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 For Lin Yun, this didn't require much brainpower.

Not to mention a minor spell matrix, even if the entire Fanrusen Formula was in front of him, Lin Yun would still be relaxed.

After writing down the final result, Lin Yun took a look at the stack of paper and began sorting them. This was the more troublesome part for Lin Yun. After spending a full night, Lin Yun finished this dull task.

After doing all of this, Lin Yun slept for a bit until it was the afternoon and then chanted the incantation once again to request a transmission with Hogg.

"What is it?" Hogg suddenly appeared in the crystal ball. His expression was off and his tone was somewhat stiff.

Hogg's eyes were red, and his chaotic hair was worse than it had been the day before. With one look, it could be seen that he had stayed up through the night. He had been completely focused on his calculations, but Lin Yun interrupted him. So how could he be in a good mood?

"Well, High Mage Hogg, I finished the work you gave me."

"What? Finished?" Hogg frowned, a gloomy expression on his face. "Show me."

"Okay." Lin Yun transferred the thick stack of paper through the crystal ball.

"Wait a bit..." After picking up the pile, Hogg quickly flipped the pages. He quickly went through the sorting and collecting task, and saw that it was indeed completed overnight. But the last page with the calculation of the Quad-Formula and eight pieces of data would have taken him at least ten days if he had done it himself, so how could this Mafa Merlin have been so fast?

The first thing Hogg thought about was that this fellow had skimped on that part!

Sure enough, Hogg's expression changed when he saw the piece of paper.

"Fuck, who made you change the data? Who made you change the Formula?" Hogg's pale face suddenly turned red due to anger. The crystal ball shook under his roar.

"What is it?"

"Take a look at what you have done! These pieces of data, these formulas, who allowed you to alter them?!" Hogg was already speaking incoherently because of his great rage. "Who do you think you are!? You are just a Great Mage, a fucking Great Mage! What kind of knowledge do you have? You are a child playing in the mud, what do you think you can do?"

"Hey, High Mage Hogg, aren't you being a bit too excessive..." Lin Yun's face darkened.

"Excessive? Ha, ha, ha, this is such a funny joke..." Hogg coldly laughed with a mocking expression. "The task I gave you was to complete the calculations of the spell matrix, it wasn't to have you change my formula. If you can't even do something like that, I advise you to hurry and get the fuck out of this research. Don't think that we are here to play with you!"

"Haha..." Lin Yun coldly chuckled and then shut down the crystal ball's transmission. 'Fuck, I have many things I need to take care of. Just dealing the Bone Plane's Nether Iron Vein is enough to hire ten 9th Rank High Mages to help me calculate these broken formulas, how could I have so much time to waste on you?'

"Yo-yo-you... You dare..." On the other side of the crystal ball, Hogg almost had a heart attack from being so angry. Looking at the crystal ball that had just had its transmission cut, his mouth couldn't close.

'Too brazen, too arrogant... Some immature 20-year-old Great Mage dares to confront a 9th Rank High Mage like me? He dares to laugh at me? Does he not know what manners are? What respect is? ...No, I have to tell Sir Jouyi!'

Hogg grabbed that sheet of paper and went to the research room of Star Sage Jouyi, even forgetting to knock on the door.

"Sir Jouyi!" Hogg walked over in pure anger, and he heavily slammed the sheet of paper on the table. "That Mafa Merlin you handed to me, I can't bear him, find someone else."

"What happened?" Jouyi raised his head from a pile of data and glanced at Hogg with a doubtful expression.

"I gave him a Quad-Formula and eight pieces of data to compute a spell matrix. In fact, considering his age and the fact that he was only a Great Master, I gave him the simplest spell matrix, along with a very lax deadline, giving him ten days. But look at the outcome..."

After saying that, Hogg handed the stack of paper to Jouyi.

"Take a look at this, that brazen oaf not only changed one of the pieces of data I gave him, but he also replaced one of the formulas. And when I couldn't stand it and gave him a piece of my mind, he, he... he directly shut down the transmission. This is too arrogant! Sir Jouyi, I definitely can't take care of this Mafa Merlin! You should find someone else!"

