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 Lin Yun felt a power quickly grow the moment the 2nd Magic Array activated. This was the power produced by the two Magic Arrays coexisting. At this time, he could understand the size of the gap between one Magic Array and two Magic Arrays.

It could be said that Lin Yun, who had only one Magic Array before, hadn't known what a true Magic Array was.

Only now that the 2nd Magic Array was completed was he able to feel a completely new world. The mana within his body circulated between the two Magic Arrays, feeling smooth and agile. It didn't need Lin Yun to deliberately guide it as it automatically formed a nearly flawless system.

The vast majority of Great Mages had to spend a lot of effort to refine their own Magic Conducting Runes from 1st Rank to 9th Rank, seeking this limber state where mana was like a part of one's body and would move with a thought.

Lin Yun was only a 2nd Rank Great Mage now, but he had already achieved this state that many 9th Rank Great Mages couldn't even reach.

This was the power of the Magic Array...

But Lin Yun cared more about completing a Magic Array Formation at this moment.

'Finally, time to retaliate...'As the 2nd Magic Array activated, Lin Yun used Ice Elemental Incarnation and burst out with power. With the power from this form, he froze almost the entire shrine into an icy cave. The three alchemy puppets were frozen into statues by the burst of Ice Spells cast by Lin Yun.

But he knew that it wouldn't last too long.

Maybe eight or ten seconds...

They would shatter the statues soon and he would have to resume the fight with the alchemy puppets once again.

Lin Yun took advantage of this short period of respite to combine the two Magic Arrays.

Along with Lin Yun's mana surging forth crazily, the surrounding mana fluctuations became fiercer. The carved runes of the Magic Arrays began quickly fluctuating. These runes were the foundation of the Magic Array as well as the source of Lin Yun's mana.

The usual Great Mage would do their utmost to strengthen their Magic Conducting Runes to give them greater power, but what Lin Yun was doing far surpassed these Great Mages. He used the Magic Array as a medium to arrange these runes, each arrangement producing a completely new power.

But this kind of arrangement also required extreme computational ability.

Lin Yun's Magic Array had quite a few runes, and each arrangement needed many calculations, which was also the real reason there were so few Great Mages possessing a Magic Array. In this era, no Great Mage could accomplish this besides Lin Yun.

Lin Yun held the Sage Chapter in one hand and the Spiritual Magic Staff in the other. The runes flickered wildly, and a large amount of mana converged in the shrine. The swirling gales carrying along ice fragments painted the shrine into a blizzard-like world.

Lin Yun chanted a long incantation, each word filled with unfathomable power, his voice reverberating within the swirling gales. A cracking sound resounded from the three statues just as he finished his last word. The shrine shook so violently that it felt as if the prince tomb was collapsing.

At this moment, ripples could be seen with the naked eye, radiating out violently with the three statues at the center.

That was Runic Shock Burst, one of the most basic Formations of the Magic Array. At the same time, it was the strongest spell Lin Yun could currently use.

After one Runic Shock Burst, silence filled the entire place. There were no gales whistling past, no more mana fluctuations, only the frozen statues and the collapsed Lin Yun. It felt as if time had frozen.

At some point, a snapping sound echoed, breaking this strange silence.

Then, more sounds echoed as cracks started appearing on the statues. The small cracks soon spread, turning into scars, before the statues shattered into pieces.

The ice shattered into pieces, and so did the three alchemy puppets.

The Magic Weapons, Magic Armors, and even the Gold Essence frames broke into fragments due to the Runic Shock Burst.

This was the power of this new ability.

"Wha-What... What the hell was that?" This kind of power was too frightening, to the point that Shawn's voice was filled with fear.

He wouldn't be so surprised if that kind of power had come from a High Mage, but Lin Yun was obviously a Great Mage, and furthermore, a Great Mage that just reached 2nd Rank. 'How could he control such a frightening power? Such power as a 2nd Rank Great Mage... What would happen if he became a High Mage?'

Thinking about it, Shawn fell silent...

