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 Although Solomon was very humble today, even welcoming Mafa Merlin and apologizing, it wasn't like he didn't also feel strongly about his offer.

'Although I eavesdropped your four pieces of data, I also gave you an introduction to the Cloud Tower. This favor isn't small, you definitely can't neglect it...'

If it was before, Solomon might not care about what he got out of this favor, but with the Gilded Rose rising every day and Lin Yun's strength becoming more and more mysterious, Solomon felt that this favor was truly necessary.

'I might not be able to use it at this time. But can I still live for a few more years?'

Solomon was worried about his legacy.

'How could I not know what state my body is in? At most, I'll be able to live for another ten to twenty years. The Sage Tower's situation won't be good when I die. What I can do for the Sage Tower right now is to make this young Great Mage feel indebted to me, and that way, in the future, the Sage Tower would be able to have a few hundred years of peace under that youth's protection.'

But Solomon truly hadn't thought that the other side would unexpectedly answer like this!

'This isn't logical...'

"High Mage Solomon, this is really impossible..." Before Solomon could try to convince him, Lin Yun shook his head with a resolute attitude. But he then heard Solomon burst into a violent cough, so he eased his words a bit. "At least not at the moment..."

"May I ask why?"

Lin Yun thought for a bit before giving an answer that couldn't really be considered an answer. "I can't leave Thousand Sails City for the moment."

To be honest, Lin Yun wasn't against entering the Cloud Tower.

As one of the two major forces of mages in the kingdom, they had resources that would make anyone feel envious. Lin Yun believed that with the help of the Cloud Tower's resources, the time he needed to advance to the High Mage rank would be reduced to half a year.

Moreover, Lin Yun knew of the Cloud Tower's glory, lasting through the Plane Colonization Era and the Peak Magic Era. It lasted until Noscent's mana slowly became exhausted, and the Cloud Tower slowly fell alongside other forces. If he joined the Cloud Tower, he would be able to rely on this tall tree that stood for several dozen millennia.

Naturally, the most important part was still that True Spirit Magic Tool...

With the backing of Star Sage Jouyi, there probably wouldn't be too much resistance when trying to borrow that True Spirit Magic Tool

Unfortunately, he couldn't leave Thousand Sails City.

Firstly, because of the Bone Plane...

He had yet to get the Book of Death, so the control center of the Bone Plane was still resting in that area. Lin Yun still needed to gain the ability to enter and leave the Bone Plane anywhere and anytime. Leaving Thousand Sails City to join the Cloud Tower at this time was the same as giving up on the Bone Plane.

There was also Barov's tomb.

At first, Lin Yun was only interested in the Reincarnation Eyes, but after signing a master-slave contract with Shawn, Lin Yun had realized that the tomb was a huge treasure trove. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that if Lin Yun were able to take over the tomb, building another Cloud Tower wouldn't be an issue.

Such a huge fortune, how could Lin Yun bear to watch it remain sleeping the Poison Fog Canyon?

Unfortunately, he couldn't tell these reasons to Solomon.

"Great Mage Merlin, this is truly a hard opportunity to come by..." Solomon tried to persuade him once again, out of a selfish desire. He was still hoping that Lin Yun would enter the Cloud Tower under his recommendation.

After all, the resources of the Cloud Tower simply couldn't compare to what was available in Thousand Sails City. If this young Great Mage could enter that place, there would be no issue with him becoming a High Mage before the age of thirty, and he might even become an Archmage in his fifties.

This was truly a rare opportunity...

Many mages would strive for all their lives and might not be able to come across such a chance. And Solomon truly didn't want to see such a talented young Great Mage miss such a rare opportunity because of a personal matter.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun still shook his head as an answer.

"Haaa..." Solomon sighed in disappointment.

"High Mage Solomon, don't try to persuade me. I really have some special reasons, I cannot leave Thousand Sails City. How about this, I have some understanding of the Fanrusen Formula. If Esteemed Star Sage Jouyi is interested, I can write some of my crude ideas and you can deliver them to him."

"How about, you wait and I'll ask my teacher right now..." Solomon smiled bitterly and left the reception room.

After a short time, Solomon appeared in a secret room at the top of the Sage Tower.

The room was very narrow, and besides a few books and scrolls, there was only a huge crystal ball. Solomon was now standing in front of that huge crystal ball as he chanted a few lines with a deep voice...

