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 "How about you go and check it out?"

"Good, I'll go take a look and see if I truly have more uncles..." Lin Yun felt gloomy. There were too many annoying people... Apparently, one Fario wasn't enough, turns out there is another uncle. 'Damn, will they never end?!'

"Young Master, I saw him and I don't believe he is a fake." The old butler quietly whispered on the way.

"Oh?" Lin Yun suddenly frowned.

"In those days, your grandfather and your father indeed came from another place, I still remembered hearing some rumors that they were in fact part of a great family, but because of some sort of family conflict, they had to hide in Thousand Sails City. Th-that..." The old butler tried hard, but he found that he didn't know how to address that person, so he had no choice but to be vague. "That person downstairs said something similar..."

"No way..." Lin Yun's expression wasn't good. "Then what about Fario?"

"This I know about. Fario is indeed a Merlin, but he is a distant relative. But once your father became rich, he came over and wept for help, and with your father's soft heart, he immediately acknowledged his relative."

"That fucker..." Lin Yun truly felt conflicted. He had rejoiced at first because Mafa Merlin's relationships were simple enough, allowing him to save a lot of energy. But he hadn't expected the situation to suddenly change. Not only was his cousin waiting downstairs, but another uncle had also appeared.

'Forget it... In any case, this doesn't have much to do with me. I'll decide what to do after seeing him.'

Lin Yun left the study, and while walking down the stairs, he noticed a young man in his twenties sitting in the living room. Lin Yun walked over with a smile on his face and extended his right hand as he greeted, "Hello, I'm Mafa Merlin."

"I am William Merlin." The young man looked at Lin Yun's hand, but he didn't shake it or stand up. He merely looked around at the living room with some undisguised disgust. "You can call me Great Mage William, or Great Alchemist William, I don't care. Also, your living room has such poor arrangement, you had better change it soon. I'm not accustomed to receiving guests in such a rough place."

"Haha..." Lin Yun was suddenly stunned...

This young man calling himself William Merlin truly had the power of a Great Mage and was at least at the 5th Rank. From the fact that he wasn't even thirty, this could be considered fairly shocking.

After all, Ryan, who had become a 1st Rank Great Mage in his twenties, was called a genius rarely seen in a hundred years in Thousand Sails City, yet William here was far more powerful.

The 1st Rank and the 5th Rank only seemed separated by a few ranks, but the two were poles apart. Not only could a 5th Rank Great Mage learn 4th Tier Spells, but they could also have five Magic Conducting Runes. There would be a qualitative change when a Magic Conducting Rune reached five runes. This kind of change would give a 5th Rank Great Mage the power to push for a new realm.

Lin Yun estimated that it would take ten Ryans to fight this one William Merlin.

One could indeed be arrogant when they had such strength at this age.

But when Lin Yun was the one targeted by that arrogance, his mood went somewhat sour.

"Right, Mafa Merlin was it? I came this time to let you know that your paternal grandfather and my paternal grandfather are both from the Merlin Family. From the perspective of familial relations, you should call me Older Cousin or Older Brother, but I'm not quite willing to hear this. Thus, if there aren't any specific circumstances, you can only address me as Great Mage William or Great Alchemist William."

"Sure, Great Mage William..." he acquiesced.

"I came this time because some elders made some inquiry about this family branch through who knows what channel and heard about your unpleasant situation, your father's shipwreck, your debt, and you being a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice that had yet to become a Mage after years of efforts. Thus, those elders sent me to help you deal with the debt your father left behind, as well as to give you some pointers in magic to let you quickly put on some pitiful black robe so that you won't tarnish the Merlin Family's reputation."

"This... Great Mage William, I need to ask something..."

"Knowing too much isn't good for you, it's better to not ask what you shouldn't ask." The young Great Mage didn't even look at him as he stopped his question with the kind of bossy tone and appearance that seemed like what he would use when ordering a family servant.


"Also, Mafa Merlin, I heard you have an alchemy shop called the Gilded Rose under your name?"

"Yes, that's right." After nodding, Lin Yun once again looked at William Merlin with a strange expression. The Gilded Rose should now be on the path to greatness, but it should only be famous in Thousand Sails City, so how could this young Great Mage from Okland know about the Gilded Rose?

Unfortunately, the young Great Mage showed no interest in continuing his conversation and got up after getting the answer to his question. "Well, rushing over from Okland in a day had left me feeling a bit tired. Have someone prepare a quiet guest room for me, and dinner will be delivered directly to my room."

Lin Yun didn't even want to bother rolling his eyes at him.

The old butler couldn't stand it, so he promptly called two servants and made them arrange a guest room and a meal for that Great Mage, yet the young Great Mage still hadn't moved. Rather, he was looking at Lin Yun doubtfully. When he saw Lin Yun's baffled expression, he coldly snorted in dissatisfaction. "What are you still looking distracted for? Do you expect me to move my own luggage? Are you blind?!"

'Fuck, he is really looking for troubles,' Lin Yun inwardly cursed.

He called a servant to help this Great Mage William move his luggage, and after he managed to send off this suddenly appearing cousin, Lin Yun slowly calmed down and started thinking about what had caused this situation.

'This William Merlin shouldn't be lying. The body I took over is most likely from the influential Merlin Family he mentioned. But the Merlin Family had no dealings with Thousand Sails City for the past decades, so how come they suddenly recalled that they had a missing relative there? Could it really be as William said? Isn't this a bit too coincidental?'

After thinking through the possibilities, Lin Yun came up with something. 'Oh right, he just asked if I had an alchemy shop called the Gilded Rose. Could it be because of the Gilded Rose?'