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 In the distance, Kane was still in his Elemental Incarnation state, but besides controlling the Day of Destruction spell, Kane didn't cast anything else. He was looking from the distance, watching Lin Yun standing at the erupting volcanic crater at the top of the volcano as he cast a long incantation.

There was a hint of ridicule within Kane's gaze.

That was the core of his spell, where the temperature was extremely high, and it was filled with poisonous fog. It could easily take an Archmage's life at any time. Chanting an incantation in that place... Wasn't it no different from killing oneself?

And so what if Lin Yun managed to complete his spell?

Day of Destruction was already active, so regardless of how that young human struggled, he was bound to become a corpse in the black wasteland.

Unfortunately, Kane's countless years of waiting would end up in another disappointment.

Kane shook his head as looked at the other side with cold eyes, calmly waiting for that long chant to end.

The seconds ticked by...

Lin Yun's incantation became increasingly louder, and the pitch-black cloud was faintly starting to turn red. At first glance, it looked just like the burning sunset as flaming red heat filled the atmosphere, suppressing even the erupting volcano.

When the final rune was cast, the cloud instantly scattered as a huge meteor with a long flaming tail fell from the sky.

If ten other Archmages watched this scene, all ten of them would sigh while shaking their heads. This was simply making a mess! Day of Destruction was an 8th Tier Spell, an extremely powerful fire spell reaching the boundary of the Extraordinary Realm. If one wanted to use the similarly ranked 8th Tier Spell Heavensfall Meteor to contend with it, they could only be described as naive.

"Ridiculous!" Kane coldly snorted from the distance. He originally had some expectations for what the young man had in mind, but after the appearance of the meteor, he lost all his patience.

A huge amount of mana instantly burst out as Day of Destruction's power increased once again. The entire volcano seemed to be roused as it seemed to be on the verge of erupting. The burst power contained within the volcano seemed like it would be to destroy heaven and earth, and even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would have no choice but to dodge that burst of power, let alone Lin Yun, who was still at the top of the volcano.

The frantic flow of lava, the raging volcano, the falling meteor...

This looked like a true apocalypse.

Then, yet another explosion thundered out. The falling meteor crashed into the volcano and exploded, creating spurts of lava reaching several dozen meters into the sky. But at that time, Lin Yun had already completed his Flight incantation and was rushing to take to the sky.

The poisonous miasma in the sky had already been pierced by the meteor, just enough to make a gap for Lin Yun. After flying up, Lin Yun used two spells to disguise his location and hide within the splashing lava.

"Truly naive..." Kane watched the young mage's actions with cold eyes as he calmly waited for his spell to do its work and release truly desctructive power. A dozen meters, several dozen meters, it wouldn't make any difference.

But after Kane waited for a long time, the eruption still didn't happen. No, no, it wasn't that it didn't happen... In fact, it showed signs of cooling down, and even the flowing lava seemed to have lost its source.

"What's going on?" Kane seemed to be shocked for the first time.

"Haha, didn't I tell you that some words shouldn't be said too early..." At this time, Lin Yun had already left the range of the volcano summoned by Day of Destruction and fired his own spell at Kane.

This was crucial for Lin Yun.

Kane's plan had been based on his Day of Destruction spell. Now that Lin Yun had broken away from it, he had a lot of space to manoeuver and didn't have his hands and feet tied like before. How could Lin Yun miss such an opportunity? The instant he left the volcano, he attacked the stunned Kane.

This was the first time Lin Yun held the initiative in this fight.

And it might be the only time...

Having gone through the first exchange, Lin Yun knew how hard it was to get this initiative. Kane's strength was at an unreasonable level, and it wasn't only his might, but also his battle awareness. From the start, Kane had not only displayed overpowering strength, but he also made Lin Yun feel as if he had been stuck in a huge spider web. No matter how much he struggled, that huge spider web remained taut, slowly tightening, making Lin Yun despair little by little.

Up until Lin Yun stood on top of the volcanic crater and let off that Heavensfall that left Kane stunned...

Only Lin Yun knew how crucial that Heavensfall Meteor was. It could be said that this 8th Tier spell was the most perfect spell he had cast ever since he arrived in this era, displaying the best of Lin Yun's casting ability.

