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 Thirty minutes of stay had become three hours. Lin Yun's harvest in the Bone Plane had truly seen a substantial increase. When Lin Yun came back the first time, he had only gained a few precious magic gems, and besides a Frost Lich Heart, the rest of the harvest together wasn't even worth an Inheritance Magic Tool.

But this time, Lin Yun obtained the 23 Dark Fire Bullets from the Bone Devil's corpse, each of them worth at least a Splendid Magic Tool. He also found the magic staff in his hand, which was a genuine Spiritual Magic Tool, and even the Obsidian Flower, known as the root of all evil. There was also the alchemy puppet that was powerful enough to contend with a Bone Devil, as well as the Sage Chapter's additional two UItimate Spell slots.

In other words, the harvest from this trip was far beyond what Lin Yun could have ever imagined.

'Oh, and there is that Inheritance Ring.'

Because of the lack of time in the Bone Plane, Lin Yun hadn't had the leisure to carefully inspect the ring. After extracting the control runes from within, he had put it aside. But now that he had left the Bone Plane, Lin Yun could finally research it.

Cracking an Inheritance Magic Tool wasn't anything complicated for Lin Yun, as he had mastered that skill in his previous life.

It took him less than half an hour to understand the ring.

'Spatial Magic Tool!' Lin Yun was actually shocked that this was a Spatial Magic Tool!

Normally, an Inheritance level Spatial Magic Tool wouldn't be enough to move Lin Yun.

In this era, the alchemy array technology was already approaching maturity. It wasn't impossible to get the effect of spatial distortion. In fact, the pockets of Lin Yun's black robe had been treated with a similar alchemy array. The actual volume of his pockets had been more than doubled.

The truly shocking Spatial Magic Tools were those at the Spiritual level or at the True Spirit level because Spatial Magic Tools could display their true power through their Spirit or Incarnation. An Inheritance Ring Spatial Tool like the one he found couldn't be considered a particularly valuable Spatial Tool.

What moved Lin Yun was the origin of that Spatial Magic Tool.

This particular tool had belonged to a High Mage.

Lin Yun had always been troubled by an oddity while in the Bone Plane. How could an esteemed High Mage leave only one staff behind? But he now understood after seeing this Spatial Ring... The rest should be within that ring.

Cracking it became a lot easier after knowing that this was a Spatial Magic Tool.

Lin Yun only drew an alchemy array and after cutting off the source of the mana flow, the radiance of the ring dimmed, followed by a loud "bang".

Lin Yun didn't have time to react before being buried by various things.

"Fuck..." Lin Yun struggled out of the pile. After looking around, he couldn't help cursing.

Such a big study was now filled with ore, deep blue and cold to the touch. If this wasn't Nether Iron, what was it? And some of those ores were shining, definitely Magic Gems. Lin Yun started counting, but he quickly gave up because there were too many.

'This High Mage from the Black Tower was very hardworking...' Lin Yun looked at his study filled with Nether Iron and Magic Gems and was speechless for a while.

He originally thought that his previous harvest was shocking enough.

But he hadn't expected this additional bounty.

Now he had an entire study full of ore and gems. If he sold them now, he would most likely get over 10,000,000 golds. And this was only the material price. If they were processed by the Gilded Rose, that number would increase quite a bit.

Lin Yun scratched his face and called a servant, "Go tell Uncle Pave to get me a few ca... No, a few dozen carriages!"


That pile of unexpected Nether Iron Ores and Magic Gems immediately sent the alchemy workshops into a craze. After Faleau forced the Great Alchemist Hawkins to withdraw, the prestige of the Gilded Rose had been completely solidified. And with Hauss no longer fanning the flames, those few dozens of Alchemists sent by Bassoro were put in order.

Under Faleau's supervision, the Nether Iron Ores and Magic Gems were quickly turned into alchemy items, which then appeared in Thousand Sails City's marketplace, shocking many businessmen.

Now, the Gilded Rose could be said to have skill, talents, and resources. In a short ten days, the old butler expanded the operations four times in a row. The Gilded Rose opened thirteen shops and spread to almost every corner of Thousand Sails City.

Lin Yun had rarely appeared in the Gilded Rose recently. He would mostly stay at home to take care of that Obsidian Flower. He didn't have much choice, as the toxicity of the Obsidian Flower was too high. Servants couldn't approach, and only a Great Mage like Lin Yun could rely on the protection of mana to barely approach the Obsidian Flower.

It was the same today. After taking care of the Obsidian Flower, he read a book in the study for a while, and just as he prepared to go check if the caravan for Edge Rift was ready at the Gilded Rose, he heard some hurried knocking on the door.

"Knock knock knock, knock knock knock!"

Lin Yun looked at the door with a strange expression as he said, "Come in..."

"Young Master, Young Master..."

"Uncle Pave?" Lin Yun was startled. From the frantic knocking, Lin Yun had expected Remy, Faleau, or maybe even Raymond coming back from Okland, but Lin Yun had never expected it to be the steady old butler.

"Young Master! There is a guest outside, he..." The old butler's expression turned strange as he hesitated. "He said he was your paternal cousin!"

"That can't be. Doesn't my benevolent uncle Fario only have a daughter? Don't tell me he is an illegitimate child?"

"No no no, he isn't Fario's son, he said he was your true uncle's son!"

"What?" Lin Yun almost choked. 'Since when is there a real and a fake paternal uncle?'