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 When Jouyi saw Osul's face becoming more and more incensed, his heart sank. 'This is truly troublesome,' he worried.

This time, Jouyi was already thinking about subduing Osul if he made any moves. Although he would hurt the feelings of the Artisan, they were both a few hundred years old, and he would always have the chance to explain later.

When he saw Osul taking two steps towards Lin Yun with an ugly look on his face, he thought that he was about to harm him. But Osul stopped and frowned as he asked, "You can fix it?"

'What?' Jouyi had already moved forward to stop Osul, but he suddenly stiffened when he heard those words. As he looked at the two of them, his eyes were filled with unconcealed doubts.

'When did Osul become so self-restrained?'

Whatever the case, this finally let Jouyi sigh in relief. As long as Osul didn't become hostile, there would still be a way out. As he thought about this, Jouyi secretly gave Lin Yun a meaningful glance, wanting to make him take advantage of this opportunity to hurriedly apologize.

But he was surprised when Lin Yun immediately shook away his meaningful glance.

"Haha, of course I can't..."

"..." Jouyi felt like cursing. 'Fuck, if I weren't here, do you think you could speak so much with Osul? Do you think that there is any meaning in bothering an Artisan?'

Lin Yun didn't feel nervous at all. He didn't even care about Osul's worsening expression, and after chuckling, he added, "But an Artisan like Sir Osul shouldn't forget the 4th Formula of the Primal Chaos Theory."

Osul was distracted for an instant, before displaying a disapproving expression. "You are talking about the Thoradin Formula? That's impossible, although the Thoradin Catalyst could activate many effects, it can't reconstitute an already failed Heaven Awakening."

"What if you add Holy Sand?"

"Impossible!" Osul didn't think for long before shaking his head at Lin Yun's opinion. "Holy Sand contains the purest holy energy, it simply cannot blend into the Thoradin Catalyst!"

"Haha, Sir Osul..." Lin Yun's voice was neither slow nor fast as he calmly explained, "Who told you that Holy Sand must be blended into the Thoradin Catalyst, couldn't it be the other way around?"

Silence filled the wooden house after these words. Osul looked at Lin Yun with an extremely strange expression for no less than a minute, before suddenly jumping up...


Jouyi never thought that the Artisan that he'd known for hundreds of years had such a lively side. He watched as Osul rushed to his refining table and moved his hands as if he were performing tricks, grabbing four or five magic materials, one of which was a small bottle of golden sand that emitted a golden light and a holy aura when brought out, making everyone feel warmth welling up within them.

This was Holy Sand, rumored to be a rare material transformed from the first ray of dawn. Such a small bottle of it could easily be exchanged for at least one Spiritual Magic Tool.

Artisan Osul's work was like an alchemy textbook, accurate and smooth, almost machine-like. He completed the special Thoradin Catalyst in a short three minutes.

This Thoradin Catalyst was special because Holy Sand was used as a medium for it.

"Merlin..." Osul held this special Thoradin Catalyst but didn't dare to mix it with the Heaven Awakening Potion. After calling out to Lin Yun, he found out that he wasn't being respectful enough for someone asking a question, and thus changed his way of address after some hesitation. "That is... Great Mage Merlin, is it really effective?"

"Won't you know if you try it?"


Even Jouyi couldn't keep listening to Lin Yun's words. That was a Heaven Awakening Potion, which was worth a True Spirit Magic Tool! There would be only one chance to save the potion, yet he didn't seem to be taking it seriously.

Unfortunately, no matter how much Jouyi stared at Lin Yun, the latter didn't say a word.

Osul could only hope for the best as he poured the special Thoradin Catalyst into the compound that was devoid of mana fluctuations.

They now had to wait...

The Thoradin Catalyst was like that: it took a very long time to stimulate the effects of a potion, not to mention that this particular catalyst was very special, as it used the purest Holy Sand as a medium, increasing the time needed to take effect at least once over.

