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 Looking at the dense army of the Undead, Dedale opened his mouth and let out a strange roar. In an instant, mana fluctuations came out of the slowly rotating fire vortex.

A thick, orange blaze burst out like a volcanic eruption, and the endless flames rushed straight to the earth and rapidly spread in all directions like a flood.

There were also Flame Elementals coursing through the orange flames. In an instant, over a kilometer of ground turned into a sea of flames, and it was still rapidly expanding. The Undead consumed by the sea of flames turned into ashes one by one.

Some of the more powerful Undead were encircled by the flame elemental lifeforms.

More and more Flame Elementals appeared, and their ranks were higher and higher. Within ten seconds, some Flame Elementals at or above Level 30 started showing up.

Dedale waved his staff as he loudly chanted his incantation. After a thirteen-second-long incantation, a large cloud of fire appeared in the sky, and meteor-like fireballs rained onto the ground.

The spell now covered almost three kilometers. This was the most efficient 8th Tier Spell, Fire Rain Meteor. This was the spell that covered the largest range under the 9th Tier Spells, but its power was also the weakest. Even some 7th Tier Spells might have more destructive power.

Each flaming meteor had power comparable to a 3rd or 4th Tier Spell and would only be used when facing waves of weak enemies like this.

But some other spells using the same amount of mana would cause even more destruction. Thus, very few people would use this spell in a large-scale battle.

But in the current circumstances, this spell was the most suitable one to stall for time. It worked very well with the sea of flames.

Dedale glanced at that fire vortex. The originally bursting fire vortex had already started fluctuating, and a thirty-meter-tall Lesser Flame Overlord rushed out from it.

After the Lesser Flame Overlord appeared, Dedale immediately took out the magic beacon to seek the path of retreat.

This fire vortex wasn't just a skill to release spells... It actually connected to a Fire Elemental Plane. To be more precise, it was connected to a river within a Fire Plane. Pure elemental flames were flowing through the river, and there were even some congealed flowing flames, which were terrifying to behold.

There were many Flame Elementals in the flaming river, and through this temporary Planar Path, they immediately started fighting the surrounding Undead.

Light Elementals viewed the Undead as their worst enemies, and Flame Elementals hated the cold auras of the Undead. Under such circumstances, they would definitely fight if they met.

Dedale looked as the large Undead army was obstructed by the Flame Elementals that were continuously gushing out. Happy with the effect, he immediately took off.

That temporary Planar Path incantation was a trap in itself. It had been spread by a Greater Flame Overlord. If anyone opened the temporary Planar Path, a large group of Flame Elementals would fight their way out, and when the Planar Path expanded enough, the Flame Overlord would descend upon the plane.

Seizing control of another plane was something that all powerful lifeforms looked forward to.

Although these Flame Elementals couldn't exterminate all of the Undead creatures, they could stop them for half an hour. With the Heaven Rank Death Shaman and the Ghost Behemoth, that temporary Planar Path would be destroyed sooner or later.

After confirming that there was no problem, Dedale disguised himself into a Flame Elemental and quietly escaped.

On the other side, everyone was crazily charging ahead. And sure enough, they soon couldn't see any trace of the Undead. The smooth prairie had also started going up and down.

It was like a mountain range had appeared before them as the prairie disappeared.

After rushing into the mountain range, it didn't take long before they found a suitable hiding spot.

This was a huge valley with mountain peaks piercing into the sky on both sides. Only the entrance of the valley was linked with the gorge. The valley continued towards the depths of the mountain range, and as long as they defended the entrance to the valley, they wouldn't have to be afraid of being attacked by the Undead.

After entering the valley, they sensed some wind, and Raphael looked pleasantly surprised.

"Very good, this place actually has wind blowing towards the inside of the valley. Our aura won't leak outside if we go into the depths of the valley. This will greatly reduce the difficulty of setting up an array."

If they stayed there, they would have to temporarily mask everyone's auras and mana fluctuations. Otherwise, the mana fluctuations would be like a lighthouse showing everyone their position. The tireless Undead would be able to react within five kilometers.

Dylas no longer tried to pull anything this time. He knew that if there was a single mistake, everyone would have a hard time.

Dylas walked to the entrance of the valley with a terrible expression, ruthlessly glaring at Lin Yun, before using the Shadow Tower's Dark Night Cloak. A dense, shadowy fog spread out and rapidly covered the entrance of the valley.

With this obscuring the entrance and the headwind hiding their auras, no one would be able to discover them unless they were very close.

