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Of course, at this moment, this staff wasn't the famous Strongest True Spirit Magic Tool that it would become in several millennia.

In some notes, Lin Yun had read that thousands of years later, this Strongest Magic Tool had 28 alchemy arrays, as well as 17 various powerful Augments. It was an existence that completely toppled the alchemy system. An incomparably complicated structure, a frightening carrying capacity. The power of its complete form far exceeded that of any True Spirit Magic Tool of that time.

Unfortunately, it only existed in Noscent in that state for about a thousand years.

A thousand years later, its master died in an unknown plane, and although the Cloud Tower had forcibly snatched it back, it lost its power forever.

This Strongest Magic Tool became a common item from that point on.

However, alchemists never gave up on researching the Magic Tool even after it turned into an ordinary object. More than a thousand years later, the researchers came closer and closer to the truth, up until the silent Cloud Tower finally made their results public. It was all because of the mana crystal inlaid at the top of the Magic Tool.

It was the mana crystal of a Spirit Devourer Behemoth...

An adult Spirit Devourer Behemoth was basically an incomparably huge plane, and they would devour everything they could. Meteors, netherstorms, and even remains of dead planes were considered tasty food. No one ever hunted a Spirit Devourer Behemoth in Noscent's history.

Thus, the origin of this Spirit Devourer Behemoth's mana crystal was among the numerous unsolved mysteries of the magic era.

In short, the Cloud Tower relied on the mana crystal of the Spirit Devourer Behemoth to create the strongest Magic Tool of the entire peak magic era.

The mana crystal of the Spirit Devourer Behemoth didn't give formidable power to the Magic Tool, and thus that Magic Tool was only an Inheritance Magic Tool when it appeared. However, it brought unlimited potential to the Magic Tool.

Not to mention the rest, just the carrying capacity was enough to topple the entire alchemy system, able to handle 17 Augments.

That kind of carrying capacity even surpassed many Extraordinary Magic Tools.

Lin Yun knew that the complete Book of Death could hold 15 Augments, and this was already a peak existence among Extraordinary Magic Tools.

Naturally, Lin Yun also knew that it was too early to think about these.

What he held right now was only an Inheritance Magic Tool, and an incomplete one at that. Besides having a Spirit Devourer Behemoth's mana crystal and Ghost Wood, there were only three arrays, and not even one Augment.

Lin Yun still had a long way ahead of him if he wanted to make that Magic Tool reach the level it would have reached many years later.

Or he would have to spend a huge amount of money.

Let alone the rest, just the 28 alchemy arrays were enough to make Lin Yun desperate.

It eventually had an incredible count of 28 arrays! The amount of resources required to do that was enough to cause tens of the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce to go bankrupt. It would be amazing if he could make just one with his current assets.

And there were still 17 Augments...

Those weren't ordinary Augments. He knew that most of these Augments were True Spirit level. The lowest one was a peak Spiritual Augment.

Thinking about it, Lin Yun, along with Solomon, had spent over a million golds for a Spiritual Augment, and that was while everyone was unaware of its true value. If people had known it was a Spiritual Augment, the price might have doubled!

Given that an ordinary Spiritual Augment was like that, completing that Strongest True Spirit Magic Tool certainly wouldn't be a matter of one day or two.

Even Lin Yun would only dare say that it could surpass the Soul Walker after a year.

Naturally, this was purely bullying Shawn...

However you looked at it, Shawn's Incarnation was a Soul Lifeform, and it wasn't particularly powerful. What Shawn excelled at was creating all kinds of illusions as well as directly attacking his enemy's soul. It was unfair of it to compete in power against a genuine Magic Tool for attacking.

Lin Yun didn't even need to let that Magic Tool reach True Spirit level.

As long as he was able to make the Magic Tool's spirit appear, after reaching Spiritual level, its might would definitely surpass Shawn's.

"Too poor..." Thinking of the cost of the 28 alchemy arrays and 17 Augments, Lin Yun couldn't help sighing.

Lin Yun originally felt that he was rich enough when the Gilded Rose expanded and became the number one alchemy shop of Thousand Sails City.

But it now seemed that it was still far from enough...

'Whatever, I'd better find the Reincarnation Eyes first.'

