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 As they reached Lullaby Forest, the three people stayed there for a month after Osul's invitation.

During that month, aside from having some interaction with Osul regarding alchemy, Lin Yun would also spend time studying the 8th character of the Book of Death. Lin Yun finally cracked it after half a month, and just as he had expected, the 8th character's might was far superior to that of the preceding seven.

This was the true power of the Book of Death...

The 8th character was named "unlimited" by Lin Yun...

This came from a time when Lin Yun left Osul's wooden house at night. He found a pack of Shadow Wolves, and the moment the 8th character appeared, Lin Yun truly got the feeling of being unlimited.

It was a state that couldn't be described with words... There were no more incantations, no more gestures...

Under the unlimited state, with just a thought, the corresponding spell would appear. Moreover, these spells wouldn't be affected by a need for mana, completely freeing him from the possibility of mana exhaustion. The pack of Shadow Wolves around level 18 was instantly annihilated by him.

Only after the unlimited state wore off did Lin Yun dazedly looked at his hands. That state was too incredible, too unimaginable.

After all, spellcasting itself was very cumbersome and complicated, but when in that state, those complex things lost all meaning. He didn't even need to think about what to do, he only had to cast one spell after the other...

It was too simple...

But this simplicity had a very high price.

When Lin Yun opened the Book of Death, he found out that the five Ultimate Spells stored within had instantly dimmed, and the huge amount of Soul Fires had been consumed clean.

After all, the Soul Fires were supplying energy for the five Ultimate Spells.

At this time, Lin Yun couldn't help feeling a bit of a headache. The death energy of over a thousand Skeleton Warriors had been used to supply these five Ultimate Spells, but that same energy had only been able to support seven seconds of the unlimited state.

And this was only for the 8th character.

By the time he cracked the later characters, wouldn't the Soul Fires needed to use them soar astronomically?

'Looks like I really have to conquer the Undead Plane. The Bone Plane's Soul Fires won't even support the unlimited state, let alone the rest of the Book of Death's characters.'

He estimated that only the terrifying high-level Undead beings roaming the Undead Plane could keep up with the astonishing consumption of the Book of Death.

Lin Yun finally understood at this time why Bane would always think about conquering the Undead Plane for several millennia.

It wasn't that Bane wanted to challenge his limits, but rather, the black hole that was the Book of Death forced him to challenge the Undead Plane...

Lin Yun pondered about his future path while quietly returning to Osul's wooden house.

But just as he opened the door, he was caught by Osul in the middle of conducting one of his experiments.

For the past month, Osul had been acting like what could only be considered an addict...

As one of the few Artisans of the kingdom, there weren't that many people that could discuss alchemy with him. And now that he had found the unconventional Lin Yun, how could Osul let him off? He would grab Lin Yun to chat every day until midnight. Only when Lin Yun kept yawning exaggeratedly would Osul unwillingly be forced to let him rest.

He couldn't help it since it was far too rare for him to find such a suitable conversation partner.

Although that young Great Mage was only a Master Alchemist, his theoretical alchemy knowledge was very deep, to an extent that Osul had rarely seen in his life. And he would often offer some thought-provoking opinions that would give Osul a flash of insight, despite being an Artisan that had been immersed in alchemy for hundreds of years.

It was the same earlier that day. When the sky started to darken, Osul had let go of the yawning Lin Yun, but when he returned, Osul strangely asked, "Oh, Merlin, how come your mana fluctuations feel a bit more powerful..."

"Oh?" Lin Yun thought of something and hurriedly returned to his room.

Sure enough, as he returned to his room, he noticed that his 6th Magic Array had formed without him noticing.

No, not just the 6th Magic Array, even half of the 7th Magic Array had already formed. Given enough time, he would most likely become a 7th Rank Great Mage!

'What happened?'

Lin Yun couldn't understand, but he did think of a possibility.

'Was it caused by the unlimited state? That's right, thinking about it, that might truly be the case...'

