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 Lin Yun frowned. There was definitely a huge secret there, but he hadn't expected anything specific.

The Great Shaman silently disappeared, not caring that Lin Yun was still in the cemetery.

Lin Yun looked at the place where the Great Shaman had disappeared, understanding his mood. The corpses being missing from the cemetery might be a secret kept by the Great Shaman. The rest of the tribe might very well be unaware, and maybe even the Great Tribal Chief didn't know.

After quietly leaving the cemetery and returning to the tribe, Lin Yun immediately gathered everyone. The current situation wasn't something one or two people could settle.

"...The situation is like this. The Beastmen's corpses disappeared, and if there is nothing unexpected, the corpses of those Beastmen should be turning into new Undead Beastmen.

According to the Great Shaman's hypothesis, anyone that dies in this land will turn into one of the Undead..."

Lin Yun recounted his experience in the cemetery. After listening to it, they were all thinking deeply.

Morgan looked rather grim as he said, "Great, there are a few hundred more Level 35 Undead Beastmen now. Their power is growing even stronger..."

Dedale calmly looked at everyone's faces.

"We are already trapped here, and the Undead are tirelessly patrolling the prairie. Although they can't approach the tribe, we are also unable to go out, and if the Undead besiege this place, no one would even be able to think of leaving alive."

Someone immediately added, "Moreover, the appearance of those Undead Beastmen is too strange. They might crawl out of the ground at any time. Who knows where they are? They might surround us in an instant and stop everyone from running, leaving us only one option, which would be to join the ranks of the Undeads!"

The group didn't have good expressions, and Lin Yun casually said, "This place is very abnormal. There is definitely a force influencing it, or the Beastmen wouldn't turn Undead. If we want to leave this place, we have to break this Undead curse."

Dylas' gloomy expression became even worse when he heard Lin Yun's words. A mocking sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth as he told Lin Yun, "Hmpf, these Beastmen have been here for who knows how long, yet you are saying that you can break the curse that they have been suffering from for over a millennium?

"I don't believe in some Undead Curse. There is definitely another way to kill our way out."

Lin Yun glanced expressionlessly at Dylas before ignoring him.

Dylas suddenly stood up in anger and loudly said, "Go ahead if you want to wait for death in there, I'm leaving this cursed place..."

He then stormed out in a fury. Someone wanted to persuade him, but Dedale suddenly pulled that person back. He looked at the backs of Dylas and the two members of the Shadow Tower while pointing at the prairie. "Since he wants to give it a try, let him give it a try. The sky is already bright, and the Undead have disappeared."

Everyone stood by the side of the window and watched Dylas lead two members of the Shadow Tower out of the tribe.

Soon, the Shadow Tower's three mages turned into small black dots disappearing into the horizon. An hour later, someone monitoring the prairie suddenly let out in alarm, "They returned! And the Undead are chasing them!"

Everyone stood by the window, using Eagle Sight to watch. Sure enough, they saw a large group of the Undead crazily charging towards the tribe, and in front of them were three exhausted people running for their lives.

But the Undead army suddenly stopped when they reached the perimeter, and all of the Undead retreated together.

After some time, they all fell back like a tide, and the earth once again regained its peace. Even the fragments of bones left by the Undead disappeared as if swallowed by the earth.

The grass, which had been rotting due to the death aura, started growing rapidly, and soon, all traces of their passage disappeared.

The Shadow Tower's three mages returned to the tribe still shaking in fear, unable to say anything.

Lin Yun wasn't in the mood to laugh at Dylas. He was frowning while looking outside the window, still perplexed.

In the evening, a large group of the Undead was patrolling the prairie, still veering away whenever they got close to approaching the tribe, as if they had encountered an invisible wall.

At first, he still thought that there was some magic tool stopping the Undead. During the day, the Undead had chased the Shadow Tower up till they reached the defensive perimeter of the tribe before bafflingly giving up on the chase.

More importantly, Lin Yun had discovered that the distance the Undeads had retreated from at the time was different from the distance when they'd started to retreat at night!

At night, the Undead would get close to the tribe, but they would retreat from further away during daytime. And whether it was daytime or nighttime, they always remained outside the Beastmen's defensive perimeter. In other words, as long as the Undead didn't get closer, the tribe's Beastmen would never discover them!

The Beastmen had formidable constitutions, and there were many Beastman Warlocks with powerful casting abilities, but their casting abilities came from their bloodlines.