"You wouldn't understand even if I explained..." Lin Yun didn't plan on clarifying everything for Shawn. That Runic Shock Burst had already used all of Lin Yun's mana, and he even lost a few of the recently carved runes.

It couldn't be helped, as the mana consumption of Runic Shock Burst was too frightening. When Lin Yun found out that he didn't have enough mana to use, he promptly chose to sacrifice a few recently carved runes in order to close out this harsh battle.

Now, Lin Yun's 2nd Magic Array was somewhat unstable. He had no choice but to use this time to once again carve the runes that had been consumed, or else he might end up being the one to hold the shortest tenure as a 2nd Rank Great Mage in all of Noscent's history.

Fortunately, the Magic Array had formed well after Lin Yun touched the Reincarnation Eyes, so carving the runes once again took significantly less time. It took ten minutes for Lin Yun to patch this flaw. He then stood in front of the statue of the Haiba Dragon God and put his hands on the Reincarnation Eyes once again.

But his expression suddenly changed.

Because no scene appeared in his mind this time.

'What's going on?' Lin Yun frowned. 'Could this be mana-related?'

He pondered on it and felt that this was the only possible reason.

When he had touched the Reincarnation Eyes earlier, his mana reserves were full. After the battle with the three alchemy puppets, his mana reserves had been completely depleted. This seemed to be the reason that he was no longer able to activate the Reincarnation Eyes.

'In any case, I might as well try again later.'

Thus, Lin Yun thought of how he should recover his mana. He was a bit dumbfounded when he found out that his Elemental Ambers were already empty, and that he was also out of mana crystals...

Of all of his recovery methods, the only one left was the increased mana recovery speed from the Angel Potion.

Lin Yun didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The mana recovery speed from the Angel Potion would be a welcome boost during a fight, but when trying to refill all of his mana, it could only be described as trying to put out a fire with a cup of water...

If it wasn't for Shawn's determined resistance, Lin Yun would have made him spit out the mana he had absorbed.

Lin Yun shook his head with a wry smile before suddenly noticing the remains of the three alchemy puppets.

Sure enough, Lin Yun quickly found three level 18 mana crystals among the pile of parts!

'Worthy of being a prince of the 3rd Dynasty...' Seeing these three level 18 mana crystals, Lin Yun couldn't help feeling moved.

A magic beast with a level 18 mana crystal was already an existence close to the Monarch level. If put on Thousand Sails City's market, it might sell for 3,000,000 golds or more. But in this prince's tomb, it was used as the mana source for three alchemy puppets...

Relying on these three mana crystals, Lin Yun not only recovered all of his mana, but also filled his two Elemental Ambers.

After finishing this, Lin Yun touched the Reincarnation Eyes once again.

Lin Yun then knew that his guess had been correct.

It was indeed due to mana.

The boundless scenes once again appeared in Lin Yun's mind.

A short instant was the same as a millennium.

But when Lin Yun emerged from the scene shown by the Reincarnation Eyes, he heard familiar footsteps echoing out.

"Fuck!" Lin Yun's face darkened.

Sure enough, as he cursed, the silhouettes of alchemy puppets appeared in the shrine once again, but there were five of them this time!

There was something Lin Yun had always been curious about. Why had that Great Mage who previously used the Magic Array only managed to reach the state of having five Magic Arrays with the help of the Reincarnation Eyes?

The Reincarnation Eyes could let someone experience reincarnation over and over again in a split second. This reincarnation wouldn't do anything to an ordinary mage, but for someone possessing a Magic Array, it was a long-awaited opportunity, because each reincarnation allowed the Great Mage to accumulate many more runes within their Magic Conducting Runes. The more runes they had, the more refined the Magic Array would become.

In theory, as long as they experienced enough such reincarnations, it was completely possible to reach nine Magic Arrays, and even fuse the nine Magic Arrays into one and become a High Mage.

So why didn't that Great Mage with his Magic Arrays continue the cycle of reincarnation?