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 The two huge arms of light shot towards Lin Yun from both sides, they were accompanied by meteors rapidly condensing and flying towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun flashed away, dodging the pincer attack of the two huge hands. His Magic Array was working at full capacity when faced with the rain of meteors, it took a second to calculate the trajectories of all the meteors for the next three seconds.

His tall body was like the most flexible elves within this rain of meteors. He didn't even need to use a defensive spell, he only needed to dodge to avoid the meteors and not a single one came in contact with Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had even calculated the direction and timing of the dodges to make the air blasts sweeping behind the meteors counteract each other.

Lin Yun's eyes were focused on Kraff as he dodged. When they were fifty meters apart, Lin Yun rapidly chanted three runes.

Countless runes suddenly flew out of the huge wheel shadow behind Lin Yun.

It felt as if someone had ignited a dozen torches as the sound of flames igniting suddenly echoed, mixed with the sound of running water.

Twelve eight-meter-tall lava vortexes formed a semicircle in front of Kraff .

Then, the lava vortexes rapidly revolved and spurted innumerable lava spells which turned into spellwaves flowing towards Kraff.

Kraff's expression suddenly changed in the face of such a terrifying burst attack. He promptly recalled his two arms of light and used these hands as a shield to forcibly block that flood of lava spells in front of him.

His body was pushed back as he blocked. With an outburst of mana, he sent over a hundred Meteors towards Lin Yun.

At that time, Enderfa, who had been helping the Blood Fang Beastmen attack the Golden Top Beastmen, quietly mumbled, "That Golden Beastman is really an idiot. Merlin pushed forward to be within a few dozen meters from him, how could he just cast spells in a semicircle?"

Sure enough, Kraff retreated a dozen meters when he suddenly felt even more terrifying mana fluctuations behind him. A dozen sixteen-meter-big Lava Spheres appeared behind him.

Kraff finally understood why Lin Yun had needed to be so close, it was because he wanted to condense spells behind him, to form a violent circle of spells.

Those twelve lava vortexes were only an appetizer, while what came from behind was the main course.

Four Lava Spheres flew in first, but Kraff had nowhere to hide. He could only urge his mana to form shields and buff his two hands with a dozen layers of defenses in order to block those spells.

Kraff stopped where he was and kept buffing himself. At that time, Lin Yun casually tore a fifty-centimeter-long scroll. Following that, a light seemingly tore through space and rapidly fell towards Kraff.

But Kraff had already been submerged by lava at that time, his layers of protective shield had already been torn to shred and were rapidly exposing those two hands of light.

Those twelve lava vortexes also formed a complete circle around Kraff. The boundless lava spells they emitted turned into spellwaves that kept pressuring Kraff.

After three seconds, Kraff slowly managed to regain some strength and rushed out of the spellwaves with an ashen face.

"Damn scoundrel, that was your last opportunity..."

But Kraff had yet to finish his sentence as he discovered that Lin Yun had unexpectedly withdrawn. Lin Yun kept flickering within the lava pond and was over a hundred meters away in an instant.

A terrifying oppressive power could be felt above Kraff's head. At that time, Kraff finally discovered the meteorite dropping down above his head. It was falling at such an extreme speed that when he looked up, it was still a kilometer-high, but it only took an instant for the meteorite to be a few dozen meters above his head.

Kraff shrieked in alarm, wanting to dodge to the side while using the two hands to hit that meteorite away.

Those dozen-meter-big hands of light instantly exploded on contact with the meteorite, turned into light and dissipated.

The meteorite grazed Kraff's body and fell to the ground. The terrifying wave of energy was like a giant palm swatting at Kraff, ruthlessly pulling him down to the ground.

And at that time, a shockwave suddenly spread out as the meteorite hit the ground, and Kraff fell into that shockwave.

That three-meter-tall body felt like a ball that was violently whipped down by a giant and ruthlessly fell to the ground before being kicked flying.


A sharp noise echoed as Kraff flew out while screaming. Suddenly, a crack appeared on the crown he wore.

Cracks started appearing on Kraff's body and that layer of defense instantly collapsed. The Golden Top Ancestor Soul flew out of Kraff's body as if violently torn out. That 150-meter-tall body was like a mountain collapsed on the ground.

The Golden Top Ancestor Soul's arms had disappeared and it was currently slowly recovering. The surface of his body was covered in numerous cracks and looked just like a cracked porcelain. As long as a bit of force was applied, it would break down into countless fragments.

