Magic Hand's gathering, he had taken the limelight. His three Meditation Law Sets caused a stir, and who knew how many major forces wanted to have a good relationship with him, including his teacher Nolan. Otherwise, he wouldn't have hurriedly gotten Karon to return from the Golden Forest Plane.

And if a conflict really happened, it would be hard to say who would suffer.

Aware of the seriousness of the matter, Karon immediately felt anxious and travelled day and night from the Mercury Tower, not pausing to drink or eat, before he finally managed to catch up to Suyass.

When Karon fell from the sky and landed, he noticed Suyass next to a bonfire, as well as Merlin, who was immersed in some writings.

Karon's appearance startled many people. This was the Mercury Tower's number two, only inferior to Nolan in terms of status and strength. Moreover, the Mercury Tower had quite a lofty presence in Okland. Many people hurriedly approached to greet him, and even Lin Yun and Suyass temporarily halted the gamble to greet Karon.

"Karon, how come you came?" Suyass smiled when he saw Karon.

Moreover, that smile was completely different from before.

Regardless of whether he was looking at Fran or Lin Yun, Suyass' smile had been cold and sinister. But now, Suyass stood in front of Karon with a genuine smile on his face.

Suyass was very headstrong, but Karon was the true proud scion of the Mercury Tower. He had been a Master Alchemist for over twenty years and was in his fifties now, yet was one step away from becoming an Artisan. He also became an Archmage at the age of 45. Almost ten years had passed since then, and his strength could only be described as unfathomable.

Even Suyass had to admit that Karon was on an entirely different level and was already qualified to stand alongside the peak powerhouses of the kingdom such as Nolan, Jouyi, and Harren.

Not to mention that Karon cared a lot about his fellow disciples. From the time Suyass became Nolan's disciple till now, he had become used to going to Karon if he had a problem. Over the years, his reputation in the Mercury Tower was already comparable to Nolan's.

Suyass was very prideful, even daring to snort at Star Sage Jouyi's name, but he truly accepted Karon.

It could be said that in Suyass' mind, Karon was both like an elder brother and a teacher.

"Teacher sent me to check on the situation..." After saying that in a hurry, he greeted Lin Yun. "Merlin, you are also here, such a coincidence."

"Haha, it is, such a coincidence, Sir Karon."

Lin Yun had a very good impression of Karon. When they were conducting research on the Fanrusen Formula research, Karon had been able to deal with a module on his own. Lin Yun respected his skill, and after the two came into contact, they got along quite well. Lin Yun had originally thought of visiting the Mercury Tower after going to Okland.

But he'd never expected to meet such circumstances in the Four Seasons Canyon.

"Merlin, long time no see. How has it been recently? I haven't seen you getting involved in research ever since your contribution to the Fanrusen Formula. Oh, right, I heard Teacher say that your Meditation Law Sets that stole the limelight also made Mogg bankrupt. Haha, it was such a good deal..."

"Haha, Sir Karon must be joking, I just took out those three sets casually, I didn't expect that others needed it so much and would trade so many mana crystals for it."

"The income Sir Mogg gets by sitting on Whistle Island for one year is equivalent to two of our Mercury Tower's planes. Don't be polite with such a rich person..."

The passionate exchange between the two froze the smiles of a few leaders of Thousand Sails City.

'What... What is going on? How come Great Mage Merlin seems to be familiar with Sir Karon? What's this about the Fanrusen Formula? What about Sir Mogg?... Sir Mogg... Whistle Island... The master of Whistle Island? Hurricane Envoy Mogg? No way...'

At this moment, many of them looked at Lin Yun as if he were a monster. Who in the entire Andlusa Kingdom didn't know about the Hurricane Envoy? Although he was only a 5th Rank Archmage and wasn't a top powerhouse of the kingdom, he was sitting on the incomparably fertile Whistle Island, and the wealth he possessed could contend against that of the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower. Such a person almost went bankrupt due to Merlin?

How could a Great Mage like Merlin do that?

"Eh, Merlin, you are cracking an array?" Just as everyone was lost in their thoughts, Karon noticed the scroll.

'Hold on...'

It only took one glance for Karon's expression to suddenly change. He recognized that scroll... The array written on it had been recently completed by Suyass.

Suyass had named that array Tenebrous Field, and it had been a thought he had come up with after reading some of Vaughn's notes. After being refined by Nolan and Karon, the Tenebrous Field was finally completed. But now, this Tenebrous Field was here, and it was covered in lines made from Melting Snow Ink.

'What Teacher feared the most happened...'

"Right, I just made a bet with Lord Suyass, he bet that I couldn't crack this array in a day."

'Sure enough...' Karon suddenly understood when he heard that. 'Suyass was too headstrong and indeed came into conflict with Merlin and they are fighting over authority... I hope... I hope the stakes aren't too big...'

"Turns out it's a bet. Well, Merlin, Osul had praised you incessantly for your skill in the field of alchemy. It's fine to show off to Suyass, but I hope the stakes aren't too big..." Karon's smile was friendly, but he was already very tense as he kept praying, 'Please don't be too big... By all means, please don't be too big...

"It's only two arms..." Lin Yun casually replied.

"Fortunately, fortunately, only two ar..." Karon seemed relieved for a moment, before suddenly realizing what this young Great Mage had actually said. Karon's face suddenly paled before looking at Lin Yun with disbelief. "Two... Two arms?"

After saying that, Karon suddenly felt the surroundings darkening. 'How could the stakes be so huge!'

"Right, Suyass proposed the gamble and bet an arm. He used High Mage Solomon for a 'demonstration', so I felt that one arm wasn't satisfying enough and immediately proposed two arms instead."

"Merlin, listen to me, listen to me..." Karon almost went mad on the spot and simply didn't care about the audience as he pulled Lin Yun aside. "Suyass is too young, don't lower yourself to his level, can you let him go?"

"Suyass is too young?" Lin Yun looked at Suyass and saw that he was at least 45... How could that be considered young?

"Eh..." Karon also noticed that his words were a bit wrong. When it came to age, Suyass was at least twice as old as Merlin. The problem was that it wasn't necessarily the oldest one who would win in the field of alchemy. "What I meant is that Suyass' brain has had problems since he was born, don't lower yourself to his level, okay?"