Human mages could grasp Eagle Sight and such support spells, but the Beastmen couldn't. Their guards heavily relied on the Wyverns.

But this tribe had very few Wyverns, so they couldn't luxuriously use Wyverns all the time to guard.

A strange train of thought formed in Lin Yun's mind. The Undead here had a very good understanding of this tribe, and it looked like they weren't willing to approach this tribe...

Could it be that what was stopping the Undead wasn't a magic tool?

Lin Yun then recalled the Great Shaman's words and became even more puzzled. He was certain that the Great Shaman knew many things and was hiding something.

The Undead were assuredly related to a big secret, but he couldn't understand it quite yet.

A member of the Odin Kingdom's royal family suddenly started speaking as Lin Yun was lost in thoughts.

"In the most ancient history of the Raging Flame Plane, the greatest ruler was the Raging Flame Emperor, but the greatest tribe was actually the Blood Fang Tribe of the ancient era. They ruled the entire Raging Flame Plane then with their extreme power.

But a huge disaster happened later on, and the tribe was destroyed. Only a few clansmen survived, and their descendants lived in the Black Burn Scar. The Beastmen defending that location were the last descendants of the Blood Fang Tribe.

Unfortunately, these last descendants were engulfed in the fury of a Greater Overlord, and the Blood Fang Tribe was thoroughly eradicated."

Everyone was stunned by his words.

The Blood Fang Tribe.

At this time, they all remembered that the magic patterns on this tribe's Beastmen seemed to be blood-colored fangs.

They hadn't thought of this before due to the sheer number of Beastman Tribes. Moreover, the Blood Fang Tribe had been extinguished ten thousand years ago, so no one had expected to see them there.

Morgan exclaimed, "Could this tribe be the Blood Fang Tribe? Impossible, right?"

"Right, the Blood Fang Tribe's last clansmen were thoroughly destroyed in the Black Burn Scar ten millennia ago, so what's going on with this Blood Fang Tribe?"

The group looked at each other in dismay. No one understood what was happening.

The Blood Fang Tribe was part of the Raging Flame Plane's most ancient history. During that era, the Raging Flame Plane had two most powerful tribes. Besides the Blood Fang Tribe, there was also the Golden Top Tribe.

These two tribes were endlessly contending for hegemony, fighting for control over the Raging Flame Plane. That was the most ancient era of the Raging Flame Plane, as well as the most powerful era.

The Raging Flame Plane's strength as a whole back then was more powerful than when the Raging Flame Plane was controlled by the Raging Flame Emperor, and it was at least ten times more powerful than the current Raging Flame Plane.

The current eight Beastman Tribes would have either been unremarkable small tribes that could be easily blown away, or they would have been outsiders like the Gray Beastmen.

The Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe had been extinguished a long time ago, with the Blood Fang Tribe's last descendants dying ten millennia ago.

If the Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe were still in control of the Raging Flame Plane, humans wouldn't have even thought about conquering the Raging Flame Plane.

The price and time needed to conquer the Raging Flame Plane would have been at least a few dozen times higher.

It could be said that this part of the Raging Flame Plane's history had disappeared in the river of time. Now that they had been dug out, everyone was shocked, some were even horrified.

At this time, everyone understood why this tribe only had twenty thousand left, yet three Heaven Rank powerhouses among them. Even the Beastmen above Level 30 only numbered a thousand.

The ratio of powerhouses to the general population was too exaggerated. It was far stronger than the current rulers of the Raging Flame Plane, the Golden Beastmen.

But what made people horrified was that the Blood Fang Tribe had already been extinguished... So what was going on with this tribe? This tribe didn't seem to have moved here, as they had been living here for a very long time.

They couldn't figure it out, and they ere frowning as they racked their brains, trying to get a clue as to what was the truth.

Suddenly, a roar could be heard outside the tower as surging energy fluctuations spread over. Everyone looked out the window. Gales were whistling in the sky, and golden lights were flickering.

The wardrums were thumping as a large group of Beastmen kept loudly roaring, accompanied by howling Prairie Wolves.

They all walked to the side of the window to look outside. A group of Beastman had suddenly appeared outside the tribe, and these Beastmen also had Wolf Riders.

There were three to four thousand of them, most of which were Wolf Riders, with a few Kodo Riders here and there.

These Wolf Riders had started fighting with the Blood Fang Wolf Riders, and the sound of fighting was continuously echoing through the ground. Aura lights kept flickering before the fierce aura transformed into a crimson Blood Dragon that soared up.