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 "Who are you?" William Merlin frowned. He looked at Faleau for a few seconds with his high and mighty gaze, as if he felt like he was looking at trash. It was to the point that even Faleau, who was known for enduring, couldn't help bursting out.

Faleau took a deep breath and forcibly refrain from cursing. "I am Faleau, the Gilded Rose's Chief Alchemist." He introduced himself in a neither servile nor overbearing tone.

"No wonder..." William only sneered at Faleau's introduction. He then turned, no longer paying Faleau any attention. When he looked at Lin Yun again, his expression was even more impatient. "Well, Mafa, I don't have that much time. I also don't want to take care of your trivial matters. But before coming over, the elders of the family repeatedly told me to help you get rid of this pathetic debt. To shut those elders up, I brought you a Great Alchemist..."

After saying that, William moved aside slightly to let that black-robed man move forward. "This is Angma, a Great Alchemist I brought from Okland. From today on, he will take over the technical work of the Gilded Rose. Have someone hand over all the magic materials and alchemy formulas to him, and he will tell you how to break away from that pathetic debt."

"There might not be enough time..." Lin Yun's words were true, as the Gilded Rose had expanded too fiercely lately, to the point that the magic materials they'd gathered now filled quite a few storehouses. The number of alchemy formulas had also already multiplied to the point that even Lin Yun didn't quite know how many of them there were. It was basically impossible to do that in a day.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun's opinion was once again ignored by William.

In fact, from the beginning, William was giving out orders and didn't plan to listen to anyone else's opinions.

"Angma, you are good at potioneering right? Go take a look at the alchemy laboratory and the magic materials. Compound a few potions to fill the shop front for now. For fuck's sake, the store is located in a golden location but it only has a hundred items, I really don't know how a boss of a store can act like this..."

"Okay, Young Master William."

Angma nodded, and just like William, ignored all the others. After receiving his instructions, he went up the stairs and entered Lin Yun's laboratory on the 2nd floor.

"Go, Mafa, go watch how a true Great Alchemist works. Oh right, there is also you, Gilded Rose's Chief Alchemist..."

Lin Yun was too lazy to roll his eyes. He just said, "Let's go Faleau..."

"Great Mage Merlin, what's wrong with your cousin..." While the two climbed the stairs, Faleau couldn't help asking Lin Yun while pointing at his cousin's head.

"He might have hit his head as a kid..."

After Lin Yun muttered that with an evil expression, he suddenly heard a shocked voice. He thought there might have been a problem in the alchemy laboratory, but when Lin Yun ran up, he only saw William standing in front of a refining table, shock and disbelief plastered all over his face.

"How could it be so primitive!"

"What's primitive?"

"Fuck, you really think those alchemy tools aren't primitive? Take a look at this, a glass beaker produced by the Crystal Workshop ten years ago, it can't even prevent mana from scattering. And this, these are test tubes produced by the Crystal Workshop 7 years ago. They can't even maintain a constant temperature. You are not afraid a change of temperature could create an accident? What kind of alchemy laboratory is this, how could it still use these kinds of primitive tools?"

"Well, Great Mage William, this is Thousand Sails City, not Okland..." Lin Yun felt a bit speechless. Okland was the kingdom's economic center. The main store of the Crystal Workshop was located in Okland. Of course the alchemists there could enjoy the most advanced alchemy tools. But no matter how large Thousand Sails City was, the Crystal Workshop wasn't willing to open up a branch here. The old butler had spent a lot of effort to have these items transported here from Oddrock City.

"Good, good..." William shook his head helplessly. "Now, get your best magic materials here. If Great Alchemist Angma fancies some of them, he'll quickly help you break away from your pitiful debt. I heard you owe 8,000 golds? Truly pathetic..."

"Faleau, go check what magic materials are left." After not coming to the alchemy shops for several days, Lin Yun indeed wasn't sure what they still had left in stock at this location.

Faleau felt quite resentful. He quickly found several magic materials left over from the time when Lin Yun crafted the Angel Potion. If they were used properly, they would be enough to craft 17 or 18 Angel Potions.

But when these magic materials were put on the table, that Great Alchemist's face became very bad. As for William Merlin's reaction, it was even more outrageous. "No way. Mafa Merlin, you only have these poor magic materials left?"

"Poor magic materials?" Faleau was unhappy. 'Fucker, you think these are poor magic materials? Do you even know what you are talking about? Those poor magic materials in your hands were used to compound an Angel Potion. You don't know about it, but body strengthening, mana recovery increase, as well as holy power, this was a potion compounded from those "poor magic materials," so get your eyes checked!'

Once again, the unhappy Faleau had been ignored by William Merlin. This cousin that appeared all of a sudden from nowhere simply went over Lin Yun and Faleau's heads and cast a Detect Magic spell.

William's face showed an expression of pleasant surprise realizing what the spell had detected.

"Eh, I really didn't expect that such a run-down alchemy store would actually have a rare magic material!"

"Rare magic material?" Lin Yun was uncertain at first, but his expression soon changed. 'The rare magic material he is talking about, it shouldn't be...'

Sure enough, just as Lin Yun thought about it, William Merlin crouched down and took out a crystal test tube from under the alchemy table.

Complicated alchemy arrays were drawn onto it, and it contained a few drops of black liquid inside.

"Not bad, there is actually a sealing array on it, it looks like this Gilded Rose isn't that primitive after all.." William Merlin laughed, satisfied.

"Put it back." Lin Yun frowned.

What a joke, that was Obsidian Flower Sap. One drop was enough to create a massacre in Thousand Sails City, exterminating tens of thousands of people. Lin Yun had originally planned to run some experiments with a few drops, but he hadn't expected it to be found by that ridiculous William Merlin.