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 "Haha, I just came to visit an old friend, do you have to react like that?"

Seeing Jouyi like this, Lin Yun couldn't help feeling suspicious. 'Does that man have some dirt on Jouyi? Why else would such a peak existence shed his integrity and don a smiling face?'

"Visiting an old friend?" Lin Yun guessed right. Jouyi's words caused a huge reaction from Osul. The latter angrily looked at him and roared, "You are saying that? How many magic materials have I lost to you in the past few years! Last time you came, it was a bottle of Dragon Transformation Potion! The time before that you took two Time Potions! And there was another one before that... Hey Jouyi, did you think this place was your private alchemy laboratory? Fuck off for me, don't you dare think of taking even one more potion from me!"

"..." When Lin Yun heard that, he couldn't help glancing at Jouyi awkwardly. That Star Sage's accomplishments could be said to be glorious...

Two Time Potions, those weren't something an ordinary Master Alchemist could compound, just like the Ghost Potion that Lin Yun had taken out at that time. As long as he could compound the Time Potion, that would be equivalent to having a foot at the peak of the Master Alchemist Realm, just below a step away from being an Artisan. In the entire Andlusa Kingdom, the Master Alchemists capable of compounding the Time Potion could be counted on one hand.

And this was only with regards to the technical aspect.

The Time Potion needed a total of five magic materials, four of which could easily be found in the alchemy market. However, the last one had already become extinct during the middle of the 3rd Dynasty.

That was the Frost Witch Tear.

It was rumored to be a mysterious fruit that only grew in lands of extreme coldness. And its growing cycle was extremely long. One Frost Witch Tear needed at least several hundred years to completely mature, and it also contained a fragment of the Ice Law. A few Extraordinary Realm sealing spells were needed to use the Frost Witch Tear as a magic material.

However, very few Frost Witch Tears were produced. Let alone in Noscent, even among the various planes, only the Black Horn chamber of commerce's Glacier Plane could produce a few Frost Witch Tears. Moreover, those Frost Witch Tears would already be used by the Black Horn chamber of commerce the moment they reached Noscent. Over the years, there had never been a Frost Witch Tear flowing into the market.

And Lin Yun had never heard any rumors of Time Potions being crafted...

He hadn't expected that he would actually hear of such a shocking piece of news in a wooden house in the Lullaby Forest. Star Sage Jouyi actually took three Time Potions... No wonder that man would be so vigilant towards Jouyi. This truly wasn't Osul being stingy, Lin Yun would have already unleashed the watchdog to see if he would still say such rubbish.

At this time, Lin Yun looked at Jouyi with a faint hint of admiration.

Unfortunately, Jouyi wasn't enjoying this admiration, he was now busy apologizing.

He actually spent a lot of effort before managing to pacify Osul.

"So, what did you come for this time?"

"Haha, nothing, nothing, I mainly came to ask if you would like to go to the Magic Hand gathering the day after tomorrow?"

"Do you have such good intentions?"

"Erm..." Jouyi looked at Osul guiltily while awkwardly fiddling with his thumbs. "I also need to ask, do you have a bottle of Shelter Potion?"


Let alone Osul, even Lin Yun felt that the morals of that Star Sage had truly reached the limits. The Shelter Potion was also a peak Master Realm potion. It was even more valuable than the Time Potion. One such bottle could be exchanged for a Spiritual Magic Tool, but that wasn't how Jouyi asked... He asked if he "had a bottle" while giving a frivolous feeling like he was asking if he had any cabbage.

"No, I don't have any!"

"Liar, I obviously smelled a Flame Flower..."

"That was for compounding Heaven Awakening Potions!" Osul was getting emotional, nearly yelling at Jouyi.

But he hadn't expected that Jouyi's eyes would suddenly shine at his words. "Haha, I knew you had Heaven Awakening Potions..."

Lin Yun almost laughed when he heard that.

No wonder that Star Sage acted like that after entering the wooden house. Turned out he was after the Heaven Awakening Potion...

This was actually quite normal. A Heaven Awakening Potion was the sign of an Artisan. A peak Archmage like Jouyi could fight for a day while using the power of a Heaven Mage after drinking it. Just this increase in power was enough to be regarded as gamebreaking.