After thinking for a while, Lin Yun put that Magic Tool back in his pocket and directly passed through the Dark Arena while looking towards the depths of the prince tomb. The terrain became more complex as Lin Yun went further in. The entire prince tomb felt like a huge maze.

With the addition of the various traps on the way, Lin Yun had a whole new understanding of the alchemy technology of the 3rd Dynasty. What about tens of thousands of arrows, what about mountains of daggers and seas of flames? Those were simply too inferior to be put in the prince tomb. Lin Yun gained a lot of experience this time. Various situations that would make people become frightened to death, various situations that would make people feel defenseless. This path wasn't the least bit more relaxing than the Dark Arena.

He had to remember the path he was taking while also guarding against all kinds of traps. Lin Yun felt his hair turning white from stress as he broke through the maze and reached a very spacious shrine.

Now, an altar was standing in front of Lin Yun. The altar was dedicated to the Haiba Dragon God, this world's Origin Dragon possessing a golden body, three heads representing the three Laws: Light, Darkness, and Chaos. Even if the one there was only a statue, the boundless might emitted still made Lin Yun feel the urge to prostrate himself.

"Dissipate!" Lin Yun coldly snorted and cast Spirit Defense.

As this world's first Dragon, how frightening was the power of the Haiba Dragon God... An ordinary Great Mage might have immediately fallen to their knees in front of that Dragon Might.

But Lin Yun wouldn't...

Because Lin Yun had personally viewed the records of the killing of the Haiba Dragon God. That was the first and last time that any mage of Noscent killed a God, letting the Light, Darkness, and Chaos Laws return to human hands.

Lin Yun didn't feel any fear or reverence for this God that would fall in the future.

After putting up a Spirit Defense, Lin Yun was finally able to withstand the Dragon Might. He began searching the shrine. Most people knew that the Haiba Dragon loved all kinds of riches. The shinier and more valuable something was, the more one would receive the favor of the Haiba Dragon God.

As a royal family member from the 3rd Dynasty, it was impossible for the prince not to know about that. In fact, wasn't there a huge amount of wealth in the temple in the Poison Fog Canyon?

But besides the altar, there was nothing inside this shrine...

'Did that prince suddenly change his faith in front of death?'

"Fuck, what are you doing here!" But while Lin Yun was racking his brain, Shawn, who had been focused on absorbing mana from mana crystals, suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

"I'm looking for something," Lin Yun absent-mindedly answered while creating a Mage Eye.

"The Reincarnation Eyes?"

"You know about the Reincarnation Eyes?"

"You are truly blind," Shawn disdainfully snorted.

"What are you saying..." Lin Yun was startled. Since Shawn said "blind" and not "idiotic", "silly" or "stupid", wasn't he implying that the Reincarnation Eye was already within his sight?

"Take a look at that statue's eyes."

Heeding Shawn's suggestion, Lin Yun promptly controlled the Mage Eye to check the statue on the far side of the shrine, and sure enough, as it got closer, Lin Yun noticed the statue's eyes. They felt alive, and they kept staring at the Mage Eye. A strange mana interference appeared immediately afterwards and the careful Mage Eye directly dissipated.

"Strange..." Lin Yun tried twice, and regardless of how much mana he controlled, or how many defenses he added, the Mage Eye couldn't approach within a hundred meters of the statue's eyes.

"Far too evil..." Shawn's voice sounded a bit disdainful, but for some reason, Lin Yun felt that his tone carried a hint of fear. "Did you know, when that lunatic Barov built this tomb, he was in the prime of his life. But ever since the tomb was established, Barov didn't leave and spent most of his time inside this shrine, chatting up with his God all day. Who knew what he was doing..."

"That evil?"

"More than that, Barov was even more frightening in his later years. The Empire's most powerful man actually went crazy, would you dare imagine? That nearly omnipotent powerhouse going crazy... Barov killed all his subordinates and relatives and buried them within the tomb before removing all of my mana and trapping me forever within this tomb..."

The more he talked, the more frightened Shawn felt. In the end, he even shuddered a few times.

"Then what happened?"

"Then, then..." Perhaps because of the memory of his pitiable state, he flew into a rage out of humiliation. "How could I know what happened afterwards! After my mana was extracted, I naturally sank into a slumber. I can't travel through dreams, there's no way I could know what happened afterwards!"