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 <p>Dylan's expression worsened.</p><p>In the Ash Tower's hall, Dylan had told Solomon that he should stay close to that youth to protect him properly. He meant to imply that if Solomon ever moved away from him, even just a bit, the Ash Tower's revenge would fall on him.</p><p>This was something Dylan had to do.</p><p>Harrison's injury wasn't just his own problem. It also related to the reputation of the Ash Tower, to Dylan's reputation. If he really let that youth leave Oddrock City unharmed, what would happen to the reputation of the Ash Tower? What would be the point of Dylan having so many subordinates?</p><p>In fact, Dylan had already started planning as soon as he'd turned and left. If Solomon ever wasn't in a situation where he could keep watch over the young mage, Dylan would have someone make a move to exact their revenge on that youth. Dylan simply didn't care about Solomon's reaction. The Ash Tower had already been at war with the Sage Tower for so many years, the two had fought over ten times.</p><p>In other words, Dylan was unable to do anything because of Jouyi, but it didn't mean that Solomon could protect someone while in the territory of the Ash Tower.</p><p>But now, Dylan learnt that this youth might be Jouyi's disciple...</p><p>This changed things... Jouyi was different than Solomon, a genuine peak Archmage, an existence that already touched upon the Extraordinary realm's power. If he was unhappy, then let alone Dylan being unable to endure, even Dylan's teacher, Kave, would be unable to handle it.</p><p>After all, it was the day of the Magic Hand's gathering, the gathering of the strongest mages of the Andlusa kingdom. If the Ash Tower killed Jouyi's disciple at this moment, it would definitely blow up...</p><p>Dylan didn't dare to act further without thinking. He dispatched the young mage, telling him to keep monitoring them. Dylan himself softly chanted an incantation and issued an image transmission request through the crystal ball. The crystal ball's light flashed in response as a strange expression appeared in Dylan's eyes... It could be described as deferential respect.</p><p>...</p><p>Late at night, Lin Yun finished his daily meditation.</p><p>'The speed is too slow...' Lin Yun inspected himself. His 6th Magic Array was already starting to form, but it would take a long time before it was complete.</p><p>Lin Yun had touched the Reincarnation Eyes several times in the Prince Tomb. Each time he touched it was equivalent to experiencing a reincarnation. After over a month, he had accumulated no less than a hundred thousand, half of which had been used to increase his count of Magic Arrays to five, while the remaining half still hadn't been consumed.</p><p>This was because the 6th array was no longer as simple as just piling runes together. Lin Yun had to incorporate these runes into his magic system and make them fuse with his own magic. There was no shortcut unless he met something as amazing as the Reincarnation Eyes. Lin Yun had no choice but to use patience and willpower to carry out a war of attrition.</p><p>In fact, any Magic Conducting Rune needed a large amount of time invested. Let alone a complicated Magic Array, even the lowest and simplest Magic Conducting Rune such as Ice Spark would take at least a year or two, and possibly even up to four years for ordinary mages to complete it.</p><p>Lin Yun's speed was already heaven-defying...</p><p>But for Lin Yun, who had formed so many Magic Arrays in less than two months, this speed was somewhat unbearable. After a day of meditation, Lin Yun was already thinking about giving some benefits to the Merlin Family in order to get the chance to enter the Ancestral Land.</p><p>Perhaps he would be able to find clues related to the Magic Array there.</p><p>"Merlin... Merlin..." At this time, a voice deliberately trying to be quiet came from the hallway. Lin Yun listened carefully and discovered that it was Solomon's voice...</p><p>But why did the voice of this esteemed peak High Mage sound so secretive?</p><p>"Come in, High Mage Solomon..."</p><p>"Shhh, whisper..." Solomon rushed in on tiptoes, still carrying a vigilant expression. That aged faced made Lin Yun feel rather puzzled.</p><p>"High Mage Solomon, what are you doing?"</p><p>"Shh, shhh... Don't say my name so loudly, lest someone hears it!" Solomon fussed while looking around. No one would ever think that this person sneaking around was Thousand Sails City's Mage Guild Leader!</p><p>"Yes yes, I won't mention your name..." Lin Yun rolled his eyes and remained silent.</p><p>After making sure that there was nothing unusual in the room, Solomon relaxed a bit and whispered, "Merlin, do you know why it is called the Ash Tower?"