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 The Book of Death was there. It looked as if Lin Yun could take this Extraordinary Magic Tool just by walking up and reaching out with his hand.

That was a power surpassing all ordinary living beings. If Lin Yun could control just 1% of its power, it would be enough for him to sweep aside all High Mages and contend against an Archmage. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that this was the kind of power that could let Lin Yun reach the peak in a single step. Having an Extraordinary Magic Tool in this era was equivalent to having the power to stand against a force like the Black Tower.

Lin Yun had entered the Bone Plane four times in half a year, experiencing danger after danger as he struggled his way through, before finally reaching this Book of Death.

But now, as Lin Yun stood in front of his goal, not a hint of happiness was visible within his eyes. They were filled with vigilance instead...

Because he already felt that the mana fluctuations in his hall were very strange...

The mysterious Book of Death was visible within the strange hexagram star formation in the sinister bone hall, but the mana fluctuations seemed to be abnormally fierce here, as if they were igniting. Moreover, it carried a dense smell of sulfur, and just by standing there, he felt a bit of dizziness along with some chest pain.

'Is it an illusion?'

Thinking of that possibility, Lin Yun subconsciously cast Spirit Defense.

'Strange...' But nothing changed in the hall after the spell was cast, making doubt appear on his face.

After all, after coming to this era, Lin Yun had encountered illusions many times.

Even the Death Garden's illusion could be said to have already touched on the frightening existence of the Laws. After casting that Spirit Defense, Lin Yun looked for some clues, but the spell was completely ineffective.

'Is it truly not an illusion? But the flowing mana can't lie...'

To a mage, their sense of the flow of mana was far more reliable than their eyes. What their eyes could see might not necessarily be real, but the truth could always be found by observing the mana.

Due to his hesitation, Lin Yun still didn't dare to step into the hall. Instead, he patiently roused his Magic Arrays to make a thorough analysis of the hall's flow of mana.

At this time, Lin Yun could only be grateful that he chose the most troublesome Magic Array when building his Magic Conducting Rune.

True, the difficulty of forming Magic Arrays was somewhat excessive.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that if Lin Yun had decided on a more typical Magic Conducting Rune, such as the Extreme Forge, which strengthened the might of spells, Time Hand, which improved casting speed, or Endless Spring, which supplied copious amounts of mana, he would have already reached the 9th Rank. Moreover, the power of the Magic Conducting Rune might not necessarily be much inferior to that of the Magic Array.

As for the Magic Array itself...

Even after Lin Yun found the Reincarnation Eyes in the prince tomb and accumulated over a hundred thousand runes in a month, he only became a 5th Rank Great Mage.

It could be seen from this how much trouble it was building the Magic Array.

But, forming such a troublesome Magic Array wasn't just for power. The Magic Array's frightening computational ability was what Lin Yun truly needed. Just like right now; Lin Yun only needed to gather some of the mana within the hall and his Magic Arrays carefully and precisely analyzed it.

After a long minute, Lin Yun slowly stood up. When he opened his eyes, Lin Yun's gaze didn't have the doubt he previously had. 'Turns out it is a spatial overlay...'

Although Lin Yun still couldn't see anything with his eyes, after the analysis of his Magic Array, the mana flowing within the hall was already pictured in his mind, and through that flow of mana, Lin Yun could clearly understand the secret of the hall.

Indeed, that seemingly unobstructed hall actually was two spaces overlaid upon each other.

Fortunately, Lin Yun had been alert.

If he had been overzealous, he would have ended up in huge trouble. Lin Yun couldn't take a single wrong step within the overlaid space. If he did, he would fall into the other space, and from the thick smell of sulfur, that space was most likely the Demon Plane. What would await him there might be Demons, Greater Demons, or even Demon Overlords.

Walking in the rifts between the two spaces wasn't a good idea either. Doing that would result in being cut into countless fragments...

In other words, even though the hall seemed empty, it could be said that Lin Yun didn't have a lot of space to walk in, and these spaces weren't something he could casually pass.

The boundary between the two spaces had already become extremely frail, and it could be said that only if Lin Yun asked an Archmage powerhouse would he be able to open a Planar Path here through Magic Burst.

Naturally, Lin Yun wouldn't do this.

At least not now...

Lin Yun felt his head ache. How could he still have time to think about opening a Planar Path? If he could, Lin Yun would separate the two spaces. That way, he wouldn't have to face the countless Demons...

'I can only do that.' Lin Yun took a deep breath while tightly holding the Spiritual Magic Staff in his hand.

He then stepped into the hall.

The Magic Arrays were roused. A flow of mana clearly appeared in Lin Yun's mind and the entire hall turned into a different world. This was an abstract world, and there was no hexagram star array in that world, nor was there any black book. Only the flow of mana was there, as well as the overlapping spaces.

From the entrance of the hall to the center, there was a total distance of over twenty meters, but Lin Yun knew that these dozens of meters were more troublesome than the few kilometers of the River of Ten Thousand Ghosts.

Sure enough, just as he stepped foot in the hall, the hexagram star array flashed with a dark ray of light before a thick smell of sulfur assaulted his nose.

Lin Yun only heard a screech behind him before the temperature abruptly rose around him. He turned around and caught sight of three Fireballs flying at him.

He reacted quickly, releasing an Ice Fire Shield immediately. The two red and blue lights circled around him rapidly as the three Fireballs exploded on them, and not one managed to get through.

Lin Yun managed to see who had attacked him amidst the flames, three short and sinister monsters. Their skin seemed to be scorched and covered with flame-like magic patterns, and each had a pair of curved horns sprouting from its forehead.

Lin Yun knew that they were Ash Imps, Fire Spirits born from lava. They innately had the power to control flames, and although their level of power was comparable to that of Mages, they usually moved in groups of over several hundreds to a thousand. In a real battle, even many powerful Demons would retreat.

Fortunately, only three of them appeared here...

Lin Yun pointed the Spiritual Magic Staff at them and cast a Frost Ring, freezing the three Ash Imps in an instant under the scattering ice. He didn't waste any time and cast three Tornado Whips to shatter the Ash Imps into pieces.

'Annoying...' Lin Yun's expression didn't ease up after he dealt with the three Ash Imps.

It was because he knew that this was only the beginning.

The two spaces were already overlapping and the boundaries between both had already become extremely frail. It would usually be fine, but stepping into the hall would draw some Demons to the Bone Plane.

This also meant that he would experience a battle at every step...

The only bright side was that these Ash Imps weren't too powerful.

After all, the two spaces weren't completely overlapped. The power that the area could hold was very limited. If a Demon that was too powerful wanted to enter the Bone Plane, it would immediately suffer from rejection from both planes simultaneously.

But even so, it was already troublesome enough.

With the distance between the entrance of the hall and the Book of Death, he would have to fight over twenty battles before reaching the book.

Moreover, he also had to keep in mind that he should never use spells that were too powerful during these battles. It was because the more powerful a spell was, the more easily it would destroy the unstable space. If he wasn't careful and accidentally created some sort of Planar Path, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

After scattering the three Ash Imps, Lin Yun shook his head and once again stepped towards the Book of Death.

After his first experience, Lin Yun was already on guard.

Sure enough, just as he stepped again, Lin Yun felt the mana flow in his surroundings becoming strange. The boundary between the spaces turned indistinct and a sulfurous smell came from the Demon Plane, assaulting him instantly.