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 The Great Tribal Chief's voice was very loud, with an extremely indignant tone. He was angrily cursing the Golden Top Beastmen.

"Come, warriors, we prepared a magnificent bonfire banquet in your honor. Fat roasted meat and spicy wine await you..."

After those words, the Great Tribal Chief led them out.

At this point, Lin Yun suddenly said something. "What's going on with this world, or should I say, with this wasteland?"

The Great Tribal Chief froze, but he didn't have time to say anything before Lin Yun continued asking, "And what's going on with that valley? What's going on with the Golden Top Tribe? Why are they attacking the Blood Fang Tribe?"

The Great Tribal Chief suddenly scratched his forehead and explained with a chuckle, "Those Golden Top idiots have been our enemies for a very long time. They definitely learnt that we recently fought with Demons, and thus, they took the opportunity to attack us."

Lin Yun smiled.

"Great Tribal Chief, no matter how strong the hatred between the Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe is, that is still just enmity between two tribes. They would be disdained by their ancestors by letting a foreign race disguise as their own to ambush you. They would be disdained by all clansmen."

Lin Yun exposed the Great Tribal Chief's lie with a short sentence.

The others all expressionlessly looked at the Great Tribal Chief and waited for his explanation. They were all doubtful... They wanted to know how to leave and what was going on with all the Undead outside.

Dedale asked with a calm expression, "Great Tribal Chief, we have to know the truth. How can we leave this world?"

The Great Tribal Chief's smile disappeared, and after a long pause, he sighed, "No one can leave this wasteland. Someone once wanted to leave this wasteland, but they disappeared after reaching the edge and never returned.

"I don't know how long we have lived here for, but no clansman was ever able to leave, and no one knows what is outside the wasteland.

"And regarding the Golden Top Tribe, there has been a very long enmity between our two tribes. As long as there is an opportunity, we would always attack the other side. We would have counterattacked if we had learnt about the attack earlier.

"But we hadn't expected that they would use outsiders... There is a legend spread among our two tribes: Whoever can unify the wasteland can obtain the blessing of the ancestor and can even leave this wasteland.

"Our tribes' clansmen are fewer and fewer in number, and the wasteland is becoming less and less fertile. We have to seek new land and establish a new territory.

"That's why we and the Golden Top Tribe are attacking each other. Whoever wins will be the final winner, obtaining the blessing and shelter of the ancestors.

"Then, we will defeat the filthy Demons and allow our clansmen to no longer have to sacrifice their lives..."

The Great Tribal Chief said a lot before finally dragging everyone away to celebrate. But they declined by using the excuse that they had used up too much mana and were extremely exhausted.

They all gathered and started discussing the information they had obtained.

Dedale was calm and collected, but his expression didn't look very good.

"There is a problem with this world, a huge problem."

After saying that, he looked at Lin Yun, who had questioned the Great Tribal Chief.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, I believe you have already discovered some of the issues. Please express your opinion."

Lin Yun massaged his temples

"I think we are in huge trouble. The Great Tribal Chief might have still concealed some matters earlier. Most importantly, I feel that this world isn't a complete world. It might only be as big as this wasteland..."

These words startled everyone.

Lin Yun continued, speaking with certainty. "First of all, the Beastmen here don't have the concept of planes and know nothing of Planar Paths. They don't seem to know that there are other planes outside this plane, or world.

"The Great Tribal Chief said this wasteland, not this world. Think about it... We have been chased by the Undead since we arrived, and we've never left this wasteland. This wasteland is huge, but it is far from being a plane. Thus, I believe that this is an incomplete world, a shattered plane.

"Secondly, the Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe were the most ancient Beastman Tribes of the Raging Flame Plane. They only existed during that era.

"Thirdly, that canyon is exactly the same as the Black Burn Scar. Sir Raphael should have already observed the Black Burn Scar's surroundings, right?"

Raphael's expression wasn't very good as he nodded.

"From my observations, that canyon is exactly the same as the Black Burn Scar. And the surrounding terrain is more or less the same, too! If the Black Burn Scar's surroundings hadn't been mined, then it would be exactly like this place!"

Dylas sneered as he looked at Lin Yun. "Mafa Merlin, what are you trying to say? Could it be that you think you know what is happening with this world?"

Lin Yun frowned as he shared his conclusion. "My guess is that this shattered world is existing in the past of the Raging Flame Plane. It is the Raging Flame Plane's ancient era."

This sentence startled everyone.

"Merlin, you are saying that this world exists in the past?"

Lin Yun nodded and replied, "Only in that era would there be Beastmen that don't know about planes and Planar Paths. Moreover, the Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe only existed during that era.

