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 Lin Yun knew that he could only fight the Giant Blood Tree when flying in the sky.

This was his only advantage, and at the same time, it was the only disadvantage of the Giant Blood Tree.

In fact, the python-like branches with the strength of Bone Devils were the weakest part of the Giant Blood Tree. After all, that was the only physical attack that could track a target. No matter how fierce, no matter how fast, there would always be a way to contend with it. The only thing it could work together with would be the poison fog released by the tree's trunk.

But if he fell to the ground, the Giant Blood Tree would be invincible, at least as far as Lin Yun was concerned. At that time, he would have to face the blood earth, as well as a huge and terrifying force of the countless Undead Elder Treants the Giant Blood Tree would summon.

As for those sharp roots that could drill out of the ground at any time, that was only one of the Giant Blood Tree's simple attacks.

Thus, the only thing Lin Yun could do now was to finish the battle in the sky.

He had to remain vigilant every single second. If the Lava Dominator's flaming wings dissipated, Lin Yun would have no choice but to withdraw from the area with the blood earth, and even withdraw from the Blood Forest. Otherwise, he simply wouldn't be able to break away from the Giant Blood Tree's pursuit.

Lin Yun pushed his mana control to its pinnacle, and with his finesse, the flaming wings felt like another part of his body. Fast, nimble, and quick-witted, he managed to forcibly break away from some certain death traps while simultaneously casting spell after spell at the body of the Giant Blood Tree.

There was even a 2nd Tier Ultimate Spell among those.

The might of that 2nd Tier Ultimate Spell might already reached the level of a High Mage's spells, and even the Giant Blood Tree would suffer heavy losses under such a bombardment.

In just a few minutes, the Giant Blood Tree's trunk was already riddled with scars. Even the movement of those python-like branches was more sluggish than before.

It seemed like Lin Yun had the upper hand.

But Lin Yun knew that this would only be temporary.

The fight had been going for about five minutes. In this time, he had pushed his mana control to the limit and even cast a 2nd Tier Ultimate Spell, but the injuries that the Giant Blood Tree had suffered were far from enough.

In the end, the Lava Dominator's flame wings could only be materialized for ten minutes, so if he couldn't take down the Giant Blood Tree in the next five minutes, he would lose his only advantage. At that time, the flame wings would start disappearing and he would have no other choice but to flee in defeat and try again later.

Lin Yun knew that he didn't have that much time left.

The Giant Blood Tree never left the kilometer-wide area of blood earth because this was the Giant Blood Tree's birthplace, as well as its source of power.

In the remote Demon Era, the Earth Demon Hess stood on this soil, and his boundless power would forever remain within it.

Lin Yun was very clear about the fact that unless the Giant Blood Tree left the dark red soil, his chances of victory were probably less than 10%.

'Do I really have to come back again?' Lin Yun didn't have much time left. His flame wings would last at most five more minutes before dissipating. He was thinking hard, but he couldn't come up with a way to make the Giant Blood Tree leave the blood earth.

Branch after branch swung at Lin Yun, and it felt like an inescapable net was being woven as he controlled the flame wings to dodge through the narrow cracks while trying to form a feasible plan.

The seconds slowly ticked by...

Soon, half of the remaining five minutes had passed.

By this time, Lin Yun had tried a couple different times to make the Giant Blood Tree leave that dark red soil, but unfortunately, all his ideas failed. Although the Giant Blood Tree was an undead plant lifeform, its level of intelligence was most likely higher than that of the Bone Devil. How could it not know the importance of remaining on the blood earth?

As time slowly ran out, Lin Yun started to feel some despair...

Not to mention the fact that the Giant Blood Tree was refusing to leave the dark red soil, even if he found a way to force it out, he still wouldn't have enough time to drag the battle over a kilometer to leave the area of influence.

Unless he had a frightening power on the scale of the Death Garden, able to create a completely independent world.


This somewhat ridiculous thought gave a reminder to Lin Yun.

'It's possible!'

Yes, he didn't have the power of the Death Garden, able to create an independent world.

But he could destroy!

However, it was a bit risky.

But at this time, Lin Yun couldn't worry about that.

After escaping from another encirclement, Lin Yun didn't make any counterattacks. Instead, he used the fact that the branch had yet to withdraw to get the flame wings to fly him towards the Giant Blood Tree.

