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 Indeed, Lin Yun didn't see wrong, it truly was a carriage!

Jouyi wasn't polite with Lin Yun at all, he called a carriage from Thousand Sails City and even made Lin Yun pay the fee. It shook on its way to the "far" Oddrock City.

When it was late in the evening, the carriage stopped at a small village near the Lullaby Forest.

Lin Yun gingerly went down, planning to find a hotel for the night.

Nothing could be done about it, he was the youngest of the three; moreover, Solomon was sick, and Jouyi was the master of the Cloud Tower. In any case, this could only fall on Lin Yun.

But Lin Yun discovered that Jouyi followed him down the carriage.

"It's okay, you can go back." Lin Yun then saw Jouyi throw a small pouch of golds to the driver.

"Thank you, thank you..." The driver reached out to grab the golds while showing a pleased expression. There were at least a hundred golds in that pouch. Not to mention Thousand Sails City's fees, this was enough to buy ten such carriages.

"Sir Jouyi, this is...?" Seeing the driver leaving, Lin Yun was puzzled as he wondered, 'What is Jouyi up to?'

He used such a primitive way of moving to get there, but after reaching this small town, he spent a pouch of coins to send it back. Wasn't it superfluous? Could it be that he would call another carriage tomorrow? Or are they going to be using Flight to hurry on their way from here?

Lin Yun couldn't help looking at him with a strange expression.

If it weren't for Jouyi being old, Lin Yun would have asked if he was playing around, could he not tell this process annoying?

"I want to meet someone, you two follow me."


"Ah what? I won't make you run around for nothing..." Jouyi threw Lin Yun a displeased glance. Although he didn't know the meaning of the boy's gaze, Jouyi could guess that he was definitely not thinking anything friendly.

"Where are you going?" Hearing that he wouldn't be there in vain, Lin Yun's tone suddenly changed. After asking, he didn't forget to add, "Oh yeah, can I borrow Black Death Rune for another three months?"

"..." Jouyi didn't say anything, but his expression was pitch-black as he led the two through the small village.

Soon, the three entered the Lullaby Forest.

The Lullaby Forest was located between Thousand Sails City and Oddrock City. Although this place wasn't Edge Rift, being occupied by a powerful Rock Troll clan, there were still many magic beasts walking through the forest. Most of them were magic beasts over level 20, and if one was lucky enough, or unlucky depending on the cases, they might even meet a level 30 magic beast. Although Thousand Sails City and Oddrock City had numerous mercenaries, only the first five ranked mercenary groups of each town would hunt in the Lullaby Forest.

Naturally, this was only for ordinary mercenary groups.

To the three that came tonight, it was just another matter altogether.

Of the three, one was a 9th Rank Archmage, one was a 9th Rank High Mage, and the weakest was a 5th Rank Great Mage. But that weakest just proved in Thousand Sails City that he had the strength to drag a 9th Rank High Mage with him to death.

This kind of group would rarely be found in the Andlusa kingdom. If they formed a mercenary group, maybe even the Silver Moon Mercenaries could only be crushed.

Of course, they wouldn't be that bored.

The three entered the Lullaby Forest, Jouyi in the lead, Solomon in the middle, and Lin Yun closing the formation. Like a charging bull, they rushed their way through the Lullaby Forest, and on the way, Lin Yun only did one thing, which was to maintain the Light spell's illumination. Everything else was left for Jouyi to handle.

At this time, besides a Runic Shield darkening and brightening at times on this peak Archmage's body, there was not the least bit of indication showing a spell being cast. But with this, not a single magic beast approached within thirty meters of Jouyi ever since he entered the Lullaby Forest.

Lin Yun saw a few magic beasts hidden in the thickets suddenly turning to ashes when they approached the thirty-meter boundary.

This kind of omnipotent, omnidirectional power made even Lin Yun feel alarmed. A few times, Lin Yun even pondered how long could he last if he was like one of those magic beasts... 10 seconds? Five seconds?