The unlimited character in itself was condensed from an endless amount of runes, forming that character filled with frightening power. Deciphering the unlimited character was another way of carving the Magic Array.

Lin Yun tried rousing his 6th Magic Array.

And sure enough, besides the runes he had obtained from the Reincarnation Eyes, the 6th Magic Array contained a few runes he had never seen before.

After a careful comparison, Lin Yun found out that these runes were shockingly similar to some parts of the unlimited character.

After figuring that out, Lin Yun couldn't help being surprised, prompting him to take out the Book of Death again.

But this time, Lin Yun no longer tried to decipher the characters on the Book of Death, and he instead memorized them before trying to use the thousands of runes stored to start a simulation.

Lin Yun's first simulation could only be described as awkward...

It was sure to happen, as this was a path that no one had ever taken before. In Noscent's long history, not one Magic Array owner could merge such mysterious characters within the Magic Array.

The simulation failed, as expected...

But Lin Yun wasn't the least bit discouraged, he quickly started again, and again...

By the next evening, Lin Yun had already conducted over a hundred simulations, but they all failed.

Yet he still wasn't worried.

Since he chose to walk on a path no one ever took before, he was ready to face the thorns covering that path.

It was a path fated to be filled with danger...

But Lin Yun believed that as long as he kept pressing on, he would reach the end of the path sooner or later. And the scenery he would be able to see then would be something that no other mages, even those from ancient times, would ever be able to see.

Days slowly passed, and the second half of the month soon reached its end. During that time, Lin Yun rarely interacted with Osul, causing this Artisan to complain a few times. Almost all of Lin Yun's time was used to simulate the Book of Death.

Failure, failure, another failure...

This half a month had been spent in failures.

But Lin Yun knew that he was walking on the right path because he could feel his magic power increasing every day at a shocking speed and his Magic Arrays being refined one after the other. Half a month later, Lin Yun possessed nine refined Magic Arrays, becoming a 9th Rank Great Mage!

And this was all due to the Book of Death...

After staying in the Lullaby Forest for a month, the three men returned to Thousand Sails City. Jouyi and Solomon went back to the Sage Tower while Lin Yun rushed to the Gilded Rose. The three men separated after reaching the city.

When Lin Yun reached the Gilded Rose, it was already evening, but the store was still incredibly lively. Lin Yun found William in the alchemy workshop only to learn that the major forces of Thousand Sails City were busy expanding and that the Gilded Rose was crushed by the huge number of orders.

At first, the old butler had raised the price in order to make some of them cancel a few orders...

This was the method most alchemy shops, and sellers in general, would use when they were unable to increase the production. Many of them would choose to raise the prices so that they could lose some orders while possibly gaining extra profits.

But raising the prices didn't help this time!

The old butler raised the prices of most items by 30%, but it still didn't matter! The orders came flying like snowflakes during a storm. Every major force was becoming crazy, fighting as if there was an arms race, frightening the old butler into sending some people to check if something was happening!

After asking, he learnt that something truly was happening!

Moreover, his young master was also involved...

It was the joint exploration of the Vaughn Treasury. Nearly every major force of Thousand Sails City would participate in this exploration. And in order to gain more benefits from the exploration, almost every force chose to spend whatever was necessary to prepare.

It was then that the old butler learnt that raising the prices wouldn't be enough.

He could only force himself to expand the Gilded Rose once again...

But he didn't need Lin Yun this time to find someone important in the Alchemist Guild.

The Gilded Rose's reputation was too widespread right now. By posting a recruitment flyer, he had over a hundred Alchemists apply the next day, completely surrounding the Gilded Rose.

The old butler went in bluntly and recruited a bit over eighty Alchemist after doing a quick selection. It could be said that besides the Alchemists whose skills were too poor or those with ulterior motives, the old butler recruited everyone.

After this recruitment, the Gilded Rose's team of Alchemists had almost doubled...