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 Lin Yun left the alchemy laboratory two hours later and took a nap in his bedroom.

Working on a dozen core spell matrices of the Fanrusen Formula was too troublesome. Even with Lin Yun's abilities, he had nearly given up several times during the night, just wanting to go to sleep. But the Cloud Tower's kept transmitting the papers to him too quickly, and a new one would appear whenever he was finished with one, so Lin Yun clenched his teeth and persevered.

Naturally, this wasn't without reward. At least, Star Sage Jouyi promised that Hogg would come to Thousand Sails City with one of the Cloud Tower's True Spirit Magic Tools, the Black Death Rune.

Moreover, Lin Yun could use it for three months!

This was a huge favor! Among the Cloud Tower's True Spirit Magic Tools, the Black Death Rune had always been in the hands of their strongest mage and had never been lent out. If not for Lin Yun computing those dozen spell matrices, creating such a huge sensation, he might not have been able to get the Black Death Rune from Star Sage Jouyi.

Lin Yun wanted to borrow this True Spirit Magic Tool because it could absorb Soul Fires from undead lifeforms and turn them into mana used to strengthen the Magic Tool Incarnation. It was rumored that if the Black Death Rune's Incarnation reached its limit, its power might even surpass the Archmage realm. If the Black Death Rune evolved like that, it would truly become an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

In fact, the Cloud Tower never gave up on those efforts. In the middle of the Plane Colonization Era, the Cloud Tower even tried to conquer the Undead Plane a few times in order to assimilate the countless Soul Fires and make the Black Death Rune evolve, but unfortunately, their conquest failed. The Cloud Tower was greatly wounded. If not for the Black Tower being in a long and drawn-out war with the Gaugass Battlemages, the Cloud Tower might not have been the strongest force of the Peak Magic Era.

Naturally, the Black Death Rune Hogg was bringing over this time would definitely not be coming with its Magic Tool Incarnation included.

After all, a True Spirit Magic Tool like the Black Death Rune was already one of the foundations of the Cloud Tower. No matter how grateful Star Sage Jouyi was, he wouldn't play with the Cloud Tower's foundation. Lending the Black Death Rune was fine, but if the Magic Tool Incarnation was also in Lin Yun's hands, there would be some possibility that the Black Death Rune might change hands.

But this also was what Lin Yun had hoped for. He only wanted Black Death Rune.

He wanted the Black Death Rune's ability to transform Soul Fires into mana. Lin Yun was planning to use it to nurture that group of 5th Rank Mages. If the Magic Tool Incarnation followed, would he still be able to get that transformed mana?

Three months would be long enough to help that group of 5th Rank Mages reach the Great Mage realm.

Unfortunately, the transformed mana wasn't 100% pure. It could still be used to construct the Mana Whirlpool, but it was inadequate for forming a Magic Conducting Rune.

At this moment, the Undead Plane's Planar Path had yet to be found. The Bone Plane in Lin Yun's hands was already the greatest source of Soul Fires in Noscent. In this regard, even the Cloud Tower with their Black Death Rune wasn't as blessed as Lin Yun.

Naturally, the prerequisite was for Lin Yun to obtain the Book of Death so that his 5th Rank Mages could enter the Bone Plane anytime.

Lin Yun already had prepared everything, so he would start enacting his plan once these mining puppets were completed.

He had nothing to do for the next two or three days. He would go take a trip to the alchemy workshop every day to check on the progress of the mining puppets. The rest of the time, he holed himself up in his alchemy laboratory, restocking the potions that he had used in the prince's tomb. From time to time, he would also give Faleau some pointers.

On the morning of the 3rd day, Lin Yun went to the Gilded Rose early, because Hogg was supposed to arrive soon.

But Lin Yun waited for an hour without any sign of Hogg, and on the contrary, it was the Watson Family that visited him.

This time, the Watson Family came with a more formal delegation.

A few dozen attendants, six Great Mages, and two High Mages.

Although this lineup couldn't be considered the best in Thousand Sails City, it was definitely not far from the top. Moreover, this was just the negotiation team of the Watson Family.

The Watson Family truly came to negotiate this time. It could be seen from the way that one of the High Mages introducing himself according to the proper customs after entering the Gilded Rose.

"I am Allen Watson. I come from Okland." The High Mage looked to be in his fifties, which was considered relatively young among High Mages.

"Haha, welcome, welcome." Lin Yun responded to the introduction and led them to a reception room.

Both sides quickly sat down. Lin Yun's entourage consisted of Faleau and William, while the Watson Family's High Mage was accompanied by those six Great Mages and another High Mage.