</p><p>"Ah?" Lin Yun almost bit his tongue.</p><p>An esteemed peak High Mage, the Leader of the Sage Tower, Thousand Sails City's strongest mage, had mysteriously sneaked into his room in the middle of the night in order to ask him this?</p><p>Whether he knew why the Ash Tower was named as such?</p><p>Lin Yun wanted to ask if something was wrong with him.</p><p>"I'll tell you. The Ash Tower is called the Ash Tower because..." Solomon didn't know what Lin Yun was thinking about, so he kept going with his mysterious and furtive expression. "The last Heaven Mage of the 3rd Dynasty spent his last days here."</p><p>"You are talking about the Hell Destroyer?"</p><p>"Yes yes yes, that one..." Solomon picked up a cup of water from the table and took a long sip, and he then continued, "It is said that when Rudolph passed away, a small flame was lit from his hand and burnt the entire tower to ashes. Many years later, Rudolph's three disciples rebuilt the Ash Tower..."</p><p>"Oh?" Lin Yun was somewhat interested.</p><p>"In the past, people felt that Rudolph's three disciples rebuilt the Ash Tower in order to commemorate their teacher. Haha, who would have thought that it was only for the relics of the Heaven Mage..."</p><p>"Relics?"</p><p>"Indeed, Rudolph was seriously injured in the Dusk War and knew that his life was at its end, so he buried everything under the tower. In order to get these relics, his disciples rebuilt the Tower of Ash..."</p><p>"How do you know?"</p><p>"Haha, this is all thanks to you..."</p><p>"This is thanks to me?"</p><p>"Have you forgotten that in the Black Horn Auction, you paid for half of a badly damaged incantation?"</p><p>"..." Lin Yun felt like cursing. No wonder Solomon spent so much energy. He had thought that Solomon wanted the Hell Destroyer Incantation, but it turned out that just like himself, Solomon was interested in the scroll itself.</p><p>"You don't need to be so upset, only the master of the Sage Tower could see the secrets of this scroll because the Sage Tower's inheritance also came from Rudolph..."</p><p>"Then why are you looking for me?"</p><p>"Naturally, to invite you. Those are the relics of a Heaven Mage, could it be that you aren't interested? You don't have a good relationship with the Ash Tower. If the Ash Tower holds a Relic, its strength would immediately advance by leaps and bounds. In that case, would your Gilded Rose have a good time?"</p><p>"Turns out it was like that..." Lin Yun attentively watched Solomon for a long time. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. No wonder Jouyi came to the Magic Hand's gathering. Solomon had actually made such a discovery, finding out that there was at least a Heaven Mage Relic hidden under the Ash Tower...</p><p>Lin Yun thought about it, and his heartbeat accelerated.</p><p>But what made Lin Yun's heart beat faster wasn't the Heaven Rank Relic he talked about.</p><p>After coming from 30,000 years in the future, how could Lin Yun not know of the many relics left behind by Heaven Mages, especially those of the 3rd Dynasty? In the era of gravediggers, the relics of the Heaven Mages would rarely be left alone.</p><p>As long as Lin Yun wanted, he could recite the locations of seven or eight relics.</p><p>But unearthing them was another problem altogether...</p><p>Prince Barov's tomb was a perfect example. The last two times he went in, he barely came out alive, but to this day, Lin Yun had only reached the Reincarnation Eyes. As for the core of the tomb, Lin Yun had yet to get that far.</p><p>It was common knowledge that world-shaking items were buried alongside a prince, but the question was whether Lin Yun dared to go farther in. Not to mention the fact that Lin Yun was only a 5th Rank Great Mage, even if he were a 5th Rank High Mage, he still might not have the courage to enter the center of the tomb.</p><p>What truly got Lin Yun's attention was the story about the flame that Solomon mentioned.</p><p>Lin Yun had been envious of Osul's Dusk Fire for some time.</p><p>The Dusk Fire was an innate Magic Flame Spirit. Although it was unable to offer a large boost in strength, it had a value for alchemy that couldn't be estimated. It could be said that Osul's ability to become a Saint Alchemist in the future could largely be attributed to that Dusk Fire.</p><p>Unfortunately, the Dusk Fire was already in Osul's hands.</p><p>Lin Yun knew that even if he imparted Osul with heaven-defying secrets of alchemy, he still wouldn't be willing to trade the Dusk Fire. Thus, Lin Yun didn't expect to acquire the Dusk Fire as his own. He only mentioned that if there was the opportunity, he would hope to borrow the Dusk Fire.</p>