Whether it was the meteor's accuracy, or the size of the meteor itself, there was not a single mistake with the spell and it perfectly blocked the volcano's crater.

That's right, the volcanic crater had been blocked by Lin Yun.

This was perhaps the most inexplicable use of this 8th Tier Spell ever since it was first conceived.

Even the Incarnation of the Book of Death wouldn't have thought that such a baffling scene would occur.

The power of Day of Destruction came from the violent eruption, from lava to flames, from the poisonous miasma to the scorching temperature. The last burst also had to come from the volcanic crater.

And in the end, the crater had been blocked by the meteor.

Thus, all the burst power had been suppressed and unable to unleash its destruction on the surroundings.

Of course, as an 8th Tier Spell infinitely close to the Extraordinary Realm, the spell still wouldn't be completely stopped by a meteor. Lin Yun only flew away for about five seconds before that meteor exploded from the might of the spell. But it was meaningless by then since five seconds were enough for Lin Yun to break away from Day of Destruction's range and use the opportunity to launch an attack on Kane.

Lin Yun knew that this was likely to be his only opportunity. If he missed it, he might not have another chance to reverse the tide. Under tremendous pressure, Lin Yun pushed himself to the limit and calculated every detail. Even in an ordinary exchange of spells, Lin Yun would also calculate the variation of spells between both sides.

This is a fight where no mistakes were allowed.

It was fortunate that Lin Yun's Magic Conducting Rune was the Magic Array. Along with his repertoire of spells of an entire era, this gave Lin Yun the capital to confront an abnormal existence like Kane.

But it was only to the level withstanding the fight.

Indeed, at first, the Heavensfall Meteor made Kane feel somewhat surprised, even giving Lin Yun the initiative, but as the Book of Death's Incarnation, his grasp on spells was far superior to that of Lin Yun, who came from the end of the magic era. With each passing second, Lin Yun was losing his initial advantage.

Then, the fight sank into a deadlock.

One was a human from the future, one was the Incarnation of the Extraordinary Book of Death. They kept switching between offense and defense, showing that this was truly an evenly matched battle. At this time, even a true Extraordinary Realm powerhouse might not be able to determine the winner between the two of them. No mistakes, no negligence, all the details were almost perfect.

That fight lasted for a full three hours.

Lin Yun and Kane might have never thought that the victory would be actually be decided by a Wind Blade...

Yes, a Wind Blade.

After a three-hour-long fight, the spells used by both sides had been of lower and lower levels, from 8th Tier to 7th Tier, from 7th to 6th, 6th to 5th...

By the time their mana reached their limits, these two with the power of Archmages actually used 1st Rank Spells to keep fighting.

In the end, Lin Yun used a Wind Blade to cut Kane's throat...

When he finally fell, Kane's face was filled with disbelief. As a peak Archmage realm powerhouse, he had been ended by a Wind Blade... This was simply the greatest joke. Even if they both had little mana remaining in their bodies, it was impossible for an Archmage to be knocked down by a Wind Blade... Even the most basic Mana Shield should be able to block a few dozen Wind Blades.

But regretfully, Kane didn't have the slightest bit of mana remaining when Lin Yun's Wind Blade lightly flew out and softly cut his throat.

"I did tell you earlier, you spoke too soon..." Lin Yun looked at the collapsed Kane and panted as he muttered a few words.

In the end, before Lin Yun's words finished, the black wasteland disappeared and the entire world collapsed. It twisted at first before exploding into countless fragments.

By the time Lin Yun recovered, he was already back in the bony hall. His experience in the black wasteland, his long and strenuous battle seemed to have lasted a split second in the outside world.

But at this time, Lin Yun didn't have the time to think, and he directly grabbed the Book of Death. At the same time, he used Elemental Incarnation and a Flame Path, before immediately following with Flame Flash, instantly leaving the hall. Before he even touched the ground, he cast Haste and used a shocking speed to flee.

An angry Dragon's roar echoed behind him as the entire Bone Peak shook. A frightening aura of Dragon Might spread everywhere, but Lin Yun couldn't care about it anymore. While frantically fleeing, he opened the Book of Death.