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 "You are ordering me around?" William's voice turned cold. He looked at Lin Yun with extreme disdain. "Mafa Merlin, do you know who you are talking to? Don't think that you can prance around in front of me just because the elders of the family told me to take care of you..."

"I told you to put it back!" Lin Yun's voice suddenly rose as fierce mana fluctuations were emitted. A tearing sound spread through the air. William was still talking when he felt an acute pain in his chest, his whole body flying back.

At the same time, the crystal test tube in his hand also fell down.

"It doesn't matter if you are courting death, but don't implicate others," Lin Yun scolded as he reached out and caught the crystal test tube. After carefully checking it once, he gently put it back in his pocket.

This was Obsidian Flower Sap. If just a bit leaked out, there would be no one left living in the Gilded Rose.

"Mafa Merlin! You dare to make a move against me?" William struggled out from the corner. The Tornado Whip hitting his chest had burnt like an iron branding.

But compared to the pain of getting up, he cared more about the fact that this failure had dared to offend him.

William Merlin, as a famous member of the Merlin Family's younger generation, had an almost innate feeling of superiority. In his eyes, Lin Yun was merely a youth of a branch of the family that was stranded away in the middle of nowhere. Who knew how many of these branch family youths there were in the huge Merlin Family.

William should have been worshipped as a savior when he arrived! How could it not be? He had come to extricate Mafa from his debt, and if he was willing, he would even let him become a Mage. Mafa's life would be a thousand times better than before.

In William's eyes, this younger cousin should be prostrating in worship.

But William had never expected that the other side would actually fail to appreciate his kindness!

'Who do you think you are? You are merely a youth from a side branch of the family, not even living in the family land! You didn't even obtain the family's acknowledgement. In Okland, you wouldn't even have the qualifications to use the Merlin Family name!"

'Such an ant dares to attack me? This is courting death!'

"Freeze!" he shouted.

William Merlin softly covered his chest, his eyes full of rage. He muttered a hurried incantation as ice appeared under Lin Yun's feet. That was Cold Death, a 4th Tier spell that only high-rank Great Mages could master. That ice spread crazily past Lin Yun's feet, reaching his chest in a short moment. In a blink, Lin Yun was turned into an ice sculpture.

Immediately after, William Merlin incanted something else, and the Cold Death was followed by a Wind Python.

That was another 4th Tier Spell!

After William chanted his long incantation, a burst of wind spread through the alchemy laboratory as a cyan python roared amidst the gale. Even Faleau and Angma on the side could smell the fishy stench emitted by the python.

William Merlin kept his mouth open as he continued with his incantation. He looked extremely pleased with himself. This time, he was set on punishing this Mafa Merlin. He had to make him suffer. These reckless branch family kids would only understand how to respect the main family members if a few of their limbs were taken.

He had to teach him that even if the same Merlin Family blood flowed in their veins, William was far superior.

William's incantation echoed even louder, louder than the Wind Python.

After the incantation was over, the fishy smelling cyan python pounced at Lin Yun. The huge, meter-tall python tightly coiled around the motionless ice statue. At this time, even the Great Alchemist, Angma, couldn't help closing his eyes, unwilling to see that bloody, bone-shattering scene of carnage.

"Mafa Merlin, these are the consequences of putting your hand on me," William Merlin coldly said. He then remained silent as he stood there, waiting for the other side to struggle in pain and plead in despair.

He ended up waiting for a while.

But there still wasn't any sort of response after waiting for a while. At that moment, William couldn't help checking the Wind Python, thinking that he shouldn't have lost himself in rage and cast such a powerful spell. It would definitely be bad if Mafa died to that Wind Python. He would have to waste a lot of time explaining to the elders after going back...

Just as William Merlin was getting anxious, a "bang" came out of the ice statue as it burst into flames.

...And not only the ice statue.

Even that coiling Wind Python was set aflame in a split second. Only the mournful cry of the Wind Python was heard at this moment. It didn't have time to struggle before turning into a pile of ashes. The ice statue shattered at the same time.

William looked at this silhouette covered in flames, walking out from within the shattered ice shards.

"El-Ele...Elemental Incarnation!"

This time, William Merlin simply couldn't close his mouth due to shock.

He wasn't even given the opportunity to recover...

Because before he could, that flaming silhouette crossed ten meters, appearing in front of him in an instant. A flaming right hand fiercely grabbed William Merlin's neck, lifting him up.

William struggled while he stared in shock as the silhouette's left hand rose...

Immediately afterwards, two slaps echoed.

William Merlin felt pain in his heart as a deep feeling of humiliation washed over him. One of the most outstanding children of the Merlin Family was slapped twice in a small place like Thousand Sails City by a branch kid that hadn't even received the family inheritance.

But at this moment, William Merlin wasn't feeling anger, but fear!

He could feel this right hand's grip on his neck was tightening. Tighter and tighter, and those two eyes shrouded within the flames were turning colder and colder.

That proud son of the Merlin family could feel death approaching. In that split second, William Merlin had countless thoughts floating in his mind. He wanted to curse, he wanted to threaten, he wanted to beg for forgiveness, he wanted to call for help, but in the end, William found out that he couldn't make any sound.

As breathing became harder and harder, he began to hallucinate, his mind gradually turning blank, his vitality slowly draining.

"Knock knock knock, knock knock knock!"

William was suddenly saved by the hurried knocking on the door. After entering, Remy was startled by the sight of Lin Yun wreathed in flames. The young Alchemist only dared to talk once Lin Yun removed his Elemental Incarnation. "Boss Merlin, L-L-L... Leader Lys came."

"Okay, I'll head over." After sending Remy away, Lin Yun slowly released his grip on William's neck. He watched as that proud scion of the Merlin Family gasped for air and then vomited. Lin Yun slowly crouched down, showing a smile that made Williamfear for his life, "Next time you touch something in my alchemy laboratory, it won't matter if someone comes knocking."

With these words, Lin Yun turned and left the alchemy laboratory.

Angma, to the side, was already thoroughly terrified. The young 5th Rank Great Mage, William Merlin, was a famous figure among the younger generation of Okland, but in such a small place like Thousand Sails City, he was caught like a chicken by a youth that wasn't even 20. 'Di-Did I just hallucinate all that?'

Faleau had long been accustomed to all this. Before leaving, he patted William's shoulder with a smile, "You are truly fortunate. You actually survived after Great Mage Merlin made a move. Oh right, after leaving, don't forget to thank Leader Lys, he accidentally saved your life..."

"L... Leader Lys?"

"Leader Lys, Leader of the Alchemist Guild. Of course, you can also call him Master Alchemist Lys."