Dylas and the people of the Shadow Tower were taking turns to pour their mana into the Dark night Cloak to keep its effects active.

On another side, the Quicksand Tower's mages kept releasing spells to alter the terrain at the direction of the Sky City's mages.

This terrain wasn't suitable for a large-scale array, so it needed to be altered. The Quicksand Tower was the most suitable force for this kind of matter, as they didn't even need to use mana.

Sand trickled on the ground, and wherever the sand flowed, the ground seemed to have been flattened. It took less than two minutes for a few hundred meters around the valley's entrance to be smoothed out. The superfluous mountain rocks and edges were completely flattened by the grinding sand.

The area was now extremely suitable for a large-scale array. The array's effects wouldn't be decreased at all.

The Odin Kingdom's wealthy royal family and Henry Family contributed a lot of materials, and the missing materials were replaced with Magic Tools.

Then, the Andlusa Kingdom's people used mana to process the materials. This was the task with the heaviest mana consumption, and carving the runes and patterns was the most troublesome part. If there was a slight mistake with a material, they would have to resmelt it. Some rare materials would completely go to waste if there was a mistake.

The Sky City's mages each held a crystal pen and rapidly started drawing the array, runes, and patterns.

But even with Raphael doing the job himself, the rate of progress was far from enough. An array that could hide everyone's breaths, life fluctuations, mana fluctuations, and everything else from the Undead needed to be at the True Spirit Rank.

The Undead were a hundred times more sensitive to these things than a hound's nose, especially when a large group of the Undead converged together. They could easily react if there was a living person within five kilometers, and a mage's vitality far exceeded that of an ordinary person. They would be no different from a scorching noon sun if they were floating in the sky a dozen or so kilometers away.

As they all got busy, Lin Yun frowned.

Sky City only had four people there, and Raphael was only comparable to a formidable Master Alchemist, while the remaining three were just Great Alchemists. Based on their speed, they would need at least two hours to finish drawing that array.

The Undead would have already crawled over by then.

Lin Yun walked to the four mages of Sky City and took out four crystal pens.

"Sir Raphael, I'll take care of drawing the array, you can arrange it."

Lin Yun's tone was firm, and it made Raphael, who had been immersed in the array, raise his head with a look of pleasant surprise.

Raphael clearly understood that they were taking too long to draw the array. With one more person, they would speed it up by half an hour.

Half an hour could save lives!

But Raphael didn't have time to speak before the weary and pale Dylas suddenly shouted, "Mafa Merlin, you damned scoundrel! Don't you see what the situation is like? You are still causing trouble! Don't disturb Sir Raphael! Every second is very valuable! Or is it that you're trying to get everyone killed?

"If you are unhappy, go process those damn materials! You want to draw the array? With four crystal pens?

"If you want to be lazy, at least look up the information and understand the most basic common sense. Don't you know that when alchemists draw arrays, their first requirement is to be accurate? Every alchemist uses one crystal pen.

"Don't tell me that you believe you are an Artisan? You idiot, instead of trying to use four crystal pens, go process the magic materials. If you try to cause trouble again, I'll directly get rid of you!"

Dylas had been continuously pouring mana into the Dark Night Cloak. This True Spirit Magic Tool's mana consumption was immense, and it was even more so since he was covering such a large area at the entrance of the valley.

As he was resting after being replaced, he noticed Lin Yun holding four crystal pens and immediately exploded on the spot.

Dylas coldly lashed out, making everyone raise their heads to look at Lin Yun.

The Odin Kingdom's people frowned, displeased. Raphael also frowned.

As for the Andlusa Kingdom's side, they were looking at Dylas as if he was the stupidest idiot in history.

Xiuban looked at Dylas with a gleeful expression, mumbling, "Sir Merlin is an Artisan to begin with. Damn, I've just discovered a true idiot. Sir Enderfa, you can't scold me for being an idiot anymore... That guy is an idiot."

Enderfa's three faces barely held back a laugh as he nodded, agreeing with Xiuban. "Hahaha, you are right, Xiuban. I won't call you an idiot any more in the future. That guy is the true definition of idiocy. You have average intelligence in comparison.

Everyone from the Odin Kingdom was stunned, and some were staring blankly at Lin Yun.

Raphael choked on what he was about to say and his eyes opened wide as he sized up Lin Yun.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, you... Are you really an Artisan?"

'Heavens, such a young Artisan! Are you f*cking kidding me?'