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 The old man's voice was very soft, his steps were very gentle, he had a thin figure, and his head was full of grey hair. He looked no different from an ordinary old man.

But after the old man's words, the entire lobby became quiet. Gusts of winds no longer whistled past, mana no longer flowed, and the hostility instantly disappeared. It was as if everything was frozen.

It felt as if that ordinary old man was carrying some indescribable magic power. Just walking down the stairs made everyone feel boundless pressure.

"So?" Although Lin Yun was only a 5th Rank Great Mage, he was the most sensitive to the flow of mana and to the change of the magic elements. In this boundless pressure, Lin Yun could feel that this power wasn't coming from the old man himself, but rather from the world.

Lin Yun instantly understood that this was most likely the rumored Extraordinary Power.

Star Sage Jouyi was now only a step away from being a Heaven Rank existence. Although he hadn't truly mastered the Extraordinary Power, his understanding of Extraordinary power already surpassed all Archmages. The mana fluctuations he emitted now had a shadow of Extraordinary Power.

When Lin Yun had been dragged into the world of the Book of Death, he experienced the power of a peak Archmage. But this power infinitely close to the Heaven Rank, the power that could cause destruction with a simple move, this was something Lin Yun was experiencing for the first time. This was the power of the world's laws, a frightening power that didn't belong to humans.

Now, that old man who had already touched the realm of Extraordinary Power was slowly walking down the stairs before stopping in the middle of the Gilded Rose's lobby, emitting boundless power. Even Sauss and Cadgar, who were the furthest away, felt breathless.

Not to mention Hoen, who was bearing the brunt of the force.

This 9th Rank High Mage was now holding tightly onto his magic staff, maintaining the gesture of the Wind Pythons, but his square face was twisted. It was a strange expression filled with anger, shock, doubt, and fear.

It was as if a mysterious force had extracted all those expressions before mixing them together on Hoen's face.

At this moment, Hoen was dumbfounded. His eyes were looking at Jouyi with shock and fear, but also still devoid of guilt.

Indeed, he truly felt that he wasn't guilty of anything.

This was the same feeling as innocently walking along the road at night and attracting a wolf by humming. Hoen truly didn't understand. He had only mentioned Sir Jouyi's name, he had only told Solomon not to get involved, how could he be so unlucky as to attract Sir Jouyi's wrath?

"You just said that no one could save Merlin?" Jouyi only stood there, his words not carrying a hint of anger.

But Hoen's face turned deathly pale, and beads of sweat were sliding down from his forehead. This previously imposing 9th Rank Great Mage was now unable to say anything due to fear in front of Jouyi.

Jouyi took over the Cloud Tower three hundred years ago. During these three hundred years, Jouyi carried the Cloud Tower to the peak of the Andlusa Kingdom almost all on his own. Even the Gaugass Battlemages of the powerful Black Tower couldn't make Jouyi retreat half a step. To every mage of the Cloud Tower, Jouyi's position could be said to be supreme. Their feelings towards Jouyi already couldn't be described with just fear and respect.

It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Jouyi was like a God in the Cloud Tower!

Now, the Cloud Tower's sole God was standing in front of him, and even when he didn't show his anger, Hoen was still paralyzed from fear.

"Solomon doesn't have the qualifications to order you? Then am I qualified to order you?" This was Jouyi's second sentence aimed at Hoen, and he had frowned this time.

And Hoen completely collapsed.

"My apologies, Sir Jouyi, I didn't know Merlin was with you..." Hoen almost cried on the spot.

At this time, Hoen already knew that Leon would definitely suffer in vain. Not to mention the fact that Mafa Merlin was powerful, even if he were ordinary, as long as he was sheltered by Sir Jouyi, it wasn't something an insignificant Leon could deal with.

And it wasn't just a matter of suffering in vain for Leon.

If Mafa Merlin held a grudge and said a few words in front of Sir Jouyi, then let alone Leon, even Hoen might follow Leon in his lack of luck, despite being a 9th Rank High Mage.