Then, an older, gray-haired mage appeared in the crystal ball.

"Teacher..." Solomon's voice was full of reverence.

If anyone saw this, they would immediately think that this sounded exactly like Solon when he stood in front of Solomon.

"Solomon, what kind of expression is this? Don't tell me that the negotiations with that young Great Mage broke down?" The old mage was still busying himself with his work while asking impatiently.

From this, it could be seen that disciple-blaming was something that had been inherited.

"N... No. But Teacher, this Great Mage Merlin might not be able to come to the Cloud Tower..." At these words, Solomon noticed the old mage's expression becoming quite unpleasant, so he hurriedly explained, "No no no, Teacher, don't misunderstand. I meant that this Great Mage Merlin is very willing to participate in the research of the Fanrusen Formula, but due to some special circumstances, he cannot go to the Cloud Tower."

"Then why do you have that expression, are you trying to scare your teacher?"

"Definitely not!" Solomon hurriedly denied. "I only feel that this is quite unfortunate, Teacher. I explained to you before, this Mafa Merlin is a rare talent. He was only a Magic Apprentice half a year ago, but he is a Great Mage now. If this kind of talent could join the Cloud Tower and receive Teacher's pointers, his future would be extremely bright and becoming an Archmage wouldn't be out of the question..."

"Solomon let me tell you something good for you..." After hearing Solomon's thoughts, Jouyi actually shook his head. "You think that with his attainment in magic knowledge he would still need my pointers?"


"Do you want to say that this had been due to someone telling him the information?"

"Ye... Yes."

"Then that's the end of the matter, isn't it? If someone already taught him that kind of knowledge, wouldn't I be looking for trouble if I were to give him pointers?"


"Alright, it's fine if he cannot come to the Cloud Tower as long as he is willing to participate in the research. Give him this crystal ball so that he can contact the Cloud Tower anytime."


Solomon wiped cold sweat off his forehead before returning to the reception room. The conversation afterwards was a lot smoother. Lin Yun didn't have to ponder about it and easily agreed to participate in the research through a crystal ball.

In fact, when Lin Yun was leaving, he was called again by Solomon.

"Oh right, Merlin, for some reason, the Ash Tower has been making huge moves. They already attacked several forces of Thousand Sails City. You have been moving around quite a bit recently, so be a bit careful. After all, you made them lose reputation at the last Black Horn Auction."

"Alright, thanks for the warning, High Mage Solomon."

Lin Yun nodded and left the Sage Tower.

On the way, he thought a bit more about Solomon's parting words. Why would the Ash Tower make such big moves? Lin Yun had some guesses... It was most likely had something to do with that youth named Colin that he had saved in the Poison Fog Canyon. He had yet to see Colin again since he came back.

It seemed that after returning, he would have to go talk to Colin.

Such a young 9th Rank Swordsman was rare, and if properly nurtured, the Gilded Rose's mercenary group might have a Sword Saint in the future. He shouldn't allow this kind of talent to be snatched away by the Ash Tower.

But in the end, after returning to the Gilded Rose, Lin Yun didn't have the time to look for Colin before the people of the Sage Tower arrived.

One Great Mage and two Alchemists came to the Gilded Rose to install the huge crystal ball at Solomon's orders.

Soon, the three of them installed the huge crystal ball in Lin Yun's alchemy laboratory without issue. After sending them away, Lin Yun softly chanted the incantation that Solomon had told him.

Then, a gray-haired old man appeared on the crystal ball.

"Hi, Merlin, I'm Cloud Tower's Jouyi. You can just call me Jouyi."

"Haha, Sir Jouyi is jesting..."

Someone else might have thought that this was a straightforward and candid old man.

But Lin Yun had read many rumors about that Star Sage Jouyi in the decaying library. Solomon being so unreasonable was entirely due to that old man's teachings.

If Lin Yun truly thought that this was a sincere, old man and simply called him Jouyi, he would be causing troubles for himself.

"Haha, Solomon wasn't wrong, you are quite polite, Merlin."

"Haha..." Lin Yun let out a dry chuckle.

"Good, Merlin, I'm very pleased that you can participate in the Fanrusen Formula research. There are now seven people participating in this research. But there are only five here today. I'll introduce the other four..."

Jouyi waved his hand and the crystal ball at his side suddenly floated up, and as he made his introductions, it showed the other four people.