Kraff spat out blood, startled and angry at the same time. One of his arms was twisted in a strange shape, clearly broken.

Facing the incoming Lin Yun, Kraff decisively chanted an incantation.

A huge golden crown shadow appeared above his head and light sprinkled down from it, enveloping the Golden Top Ancestor Soul and Kraff. In an instant, their figures disappeared in the floating golden crown shadow.

A large number of spells fell down where they had just been, shattering the earth and creating a several-dozen-meter-big hole in that location.

Lin Yun was slightly stunned as he looked over there.

"Reverse Summoning? That guy is truly bold enough, isn't he scared of dying in the summoning process?"

The summoning passage wasn't too much of a problem to a soul like the Ancestor Soul, but the passage had no air, no element, nothing. Ordinary people would explode and die in that location.

Although Beastmen had formidable physique, a Reverse Summoning would be hard to take. It would be considered good luck if his lungs didn't explode.

It was like someone suddenly appeared in a vacuum-like environment with no gravity and no atmospheric pressure, their body would expand and explode.

Only Heaven Rank powerhouses could resist this kind of environment.

Since Kraff escaped, Lin Yun didn't give chase and instead flew towards the sky, ready to help Dedale.

The group from the Odin Kingdom was looking at Lin Yun with shock.

Raphael had previously only thought that Lin Yun was outstanding in the field of alchemy, especially with rune carving. His speed was faster than all alchemists to the point where it was terrifying. Raphael felt that Lin Yun's foundations were extremely solid.

But now, he saw Lin Yun's fighting strength.

'So powerful... Is that guy really a 7th Rank Archmage? No wonder he could lead a force, and no wonder the people from the Andlusa Kingdom are very polite and didn't raise a fuss when he took most of the Andlusa Kingdom's spots, even giving them willingly.

'That burst of power exceeded the limits of the Archmage realm, it might even be a bit more powerful than a newly advanced Heaven Mage. I'm afraid he isn't much weaker than Dedale.

'It would be very difficult for Dedale to win if he fought with this Mafa Merlin, they should be even at first, but Dedale would ultimately win. After all, Mafa Merlin is only a 7th Rank Archmage, he definitely wouldn't be Dedale's opponent in a battle of endurance...'

On the other side, it could be seen from Morgan and Arnaud's expressions that they had been expecting it. The two looked at each other and felt that this was Lin Yun's true strength...

As for Dylas, he had a disdainful expression.

'Damn b*stard, what's so great about burst power? Isn't this just borrowing the power of a Magic Tool? That stupid Gold Beastman, how could he have lasted less than half a minute if he had been a bit more careful?

'He is just a 7th Rank Archmage, this kind of burst power should just be a one-time kind of thing, or he wouldn't have used that scroll.

'Stupid Golden Beastman, as long as he persevered for a few more seconds, he would have been able to exhaust Mafa Merlin's mana and tear that guy to shreds. Truly an idiot.'

But the Gold Beastmen were the enemies, so Dylas didn't express his thoughts out loud. Regardless of what anyone thought, they could now relax.

After all, an enemy that could display the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse was a huge threat to them.

They wouldn't have had a good ending if the Blood Fang Tribe had been breached. They would have definitely suffered mortal injuries when faced with the Golden Top Beastmen and the Golden Beastmen's siege.

With Kraff escaping first, the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief and the Heaven Warlock immediately lost the desire to fight.

Seeing Lin Yun flying up, The Heaven Warlock immediately burst with mana and released a Flame Storm towards the charging Dedale before retreating.

In the sky, the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief rudely cursed before following.

"Idiots of the Blood Fang Tribe, today is your lucky day!"

The Golden Top Wolf Riders and the two Heaven Rank rapidly retreated, and although the Blood Fang Tribe's losses weren't small, they didn't pursue. The human side was even less willing to chase, who knew if they would be encircled by Undeads after leaving the tribe.

The battle had started quickly, and ended just as quickly. With the appearance of the Golden Top Beastmen, the group had strange expressions. There was a problem with this world.

After having repelled the Golden Top Beastmen, the Blood Fang Great Tribal Chief personally came to thank them.

"Brave warriors, thank you for uncovering the idiotic Golden Top Beastmen's plot and helping us repel those hateful guys. They are fools who have forgotten the Beastmen's heroism, they will be abandoned by the Ancestors sooner or later."