Osul naturally knew of the Thoradin Catalyst's properties and thus was prepared to wait. But this Artisan couldn't help being nervous as time slowly passed. After all, this was testing a brand new method. If he succeeded, it would lead to him making a huge breakthrough in the alchemy field.

As the seconds passed, more and more drops of sweat appeared on Osul's forehead. This Artisan had never felt that time was passing so slowly, even wishing that he could make it move faster.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes...

One hour, two hours, three hours...

By the time rays of light shone from the horizon, a weak mana fluctuation was emitted from the Heaven Awakening Potion.

"Come on!" Osul, who had been pacing in the wooden house, instantly jumped up when he felt this mana fluctuation.

"Don't worry, let the Thoradin Catalyst's effect stabilize." Lin Yun, who had been recuperating with his eyes closed, suddenly interjected.

"Yes yes, yes..." Osul had been about to rush over, but he stopped himself. With a voice that didn't have the same impatience as before, he happily said, "I was too excited, I was too excited..."

"Haha..." This was the third time Lin Yun chuckled at Osul since he entered the wooden house.

But this time, Lin Yun's chuckle didn't feel as annoying and ear-piercing as before to Osul. He attentively watched the Heaven Awakening Potion as if he was afraid the beaker would sprout wings and escape.

The mana fluctuations of the Heaven Awakening Potion gradually became stronger...

It was only a trace at first, but it gradually stabilized at the Extraordinary Realm. At this time, Osul no longer looked at the Heaven Awakening Potion because he knew the Thoradin Catalyst had already produced results. Next, the mana fluctuations would gradually increase until it reached the true level of a Heaven Awakening Potion.

This was like rising from Hell to Heaven for Osul.

After all, Osul had used over half of his collection for this bottle of Heaven Awakening Potion over the past few months. He had been full of confidence at first, but he had then met another failure in the end.

This was the 3rd time Osul failed to compound the Heaven Awakening Potion.

The moment the Heaven Awakening Potion failed, Osul started wondering whether there was a mistake in his knowledge of alchemy.

Otherwise, why would he fail three times in a row?

But now that there was a trace of mana fluctuations being emitted, he knew that he'd succeeded.

The successful compounding of this bottle of Heaven Awakening would inevitably give him a huge breakthrough in the field of alchemy.

And this all was because of that young Great Mage Merlin reminding him that he should use the Thoradin Catalyst. It was he who told him to use the Holy Sand as a medium.

"Merlin... Great Mage Merlin, I really don't know how to thank you..." Osul stood there rubbing his thumbs, bewildered. He was nervous and excited at the same time, not at all like an Artisan towering on the field of alchemy. He actually looked like an Apprentice Alchemist who had just started to tread the path of alchemy.

"Haha, it was just a small effort, nothing more." Lin Yun smiled, feigning modesty.

When it came to the field of alchemy, Lin Yun, as a Master, couldn't compare to an Artisan like Osul.

But Lin Yun had over 30,000 years of knowledge on Osul.

Who knew how many prodigious talents had appeared in those 30,000 years? They summarized all kinds of experiences and developed all kinds of skills that simply couldn't be reproduced in a single era.

Was it difficult to use Holy Sand as a medium in the Thoradin Catalyst?

Of course not.

Any Master Alchemist could accomplish such a simple task. But this Thoradin Catalyst had only appeared for less than a hundred years, and no one had thought of this particular use yet.

As time went by, the alchemists would have a better grasp on the Thoradin Catalyst and there would naturally be some geniuses who would try to change the recipe, and that would be when new techniques would rise.

The only thing Lin Yun did was to tell Osul about this technique in advance.

But to Osul, Lin Yun's small effort was like opening a door to the path to the peak of alchemy. It could be said that as long as Osul was willing, he could follow Lin Yun's train of thought and have even bigger breakthroughs with the Thoradin Catalyst, giving him huge accomplishments that would shock all of Noscent.