After they sat down and did their short self-introductions, that High Mage straightforwardly went to the core of the matter. "Great Mage Merlin, we came this time to discuss the Nether Iron Vein with the Gilded Rose."

"Nether Iron Vein?" How could Lin Yun acknowledge this? The Nether Iron Vein itself didn't matter so much, but that vein was growing in the Bone Plane. Let alone the Watson Family, even if the Merlin Family came, Lin Yun would still not acknowledge it. Hearing High Mage Watson asking about it, Lin Yun pretended to be naive. "What Nether Iron Vein?"

"Haha..." The High Mage was stunned for a moment before suddenly smiling. "Great Mage Merlin, I forgot to say something. I am Raven's father. That child mentioned you when he came back. He said that you were very rude, and he asked the family to seek justice for him."

"That was a coincidence."

Lin Yun's words left everyone in the reception room feeling rather strange. Let alone the Watson Family, even William was almost unable to restrain his laugh. 'Damn, saying it was "a coincidence" as an answer, did you even hear what the other side said? They said that you beat their son, they are unhappy, and they came to seek justice, and you answered with that? A coincidence...'

"Haha, indeed, a coincidence..." The corner of Allen's mouth was twitching. He ultimately managed to squeeze out a smile again. "I'm also to blame for pampering Raven too much. How could one use the power for their family to solve an issue between members of the younger generation? What do you say, Great Mage Merlin?"

"Haha..." Lin Yun chuckled and didn't answer.

William and Faleau couldn't help inwardly cursing, 'That old man is more sinister than his son! Raven was more straightforward when he came, he attacked when he said he would, begged forgiveness when he needed to, and got the fuck out of here when he could... Not like that old man wanting to slyly benefit at the expense of others. What issues between the younger generation? Are these people accompanying you your son?'

They felt that this High Mage was being quite shameless.

'And he is even threatening us! Saying that issues between the younger generation can't be solved with the power of one's family... This way of phrasing it, isn't he saying that the power of one's family can be used to solve business problems?'

"Great Mage Merlin, I don't want to talk too much, I only want to let you know that the Nether Iron Vein is something our Watson Family must have. I can't guarantee anything else, but as long as you are willing to make a deal, the price our Watson Family will give you will definitely be above your expectations."

"The problem is, High Mage Allen, I truly don't have a Nether Iron Vein in my hands..." Lin Yun spread his hands with a helpless expression.

At these words, the smile on Allen's face suddenly vanished. "Great Mage Merlin, if I remember correctly, your Gilded Rose had always relied on alchemy potions, from the Hope Potion to the Dragon Strength Potion and Meditation Potion, occupying now over 80% of the potion business in Thousand Sails City. But two months ago or so, it started getting into the business of magic weapons and magic armors. A large number of magic weapons made from Nether Iron Ore allowed the Gilded Rose to accomplish its greatest expansion. It is now the number one alchemy store of Thousand Sails City, and not just in name. Am I mistaken about any of this?"

"That sounds about right..."

"Then, Great Mage Merlin, can you explain why the same alchemy store would have such a large change in their operations in just two months? Great Mage Merlin, I think you should know that a price would be paid when one tries to deceive a High Mage..."

As Allen Watson said his last sentence, his expression darkened. Although he didn't get up, the unique pressure of a High Mage spread out, filling the entire reception room with an oppressive atmosphere. Even a 5th Rank Great Mage like William Merlin felt as if he was unable to breathe.

The only one that was unaffected seemed to be Lin Yun.

Facing the High Mage's pressure, Lin Yun's expression didn't change. He calmly matched Allen's stare as he answered, "I'm not sure about that, our Gilded Rose just started its activities, so it would naturally make items with magic materials. We aren't like the big chambers of commerce and major forces who have the right to be picky. Oh, right, our magic materials have always been provided by the Silver Moon Mercenary Group. How about this, High Mage Allen, shall I help you ask the Silver Moon Mercenary Group?"

After Lin Yun's words, the atmosphere in the reception room froze.

This was too rude.

So what if you are a High Mage? You want an explanation? Sure, go look for the Silver Moon Mercenary Group!

Not to mention the fact that the Watson Family had some dealings with the Silver Moon Mercenary Group, they simply couldn't drop by just to ask Sasu for an explanation.

In fact, even if they didn't have any business with them, Allen Watson still wouldn't dare to.

What kind of person was Sasu? He was a mere step away from the title of Sword Saint. Even if a High Mage like Allen was ten times more courageous, he still wouldn't dare to drop by to brazenly question him.