Hoen didn't dare to say anything further. He only hoped that Mafa Merlin wouldn't pursue this. What about Mana Shackles, what about magic materials, they had long since been forgotten by Hoen.

But Hoen didn't think that the frowning Star Sage's face would turn grave after hearing his words.

"What, you think I am taking sides with Merlin?"

"No no no, I didn't mean this. Sir Jouyi, please listen to my explanation..." Hoen almost peed his pants, trying to explain as he shook his head frantically.

"Okay, Hoen, you don't need to explain. I watched you grow up. How could I not know what you are thinking? Don't you feel that I'm personally sheltering Merlin? Don't you feel that I'm compelling you to agree?"

"No no no... Star Sage Jouyi, I truly didn't have this idea. Let... Let me explain okay?" Hoen urgently said. With each word from Jouyi, he was feeling more and more scared. Siding, compel, it was as if Hoen was repeatedly being slapped.

Moreover, Hoen still didn't dare to run.

Besides incoherently asking to explain himself, he was unable to actually say anything.

"Idiot!" After reaching this point, Jouyi couldn't help scolding him, "You can't fucking understand? I'm saving you!"


This time, not to mention Hoen being stumped, even Cadgar, Sauss, and Monchi were befuddled. They doubted whether they had misheard Sir Jouyi saying... that he was saving Hoen?

How could this be?

A 9th Rank High Mage would crush any 5th Rank Great Mage in a fight, so how could the 9th Rank High Mage be the one being saved?

At this moment, the three all wondered if Jouyi had mistaken his words.

"You don't believe so?" Jouyi coldly looked at Hoen.

Although there was no expression on the face of that 9th Rank High Mage, his eyes were filled with doubt, completely exposing Hoen's thoughts.

That's right, Hoen didn't believe him at all.

He was a genuine 9th Rank High Mage, and although he wasn't as strong as the Black Tower's Solan, how could he have a problem getting rid of a 5th Rank Great Mage?

'Even if that 5th Rank Great Mage is very powerful, it can't be enough to contend with a 9th Rank High Mage, can it?'

'True, that Mafa Merlin did defeat Leon, who was also a High Mage. But Leon is only a 1st Rank High Mage, comparing Leon to a 9th Rank High Mage is like comparing heaven and earth. Regardless of whether I'm careless, regardless of how abnormal he is, how could I be defeated by such a young mage?'

"Looks like you truly don't believe it..." Jouyi attentively watched Hoen for a moment before finally looking at Lin Yun. "Merlin, you should say something. Can you defeat Hoen?"

"I can't..." Lin Yun didn't think much and directly shook his head.

Hearing Lin Yun's words, all the people in the lobby sighed in relief for some unexplainable reason. For Monchi, who had wanted to profit from Lin Yun's misfortune, the stronger Lin Yun was, the worse it would be for him. But even Cadgar and Sauss, who were on friendly terms with Lin Yun sighed in relief.

This was enough to show how shocking Jouyi's words were...

"Tell him the truth..." Jouyi didn't even raise an eyebrow.

"I truly can't..." Lin Yun resolutely shook his head, but after some time, he added some words. "But High Mage Hoen would definitely die."

"..." The moments those words fell, everyone in the lobby of the Gilded Rose held their breaths.

"I'd definitely die?" Hoen almost burst with rage when he heard those words.

'How could a 5th Rank Great Mage have the confidence to decide the life and death of a 9th Rank High Mage! Even if Sir Jouyi is standing behind you, how could you have such confidence in yourself?'

"Hoen, you shut up..." Jouyi was distracted at first. He then frowned after berating Hoen. He was then silent for a dozen seconds before nodding, "Indeed, Hoen would definitely die. If I didn't come down with Solomon, both of you would die..."

"Yes." After nodding, Lin Yun didn't say anything else.

The people standing in the lobby, including Leon and Hoen, were unable to calm themselves. Although they could understand each word of that discussion between the elder and the youth, their brains still couldn't make sense of it.