Moreover, the impact it would have on Jouyi, who had already touched upon the limit to Heaven Rank, couldn't be estimated.

Using walking as an analogy...

The current Jouyi was walking on a path full on unknowns, and he didn't know how long that path was, nor what was at the end of the path, or even if he was walking on a side path or the main path. But after drinking that Heaven Awakening Potion and gaining the power of a Heaven Rank Mage, Jouyi would know where the path ended as well as how to get there in the most cost-efficient way.

It could be said that as long as he had a bottle of Heaven Awakening, the trouble to reach Heaven Rank would be lessened at least one or two times.

"Fuck..." Osul looked at Jouyi for a long time before cursing him.

At this time, how could Osul not understand that Jouyi had no interest in some Shelter Potion, rather, he was interested in the Heaven Awakening Potion that he had just compounded. 'That scoundrel must have known from the start. If he told me right away, I wouldn't have acknowledged it, so he went around it.'

'Fuck, I really need to get rid of that crook...'

"Osul, you aren't going to be like that, are you..." Jouyi was calm and collected now. He was smiling at Osul while not forgetting to add a few sentences. "When we found the Dusk Fire, I didn't even frown as I gave it to you. The only requirement was that I could get a few alchemy potions from you from time to time. I truly didn't expect you to be the kind of scum that would go back on his words after being helped... The Dusk Fire let you reach Artisan level from previously being a Master Alchemist, yet you don't even want to part with a few bottles of Heaven Awakening Potion..."

"A few bottles!" Osul looked as if his tail had been stepped on. He almost jumped up as he said, "Don't even speak of a few bottles, I don't even have one bottle!"

"You said there were some..."

While the two old men were arguing, a shocked expression suddenly appeared on Lin Yun's face.

He had finally recalled who that Osul was.

He was the renowned Saint Osul. One of the few in the Planar Colonization Era of Noscent's history that were titled as Saint Alchemists.

It was said that this Saint Osul had compounded countless potions during his time and was considered Noscent's most prolific potion crafter in Noscent history. Many people said that it was because Saint Osul had a True Spirit Magic Tool in his hands, the Dusk Fire.

The Dusk Fire was a True Spirit Magic Tool tailor-made for alchemists. It didn't carry a lot of power by itself, but the Magic Tool Incarnation was a spirit that could produce magic flames, and it was innately an expert at operating all sorts of magic flames. When used for compounding, it would make alchemist save half the work.

It could be said that the reason Osul could become famous as Saint Alchemist during the Plane Colonization era was mostly due to this True Spirit Magic Tool.

But the Dusk Fire's Incarnation shouldn't have awakened yet.

It was supposed to awaken three hundred years later, which is when Osul became a Saint Alchemist. In other words, Lin Yun could cooperate with this future Saint Alchemist so that they would get along!

This was a win-win situation in Lin Yun's eyes.

If everything went smoothly, Osul would be able to advance a few centuries earlier while Lin Yun would obtain a 2nd rich private plane.

Naturally, that was if Osul was willing to cooperate.

While Lin Yun was secretly plotting, Osul had already been cornered by the Star Sage. After saying "follow me" he turned back into his laboratory with the three people in tow.

"This is the Heaven Rank Potion you want!" Osul pointed at a beaker on a refining table, introducing it with a depressed tone.

"Eh..." Even though Jouyi's achievements in the field of alchemy weren't high, he still displayed an awkward expression after seeing that beaker.

The beaker was holding some golden liquid, sparkling like real gold. The Flame Flower's unique smell assaulted their noses as it slowly spread from the beaker. It was just like the description of the Heaven Awakening Potion in the book.

The only difference was that no mana fluctuations were released from the beaker.

The Heaven Awakening Potion was a potion used to rouse potential. It was composed of all kinds of magic materials, and each kind contained a shocking amount of magic power. There would be only one situation where it would end up turning into a substance devoid of mana fluctuations, which was if Osul failed to compound the Heaven Awakening Potion.

"How about you try and drink it?"

"Eh, no need to be so polite..." Although Jouyi longed to obtain the Heaven Awakening Potion, he still wouldn't have the guts to try a failed potion. If it turned out to be poisonous, wouldn't he have only himself to blame?

"Sir Osul, this isn't necessarily a failure..."