"Don't be that angry, let me take a look first..." Jouyi looked at the last sheet of paper.

But after looking, the smile on Jouyi's face vanished. It was replaced by a grave and solemn expression. He then picked up a piece of paper and a quill pen despite Hogg's doubts and began calculating carefully.

Jouyi went at this for half an hour.

After half an hour, Jouyi raised his head and sighed. He looked at Hogg with strictness and disappointment.

"What is it, Sir Jouyi?" Hogg's heart suddenly tightened.

As a member of the Cloud Tower, how could Hogg not know that the old man before him usually looked very kind, always carrying a faint smile on his face? But once he was involved in magic studies, he would become temperamental and extremely unreasonable.

"Check it yourself," Jouyi coldly snorted as he threw the piece of paper on the table.

"O-okay." Hearing this cold snort, Hogg immediately lost his confidence. He carefully took the paper and checked it, character by character.

Afterwards, Hogg felt cold sweat on his forehead...

The more he read, the more his face paled and the more scared he became.

Because Hogg clearly found out that Jouyi also changed one of the pieces of data on the calculations and also replaced a formula, yet the final result fit perfectly in the Fanrusen Formula.

What did this mean...

This meant that Mafa Merlin hadn't switched them for some random reasons, it was because Hogg himself had made mistakes.

If it had only been a careless mistake, then Hogg still wouldn't think much about it. But it couldn't be explained as a careless mistake anymore. The spell matrix had already been computed and all that was left was fitting its results in with the Fanrusen Formula. Who was right and who was wrong was obvious at a glance.

But he hadn't even verified it before sending a harsh scolding through the crystal ball. Moreover, after scolding that Mafa Merlin, he even stormed off to Sir Jouyi.

That was truly stabbing the hornet's nest.

At this time, Hogg truly wished that he could just bury his head in the piece of paper. At least that way he wouldn't have to face the wrath of Sir Jouyi.

Unfortunately, this could only happen in Hogg's imagination.

Because Hogg heard Jouyi's sharp words immediately afterwards.

"Look at what you have done. He helped you change the data, he helped you replace the formula, and not only did you not feel grateful, you actually scolded him. Who do you think you are? You think you'll never make a mistake? Do you think that a Great Mage doesn't have the qualifications to point out your mistakes?"

"No no no, Sir Jouyi, I didn't mean that..."

"Then what did you mean?"


"Good, Hogg, do you think I don't know what you are thinking? Aren't you thinking that a Great Mage doesn't have the qualifications to participate in the Fanrusen Formula's research? Aren't you feeling that doing this research with a Great Mage would lower your status as a 9th Rank High Mage?"

"Sir Jouyi, let me explain..."

"Explain? Haha, Hogg, didn't you always want to know who supplied these four crucial pieces of data? I can tell you now that the one who supplied those four pieces of data was that Great Mage that didn't have the qualifications to point out your mistakes!"

"..." Hearing this, Hogg couldn't catch a breath, his mind completely blanking out.

There were a total of seven people participating in the Fanrusen Formula's research, but among them, besides Sir Jouyi, no one knew who provided those four pieces of data. They could only gossip in private, admiring that mysterious mage, feeling that he definitely was an old erudite. They even guessed that he was a powerhouse that had surpassed the Archmage realm.

But now, Hogg actually heard Jouyi's confirmation. The one who supplied those four pieces of data wasn't some incredible elder, he also didn't exceed the Archmage realm.

It was a Great Mage that had yet to reach his twenties!

Moreover, Hogg just cursed at him, calling him a "Fucking Great Mage"...

Hogg only felt cold sweat trickling down his back.

"Now, go apologize to Merlin!"

"Yes yes yes..." Hogg left Jouyi's research room in a panic.

After returning to his own research room, Hogg immediately requested a transmission to Lin Yun's side.

But there was no answer.

Because Lin Yun had already left the Gilded Rose. There was not one soul in sight in the alchemy laboratory, so naturally, no one could answer Hogg.