In order to go faster, Lin Yun even used the Elemental Incarnation form that he had kept aside as a precautionary life-saving measure. With the flame wings on his back and Elemental Incarnation active, he could cast Flame Flash without restrictions. Only fire elements could be seen in the sky as Lin Yun used Flame Flash three times in a row before instantly reaching the tree's trunk.

Lin Yun, as a regular human, truly looked like an ant as he stood in front of the colossal Giant Blood Tree.

Just as he stepped on the Giant Blood Tree, ten branches darted towards his back. Lin Yun didn't dare to stop, and shrouded in raging flames, he took a huge leap. He looked like a meteor hurtling down towards the Giant Blood Tree's roots.

When he saw that he was less than fifty meters from the ground, Lin Yun spread his wings and relied on the Lava Dominator's spatial power to rapidly stabilize his fall.

He then poured a wisp of mana into the Soul Walker.

"Why are you summoning Lord Sha..." A lazy voice suddenly came out, but this lazy voice immediately turned into a screech, "Fuck! Giant Blood Tree!"

"Yes, as you can see, a Giant Blood Tree..."

"You... You... You... How did you provoke a Giant Blood Tree?" Lord Shawn's voice was shaky. He couldn't control himself as he scolded, "Damn, that's a Level 25 Undead! Equivalent to one of your 5th Rank High Mage humans. How could you provoke such a monster?"

"It's Level 26..." Lin Yun controlled the flame wings to dodge the branches' attacks while correcting Lord Shawn's mistake. "Maybe Level 27."

"Go to hell!"

"Lord Shawn, did you forget the master-slave contract you signed with me? If I die, won't you drop to the level of a Spiritual Magic Tool?"

"Fuck... Had I known that you were so troublesome, I would have rather killed myself than sign a master-slave contract with you..."

"Okay, stop talking nonsense, I need your help."

"What help?" Lord Shawn was on guard.

"You absorbed my level 18 mana crystals, shouldn't you have recovered some power? I need you to make a Soul Cage to temporarily trap the Giant Blood Tree's soul."

"Don't play with me!" Lin Yun didn't even finish explaining his plan before Lord Shawn cried out in fear. "Impossible! Even with the mana I recovered from those mana crystals, How could I make such a powerful Soul Cage?"

"That's why you need to use your Magic Tool Incarnation. You are always hiding in the Soul Walker, don't you feel that you are looking like a tortoise?"

"Using my Magic Tool Incarnation, you are crazy!" Lord Shawn's voice was trembling from fear. He sounded as if he was on the verge of being fucked.

At this time, he didn't even bicker with Lin Yun for being likened to a tortoise.

The might of a True Spirit Magic Tool lay in its Magic Tool Incarnation. If Lord Shawn really wanted to use his Magic Tool Incarnation, he would be able to make a Soul Cage powerful enough to temporarily trap a Giant Blood Tree's soul.

But at the same time, utilizing the Magic Tool Incarnation was very dangerous. If the Magic Tool Incarnation suffered damage, it would lead to the True Spirit Magic Tool deranking. If the Magic Tool Incarnation died, it could even cause a True Spirit Magic Tool to be reduced to an ordinary item.

Lord Shawn was relatively weak at this moment, his power not even at 1% of what it had been at his peak. And he would be facing a Level 26 or 27 Giant Blood Tree. In this situation, Lord Shawn was naturally unwilling to use his Magic Tool Incarnation.

Lin Yun naturally knew that, and thus he didn't try to convince him that it would work when he saw his reaction. He only said, "Then you can start praying, hoping that the backlash of the master-slave contract won't make you fall to Inheritance level..."

"Fuck..." Lord Shawn cursed. 'Don't say Inheritance... Lord Shawn can't even bear being a Spiritual Magic Tool.'

Although a Spiritual Magic Tool would have a Magic Tool Spirit, it would only be at the most basic level of spirituality. Comparing it to a Magic Tool Incarnation, was simply like comparing heaven and earth.

To Lord Shawn, falling to the Spiritual level would be like dying...

Even if he was extremely lucky and had a fortuitous encounter allowing him to rise to become a True Spirit Magic Tool once again, the Magic Tool Incarnation born then wouldn't be the current Lord Shawn.

"Fuck, you win!" Shawn finally cursed and the Ghost Wolf Incarnation appeared.