"The two tribes were fighting over the rule of the Raging Flame Plane. Only after their extinction did other smaller tribes rise to prominence, and even later, the Raging Flame Emperor appeared, leading to the eight great tribes as we know them.

"Similarly, the Black Burn Scar only looks like that in that era of the Raging Flame Plane.

"It's impossible for two planes to be exactly the same, not to mention the existence of Demon Overlords there.

"When combined with the Raging Flame Plane's history, this place could only be the Raging Flame Plane. It must be its past!"

There was an even more terrifying conjecture, but Lin Yun didn't mention it. He had to speak with the Great Shaman before he could bring that up.

No one refuted Lin Yun's speculations, because these were the most rational facts. Apart from this, nothing else could match their current circumstances.

But these truths made everyone looked displeased. Anyone able to create such a situation was an existence they absolutely had to look up to.

"Mafa Merlin, you have said so much, but what's the point? It's just rubbish, and we still don't know a way to leave this world. We know nothing about the damned Undeads and the wretched Beastmen..."

Dylas was a bit irritated. Anyone trapped there without any way to leave would be irritated. Since Lin Yun couldn't find a way out and could only explain the situation, he became the target of Dylas' venting.

Lin Yun didn't butt heads with Dylas, and he instead pointed into the distance.

"We don't know, but some people do know. Those Golden Beastmen have ruled the Raging Flame Plane for many years and should have entered the Raging Flame Battlefield quite a few times. Moreover, they should have the most understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield. Since they came in, they almost certainly know some information... such as how to leave this cursed world."

Dylas sneered once again.

"Mafa Merlin, you are too naive, or should I say too stupid? Your plan is actually to ask the Golden Beastmen? Don't tell me that you believe that those Golden Beastmen would happily tell you?

"The Golden Beastmen are the current rulers of the Raging Flame Plane, they hate humans the most and would only entertain us with swords, spells, and curses. This is just nonsense.

"You want to ask the Golden Beastmen... Is your brain still working?"

Lin Yun glanced at Dylas. "With Sir Dylas' insight, it looks like you haven't heard about extorting a confession. In the mage world, there are people with willpower harder than steel, and there are also Beastmen whose souls are completely devoted to shamanism, but it is impossible for all Golden Beastmen to be like that. Someone will definitely start talking."

Dylas had a dark expression as he attentively watched Lin Yun. He had yet to say anything when Dedale made a decision.

"Alright, we will capture those Golden Beastmen. I hope their souls are stronger than their bodies. They are now in the Golden Top Tribe, and thus, we have to attack the Golden Top Tribe to capture them."

On the side, Raphael awkwardly shook his head.

"What about the Undead? Finding the location of the Golden Top Tribe is very easy, but how should we get there? Those damn Undead Beastmen won't approach Beastmen, but they can suddenly surge from the ground to attack us. We can't look for the Golden Top Tribe if we can't deal with the Undead."

They all shook their heads. This was a very troublesome matter. If they wanted to leave this wasteland, they had to go look for the Golden Beastmen, because only they knew the way to leave this world.

As for directly leaving the wasteland, who knew whether that would let them leave this world or if they'd just die? The Blood Fang Beastmen had remained here for so many years, but those that left never appeared again. No one wanted to take the chance.

And wanting to capture the Golden Beastmen meant attacking the Golden Top Beastmen, but there was still the huge problem of the Undead. If they left and were surrounded by the Undead army on the prairie, even if Dedale was comparable to a Heaven Rank powerhouse, they would still die from exhaustion.

Lin Yun contemplated for a while before thinking of the Great Shaman. The Great Tribal Chief had concealed a lot of things, and the former, as the tribe's Great Shaman, definitely hid even more things.

The Beastmen tribes believed in their ancestors' power and inheritance, a belief in shamanism.

Prophets and Shamans were the two most important individuals in the Beastmen tribes. The prophet was in charge of passing on the tribe's knowledge, while the shaman, strictly speaking, was in charge of the soul of the tribe and its teachings.

The Shaman clearly knew more about this kind of matter. The last meeting was a good piece of proof.

Lin Yun stood up and left the room to find the Great Shaman.

When he saw the Great Shaman, the latter was lying on a wooden bed, and the walls of his room were marked with blood-drawn runes. Apart from the huge bed inside the room, there was nothing else. Even the bed was covered in burnt marks from the released lightning.

Clearly, the Great Shaman had been holding too much lightning power, which had exceeded his limit. His body was unconsciously discharging the lightning.

When Lin Yun set foot in the room, he seemed to have attracted all the lightning within the room. In an instant, the lightning covering the Great Shaman flickered and rushed towards Lin Yun.