Jouyi used such a frightening method to leisurely stroll through the Lullaby Forest...

There was no need to mention Solomon...

Lin Yun had to keep the Light on, but besides coughing and walking, Solomon didn't move a single finger.

It had been an hour when Jouyi stopped near a thicket.


"Where is this?" Lin Yun followed Jouyi's gaze and could see a wooden house a few hundred meters away. The tree house seemed somewhat old-fashioned and had clearly gone through many repairs. It was covered with traces of wind and tears. And at the moment, the entrance to the wooden house was devoid of a door. In the evening wind of the Lullaby Forest, it issued a long grinding noise.

'No way, there is someone actually living here?'

The first thought appearing in Lin Yun's mind was that the master of this tree house was truly courageous. Although this Lullaby Forest had no Dragon Den or Tiger Lair, there were still some Level 30 magic beasts roaming around from time to time. Living in such a place needed more than just some courage.

'Hold on...'

Just as Lin Yun was secretly feeling admiration, he suddenly felt something wrong. That exceptionally old-fashioned tree house seemed to be filled with very strange mana fluctuations.

Indeed, these mana fluctuations were truly too strange. They wouldn't give a very powerful feeling at first, but it felt as if they were everywhere. Lin Yun only stood a few hundred meters away from them, yet he could feel them slowly coil around him, and moreover, they were slowly invading his own Magic Array.

Fortunately, Lin Yun had the Magic Array.

After rousing the Magic Arrays, these strange mana fluctuations disappeared, but that pervasive feeling remained lingering in Lin Yun's heart. These mana fluctuations gave Lin Yun a feeling of déjà vu.

"After going in, remember to talk less." Jouyi didn't answer to Lin Yun's question, warning him with a low voice instead, before leading the two to the wooden house.

Jouyi reached the wooden house and reached his hand out to open the invisible wooden door. Lin Yun then felt a pungent odor assaulting his nose...

"Flame Flower?" Lin Yun was suddenly started. This smell was 100% coming from a Flame Flower.

That was a first-rate magic material, and a very rare one at that. Many alchemists believed that Flame Flowers were already extinct in Noscent and could only be found in planes rich in fire elements.

Lin Yun was also skeptical about this.

Because in the following era, there had never been a Flame Flower appearing in Noscent, nor were there any potions concocted from it.

He didn't expect to come across the smell of one in a wooden house in the Lullaby Forest.

"Fuck, how come you are here again Jouyi, didn't I tell you to not come and bother me again? Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude..." Just as Jouyi opened the door, a very impatient and angry voice came out from inside...

"..." Lin Yun suddenly held his breath. Jouyi was a peak Archmage, only one step away from reaching the Heaven Rank. The owner of that voice dared to use that tone with Jouyi, how bold was he?

Lin Yun then found out that...

Not only did that person dare to say that, but he also dared to act.

Just as his voice fell, a beaker was thrown over. Even a bang was heard as it disappeared under his foot.

"Haha, hey, Osul, you don't need to be so violent when an old friend is visiting..." Lin Yun didn't expect that the peak Archmage, Jouyi, wouldn't even get angry... No, this wasn't just not getting angry, this time, Jouyi could simply be described as shameless.

Seeing Jouyi's flattering smile, Lin Yun even suspected that if a tail grew, Jouyi would be wagging it happily.

'Damn! Is this the behavior of a peak Archmage?'

Lin Yun felt his entire world being overturned.

'But, Osul... Why does it sound familiar?'

While Lin Yun was secretly feeling puzzled, a grizzled older man walked out from the room. At first look, the old man was almost 60. He was dressed in a faded, pale gray robe with visible stains. It shouldn't have been washed in months.

Although the mana fluctuations coming out from Osul were quite powerful, they were still far from Jouyi's Extraordinary level fluctuations.

"Fuck..." After the old man came out of the room, he instantly noticed Lin Yun and Solomon, and his expression became heavy. "Jouyi, you bastard. You are disturbing my experiments again and even brought two people. Do you really think that I cannot take you on?"